Be inspired by the greatest people in the world

One of the most awaited time in the field of sports have finally started. Yes, I’m talking about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Despite all the setbacks caused by the Pandemic, the best of the best people in their own craft gathered to compete.

What better way could you get and be inspired to be the best version of yourself but to see these amazing people on how they persevered, believed and succeeded..

photo from Emilio Sansolini

What I loved about the Olympics and any other sporting events is knowing that these people are ones just like you and me. Yes! They are ordinary people who took the leap of faith, did their part despite all the circumstances and conquered. What an amazing feeling could it be, right?

Gladly, we don’t need to be an Olympian to justify that. By simply being the best version of ourself is enough. Let’s dive into it and make it simpler, shall we?

An Olympian have a CLEAR Long-term Goal.

Everyone have goals. It doesn’t matter whether it is a short-term and long term ones but most people create goals that are so vague that they don’t even realise it. Do you do New Years Resolution too? How many times have you promised yourself and made it your goal “that year” that you’ll loose weight?

I’m putting this down on writing cause I know this is one of the most typical goal women especially moms have on their list and that includes me. What I learned this year though is that saying/ writing that I’ll loose weight isn’t enough. You need to be clear in your goal. Can’t articulate what I mean by that? Well, if you just say I’ll loose weight, yet again, just like what you’ve been doing years prior, you’ll end up with the same old results.

Knowing what you really want, why you want it and how to get there is essential. Know more on how to go from goals to CLEAR goals here.

An Olympian is consistent.

What failure? What pain? What critics? I guess one characteristic we all can emulate from these great personalities from the Olympics is their perseverance to stand up after every downfall. I’m not just talking about not being able to do things immediately or properly but also standing for what they want in life.

Many may think that it’s the trial and error in practicing their craft until their master it up is the most difficult part of being great. It isn’t. It is the power of the mind to surpass every negative comment or critic one gets from the society and themselves included that’s most critical. That power to still go on despite all these and not letting their mindset be affected helps them be consistent and surpass every hardship.

Have the Discipline.

It’s no secret that if you want to be the master of your craft no matter what it is, your discipline in doing that should be superb. The power of knowing when to say “NO” is very much important.

As a mother, we’re most known for being that “martyr” of giving all to our family especially our children. While this is fairly true to all mothers, we must be mindful in knowing that Parenting or being a mother is in our instincts, Self-care isn’t. That’s why it is important that we focus our mindset more on how to make ways to care for ourselves first.

Having the discipline to prioritise our happiness will resonate with out family and children as well. Master this and you’ll surely enjoy motherhood.

Enjoy the moment.

Ask any athlete why they indulge themselves and their lives in playing their sport and you’ll hear the typical answer, because I love playing “xxxx”. Before being a master of whatever they are, they first fell in-love doing it.

Why is it important to find joy in what you’re doing and not rely on other people your happiness? Because like any walk of life in this world, there would be hurdles. If your satisfaction depends on others and honesty to yourself isn’t there, there would always be regret in the end. Every human is different. One can feel like in cloud nine with just a bag of candies while others may opt a box chocolates. Both may be sweet and give your body the same energy but the happiness each would be if they get what they specifically want is different.

Knowing how to enjoy your own moment at a specific time no matter what your circumstance is and no matter what others think/ say is pure delight.

Support system.

Like any athlete, one needs to have their own tribe who supports them no matter what. Knowing how to delegate other tasks for you to be able to be your own best is a necessity.

Mother’s especially SAHM (Stay at Home Moms) are most know of doing everything around the house while the Father is the “so-called” money-maker who just goes in and out the house and make sure the finances is well settled. Scrap that idea!

Everyone who lives in your home is part of your home and therefore must be treated like one. That being said, each one also take part of a task at home, children included.

Delegate tasks to every member of your family. Children as young as 2 years old can help as well (ehem! sorting laundry?) This not only makes your life easier but also makes them feel that they belong.

Know more what tasks your children can do per age with this useful resource.

If there’s one thing we all could learn from these amazing athlete’s is that finding their own happiness first and having the mindset to priorities themselves is critical to being the best in your own craft. Approval of society and whoever you want to please will come after. It is your own satisfaction and happiness that needs to be on top of your goal list.

Does this help you be inspired to be the master of your own life as a mother?

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