Interesting benefits of Oil Pulling

I haven’t heard of oil pulling until last year when I was fortunate to interview a Holistic Guru named Hema Dadhwal on my YouTube Series, Women’s Self-Care Series. where she mentioned oil pulling as part of her Self-Care routine.

Hema Dadhwal – Holistic Guru

I must be honest, if didn’t strike me to add oil pulling as part of my own routine for months and months until my Journey of Urticaria happened and I knew I needed to step up more on my Self-Care routines. So nowadays, aside from my journalling, exercise and usual skin care routine, I’ve added a 10-minute morning yoga, a water drinking challenge, and oil pulling.

Interesting enough, with this added Self-Care routines, I’ve never felt like my time in doing things have lessened (well, maybe some of my time scrolling on social media😅). Nonetheless, the benefits this new practices have given me compared to the minutes I loose is irrelevant and incomparable.

What exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is a traditional folk remedy practiced in ancient India. It is believed to cure a lot of systemic diseases when practiced regularly and as directed. You might not be aware that there’s an increase demand on complementary and traditional practices nowadays as more and more people get aware of the side effects modern medicine and other oral products can give.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Kill bacteria in your mouth. About 700 types of bacteria can live in your mouth. Ewww, right?! This certain bacteria can contribute problems like tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.

You can significantly reduced this number of harmful bacteria found in the saliva and plaque with just one week of oil pulling.

Reduce Bad Breath. Halitosis affects almost 50% of the population and as you suspected, it isn’t the lack of toothpaste nor brushing of teeth that most people lack but some underlying problems such as  infection, gum disease, and tongue coating, or the bacteria trapped on the tongue.

The next time you sat beside someone who’s breath smells, why not sharing some oil pulling tips instead of the usual gifting of toothpaste and mouthwash.

Prevent Cavities. With today’s society getting more and more addicted to sugary food, there’s no wonder cavities is one of the most common oral problem nowadays. What’s worst is when not taken care of, this can lead to tooth decay.

The decrease of bacteria oil pulling does helps reduce cavity formation which can relieve one from having tooth decay.

Improve Gum Health. When it comes to Self-Care, improving your health no matter how small part of your body it is is important. Gingivitis, a type of gum disease which makes gums bleed easily. Ouch!

There’s even some studies linking gum disease to even create a serious threat to arterial health that can lead to heart attacks and strokes, as well as diabetes and birth complications.

How to do Oil Pulling?

  1. Measure 1 tablespoon of either Coconut, Sesame, or Olive oil.
  2. Swish it in your mouth for around 10-20 minutes. Be careful not to swallow it.
  3. Spit into trash once done. Make sure not to spit in the toilet or sink as this can cause oil build-up and/or clogging.
  4. Rinse your mouth with water.

Repeat this a few times a week or up to 3 times daily.

I hope this natural oral Self-Care practice help improve your oral health. I personally use Coconut oil and find it great!

Great ways on How to establish Morning Routine

Here are four quick and easy steps to help establish a good morning routine that will help you be more productive, more focused, happier, and more energised throughout the day!

Wake up at the same time every day. This will not only help you stick to a schedule, but will also set your mind into autopilot and make it much easier for you to get to work on time.

Have a morning routine. Having a daily routine will make things easier because you won’t be scrambling around trying to figure out what you need to do next. It will also ensure that you are always getting the most out of each day by keeping your mind and body in tip-top shape.

Set some goals for yourself. Having clear goals will help to keep your focus and prevent you from wasting your time on unimportant things. You will also feel more confident and in control of your life when you have clearly defined goals that you are working towards.

Have a proper bedtime. Going to bed on time and getting enough sleep each night is essential for good health, both mentally and physically. Getting enough sleep will also help you feel more energetic and productive during the day.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to establish a morning routine that is enjoyable and sustainable for you! Experiment with different routines until you find one that works for you and then stick with it!

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Best Sleep Routine Advice for better sleep

I always love reading articles about routines, perhaps, mainly because part of my personality wants to always know what is ahead of me and plan things better. And to be able to achieve this, routines are essential so those auto-pilot stuff we do are done timely, thus, makes us use our day wisely.

What I notice though is that there’s largely a lot of morning routine’s written out there compared to night or sleep routines. Why? I’m not sure. One things for sure though, there’s the same number of mornings and nights in a day, guaranteed we wake up tomorrow. If not, then we’ll have more nights.

While I never knew that I have this kind of “talent” before getting married, I soon knew about it when my hubby would at times comment on how great it is to have the same talent as I have to be able to sleep so well easily. He for sure is a shallow sleeper and on nights that he’s able to have a decent deep sleep, he surely wakes up more energetic and grateful, hoping to have that again the following night.

I on the other side, can say that I’m one of the blessed ones who’s sleep is almost as routinely as I breathe. What do I mean? I easily fall asleep whenever my body knows its sleeping time and wake up when its time to wake-up. Easy-peasy.

This continued even during when I was pregnant with my daughters (twice), which never bothered my sleeping habits. This may also be the reason why we didn’t have much sleep problems like most parents with newborns.

Our “then” babies would sleep normally, around 7-8pm and wake up around 6-7am, of course, asking for milk and needs to have their nappy changed every 3-4 hrs during the night, but that’s it. With a great diaper brand and formula milk and feeding bottle ready to be mixed, me and my hubby could do with only one eye opened and good to go to sleep again.

I’m not here to boast about my sleeping “talent” haha…I’m here to share some sleeping tips that I have unconsciously been doing throughout my life that may have been contributing to my sound sleep all this time. Want to have better sleep? Then read along…


I know that in this modern day, TV’s are predominantly placed in front of the bed. Not that we don’t have a TV in our living room/ TV room. Let’s just say, it’s been the thing nowadays. We also do have one, so believe me, you don’t need to throw that TV away or place it somewhere else to have a sound sleep.

What you do need to do though is resist using it. By limiting your use of TV about 1 hour before your intended sleep, you lessen the exposure of artificial light which stimulates your brain to be alert.

Aside from the TV, another major culprit not only disrupting sleep but also our usage of time is something that’s always on our hand, our handphone. Who’s guilty, raise your feet!!!haha…That would be me too!

This has been my constant battle nowadays. The addiction to scrolling in social media has been predominantly messing up our lives without us even noticing, which is depressing. One tip I could give you though to kinda trick your brain into not using your phone is to charge your phone during the night.

By charging your phone away from your nightstand, you’ll then have a reason not to use it.


Quite confused why do you need to exercise before going to sleep? Contrary to what most thought they know, stretching only done when you wake up. It isn’t also a workout but only a pre- or post- workout routine. This is done to prepare your body and in this case, prepare your body to sleep.

Benefits of stretching includes reducing body pain and stress while improving muscle health and blood circulation. One thing that may shock you is that it also promotes weight loss. Who would have thought, right?!


Not sure if you know, but our body never stops working even during our sleep. Aside from our brain making sure that our heart continues to pump blood and our lungs help us breath, our stomach also continues its grind. Our muscles help digest and metabolise the food we just ate delaying its time to rest. This prevents a restful deep sleep.

By mindfully having your last meal 2-3 hours before bedtime, you give enough time for your body to do its thing and be able to rest as you rest as well.

As for your skincare routine, taking a warm/hot bath before bedtime promotes your body to lower its temperature helping you sleep more quickly. And if you live in a hot and humid place like me here in Singapore, you sure would want to remove all those gunk and sweat that have accumulated on your face and body throughout the day.

And last but not the least…


If there’s one thing you want to do before sleeping, that should be to think of the great things that happened to your day. Of course, our days won’t always be perfect all throughout but for sure, there’s some part of your day that went well. Focus on that!

Really had a rough day? Then focus on the thought that you woke-up that morning! That’s a big thing that most of us tend to forget. My point is that there’s always something to be grateful for at the end of the day. It is for us to highlight that at the end of the day.

Having someone we believe that is greater than us all, someone who looks over us for me is very important. Our spirituality makes us humble. It reminds us that whatever is happening to us, there’s someone more in control and that we can also raise everything to Him when we feel that we can’t do anything more than what we are already doing. This helps give us peace not only in our minds but also our soul.

And when we do that, you tend to forget all those stress and problems you carry. You’re left with a tired body ready to enjoy the relaxation that the night brings and prepare for another action packed day.

And that’s it! This is what I have been doing unconsciously and perhaps, have helped me have a sound sleep every night. I hope to try to adapt to your sleep routine some of these, if not, all of them. I’d love to hear from you how your experience have been after following them.

Are you working on improving your lifestyle? Start with yourself, Self-Care! You’ll be surprised on how much significance Self-Care could do to your daily life. By simply taking care of yourself, all those things that brings you stress now would be lessened or even disappear. With this, you get to have more focus on letting yourself shine and focus on your purpose.

As usual, this is easier than done. Not to worry though, it’s through baby-steps that we start our momentum. Start with some Easy Ways Self-Care and start the process of changing your life.

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Surprisingly Powers of Intentional and Quality Parenting

Don’t we as parents only want the best for our children? From the time we hear their heart beat, we start to envision (and plan) the things we would do for them. This of course includes their needs such as the best milk you could provide, the clothes they’ll wear, the space they could roam around your home, and many more.

We tend to focus more on factors that seems to be important yet forget to nurture what really needs to be the focal point of where your children would base their beliefs, manners, and lifestyle on, YOU!

A big part of Intentional and Quality Parenting includes taking care of yourself, your dreams/ goals, and going after your purpose in life. It’s not a bad thing if we give up our careers to focus on taking care of our children/family.

That is in fact one of the most noble thing to do that our society never seem to recognise. Making sure that the next generation that would lead this world someday have been brought up with great values, beliefs, manners, love, and compassion to others. The probability of a child being a good citizen when they grow up includes being brought up with a good and loving family environment.

Being there for your children is one thing, being a living example of how to live life to the fullest and be their model is another things. I don’t know what’s with adulthood but the more we grow older and “supposedly wiser” the more we forget of the good things our body, soul, and life needs the most and appear to choose “short-lived happiness” over what could help us live a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re aiming for Intentional and Quality Parenting, here’s my take on it focusing on making sure you don’t forget taking care of yourself while being the best parent you envision to be. By doing this, I’ll be answering 2 questions every topic.

Be accessible and involved. Children doesn’t only need us to be around them. They are humans and naturally attention seekers.

What does it need from you? Your unwavering attention for a set period of time. I’m telling you, you don’t need a whole day to do this. With kids normally having shorter-attention span than us adults, a good 10-30 minutes of focused quality time can feel like a whole day spent with them. The memories you’ve built during those couple of minutes can be more to them than bringing them to an expensive destination vacation that they don’t much enjoy.

How can this affect your Self-Care? It is said that an average adult laughs 17 times a day while a child laughs 300 times a day. When you laugh you don’t just lighten your load mentally, but it actually induces physical changes in your body. It stimulates many organs within you. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. This in general helps us destress.

Still can’t find the connection? Laughter helps you destress. As an adult, we encounter tons of stresses, by being accessible and involved with your children, you don’t only make your children feel important by spending quality time with them but you also help yourself destress.

Now, let’s get moving!

Having consistent rules and routines. Our children are our responsibility and generally needs our guidance.

What does it need from you? Giving clear rules and expectations helps children know of the things they need to follow and can be relieved from anxiety which can result to low self-esteem. Establishing routines is also really helpful. Not only does this gives your children direction but it also helps build in them confidence and that they’re given a sense of responsibility which, once completed/done, make themselves proud.

How can this affect your Self-Care? When your children know what they are expected to do and have routines to follow, it lessens the tantrums that occur and stress they give. The routines you’ve set gives helps give you some time to do other stuff you need to focus on. And lastly, having consistent rules and routines means that you have agreed upon with your partner/husband on the way of parenting style you want to carry out with your children.

There won’t be any back and forth argument on what is best for your children and for your children not to know whom to follow with gives anxiety to them as well. This creates a whole negative vibe around your home which you and no one wants to have, right?!

Communicate mindfully. I use the word mindfully as when we communicate with our children, more often, we use hierarchy (which we as parent should be listened to). Communication doesn’t work that way.

What does it need from you? Two way communication is a must, using a warm tone, and kind words. Our children may be young but as soon as they can talk, they can somehow tell you their emotions already. Take turns being a listener and speaker. Using a friendly and affectionate voice also helps your children to speak up more and be more open to telling what really is in their mind.

This also creates a deeper connection within the two of you which can be helpful as they grow older. Using kind words is a given. There’s tons of good words out there. Try using a mouthful of them and you won’t regret it. Once profanity words are given, you can’t get them back no matter what and those words hurt the other forever.

How can this affect your Self-Care? Having good communication with your family affects your environment and how you live and see life in general. When positive vibes surround your home, you’re more likely to wake-up smiling, bring about mindful habits when doing things such as when you eat, talk, and take care of your body and belongings. No matter how chaotic and stressful the outside world could be, when the foundation you have within you is intact, you simply glide through every hurdle and find ways to make things favourable to you.

Always remember that no matter what area in our life we focus on whether it be how we parent our children, climbing the corporate ladder, or even having our finances ironed out, Self-Care is always a part of it for you to do better as everything in life embodies an aspect of Self-Care.

There may be no guidebook to correct parenting but knowing you’ve got yourself taken care of for you to be able to take care of others (your children and family) better, then you can be assured that you’ve been able to accomplish being intentional as a parent and not simply be a parent but doing it with quality.

Great Parenting Tips in the 21th Century on How to keep your Calm

As I was about to write this blog post, I just had my morning coffee and stare outside our living room window appreciating the view of endless buildings I can see from our 14th floor rental unit. It’s around 7am and since its school vacation, the kiddos are still at bed.

There’s many types of finding calmness or silence in our lives. As I always want to say in all of my Social Media platforms, it’s all in our mindset. You might have read recommendations of meditation, doing yoga, and other sort of things but in reality, all of this is useless if the intention of finding what suits you isn’t there.

Everything needs to start from YOU.

I’ve long lost interest in sugar-coating things for the sake of other’s appreciation. So the scenario I’ve just told you on my 1st paragraph may be my peace and calmness today but don’t get me wrong, my sink is full of dishes to waiting to be cleaned, the center table of our living room is full of legos the kids played before bed, and I’m still on my PJs.

I’m not here to preach rather to give you inspiration of reality on how to create and find the peace within you before the chaos of your day starts. Here are some suggestions you’d want to try out and hopefully find one that suits you and apply in your daily life. I promise you, once you find the one that gives you that calmness within you, no matter how stressful your day could be, you’ll be conquering it with positivity.😉


Spirituality plays a big part on Self-Care/ Self-Love. This is where you give everything you have within you, sorrows, problems, gratefulness, and appreciation to the Sovereign Ruler of all Mankind. When we believe that there’s someone who rules above us all and have great plans for us, there’s this calmness within you to just give all you’ve got and follow where life leads you. Giving thanks and praise the moment you wake-up in the morning is a great head-start to find calmness within your day.


We all walk different walks of life therefore, my calmness from our living room can’t be done if you work in the office and is on your way to work every morning at 7am. Despite all this difference, I still believe anyone can do it despite being anywhere by simply setting aside our smartphones for a few minutes. To be mindful of our surroundings, looking at the cars passing by, the people we come across and focusing on yourself and how you feel at the moment would give you calmness.


You must think, this lady must be crazy, of course I breathe! But hold your horses, are you sure you know you’re breathing? Most of us live like breathing robots. Yes, I say robots because they live their life like an automated thing. Simply letting the days pass by, work, pay bills, splurge on a weekend, then put that on repeat letting life simply pass by. Please don’t do this to yourself. START TODAY! Breathe… hear how you breathe, be mindful of how you breathe, and be grateful that you breathe.


I’ve already mentioned Spirituality earlier but finding gratitude in everything is a different level where you can find calmness. When you see things around you and find the good things on it and be grateful for it, it would feel like positivity running through your veins. With this, you’ll surely be calm facing your day.


I’m really not a fan of yoga as I sometimes feel frustrated not being able to do those poses due to my in-flexible body (as if there’s a term like that). Anyways, I still include this on the list as I do it from time to time as well. By doing yoga, you get to be aware more of how you breathe and do some exercise as well.


Find the best exercise for you. Some may be athletic, others love dancing, while others can’t find time to go to the gym. All of this doesn’t matter as exercise can be done in any place you want to do it as the main thing you need is YOURSELF and only YOU. Exercise simply means moving your body. So do it anyway you find yourself happily doing it. The key is finding the way where you get to sweat!


When you’re tired, drink water. Stressed, drink water. Bored, drink water. Need to calm down, drink water. Water isn’t just one of the essentials our body needs to live but for our brain as well be keep it’s soundness and find calm. Not only does drinking water help your body when you’re out of control but also gives you that “pause” where you get to breathe and rethink if what you’re doing/ or about to do is right. So, DRINK WATER.

Are you still looking for ways to be calm as a parent? Well, let me remind you that before you’re a parent, you’re an individual who needs the calmness within you. It is very important to start from yourself and be kind to yourself first before thinking of being a superhero for others. When you care for yourself and do things that you love, you’ll surely be great, positive and be able to give more in whatever endeavour you’re up to, may that be parenthood, being a good partner, employee, employer, boss, etc.

I hope you find this helpful and find this post inspiring. Having more people understand the need and usefulness of Self-Care in their lives would mean the world to me. I hope you help me spread the word and help make this world have people who live in happiness and positivity.

Wanting to know more how silence can help you improve your life? I’ve interviewed Jean Alfonso-Decena of InSilenceAI and I highly encourage you to watch it.

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