Astounding Insights on the Realities of Parental Pressure: A must read

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It has been an honour to be given a chance to make a book review of the book, “The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure“. This book has been written by respectable authors Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Hendrie Weisinger. With great works under their belt, I’ve got no doubt even before reading the first page that it would be an incredible, mind-opening and informative read.

True enough, my learnings from reading it went more than I expected it. While parenting in general has no rule book, reading materials where you’re given a sense of understanding whether you’re on the right path of doing things helps lessen ones worries, at least for me.

Parenting is probably one of the most important and hardest responsibility a person could have. What could be harder than being accountable for everything that happens to another person’s life. Not that parent’s are in control of their children’s life all through out their life but it is the parent’s who is in charge of a child especially during their prime years when their character and personality is still being moulded. This I may say is a very important aspect in someone’s life as whatever experience is learned during this childhood years is usually brought and can affect their adult life.

Together with the happiness and joy a child brings, not even before the time they see each other in person, but from the first time the parents hear their child’s heart beat is already an unexplainable episode in a parent’s life. Having experienced it twice in my life, I still got no words to describe how it feels, just thinking about it. That special moment happened to me and my hubby 6 and 7 years ago. Up until today, our daughters provide priceless bliss to our lives and gives us a purpose to always look forward to each and every waking day.

Let’s get real though, the stress they give everyday since they were born is also something!haha. Only parents/ guardians would know how much sacrifice it takes to raise a child. From the changes it brings to you physically (especially moms) to the emotional stress and let’s not forget how much raising a child challenges each parent financially. All of this for the love of a parent to their child. Whew!

I’m happy to say that gone are those sleepless nights for us. We get to joke around nowadays how exhausting it is to change nappies and prepare milk. We may be graduates of that phase already but that doesn’t mean we’re done. Nowadays, these two rascals fill our days with their quirkiness. Nursery rhymes turned to Disney and Nickelodeon shows where they expect us to memories songs like them. As they step up to their Primary education, were slowly setting our minds already that our lives would be filled with school homework and exams.

Being a parent never ends and never gets easy. It just evolves from one thing to another as your child goes through different phases of childhood. Nevertheless, each one only ain’t just a hard task but a joyful memory as well that every parent would remember all through their lives.

This newly released book, “The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure”, gives parents and insight of what is really happening in the world of parenthood. As always, you don’t realise much what you are doing or rather give more thought to what you are into when your head is on the game. It’s only when you go out of the arena, watch from the outside and see the better picture that it becomes more clearer if what you’ve been doing is good or bad, helpful or not.

Truly there’s a lot of ways parenting can be made. Sticking to the main goal which is to bring out the best from our children for them to be better prepared for their future may always be in mind. Since there’s a very thin line dividing the interest of parents as well, most parents fall into the pit of unintentionally pressuring their children without them knowing. Books like this can help us better do our job.

Everyone’s life has been shaken since the Pandemic. As if life isn’t hard already, the challenge to keep afloat even became harder. Not only is every parent expected to adapt quickly to a new era and ways to do things (work from home) but also to help their children live with it too (homeschooling).

This time couldn’t be any sweeter if we think of it as a way for families to finally spend time with each other. It’s no secret that life has taken toll on all of us and we’ve been living in a fast paced life before the Pandemic happened. That’s one way of looking at it, however, like anything else, there’s a downfall to it. With kids spending more time with their parents close enough to always nag them in their every move, it’s only natural that they get into each other’s nerves more.

While every parent’s intention would always be for the best of their children, like what has been mentioned many times earlier, as humans, our natural competitiveness comes out with our children being our lead player. The focus on achieving the right pressure to our children for them to be successful in any matter can easily be transformed to harmful pressure without being mindful.

Without being mindful, examples like these happens:

Children doing their best = Children should be the best
Children learning from mistakes = Children shouldn’t have mistakes

As parents our primary role is to support our children until they’re old enough to be/do on their own certain tasks. Somehow along the way, this support gets mixed up with pressure from parents. The authors gave great examples that made it easier for parents to understand without having the feeling of being told what/how one should do their parenting. This examples have been perfectly described in different behaviours such as Importance, Opportunity, Competition, Perfection, Urgency, Control, and Display.

As you can tell, I can’t get enough of how much I appreciate this great book. Reading it wasn’t only an informative pleasure but really a help in realising how parenting works. With our society nowadays fast evolving, parents can’t rely solely from advice of elders as their parenting ways can be much more different from how things are done in this era. With children also having more access to information, parents would need to keep up with this.

I greatly recommend “The Unlikely Art of Parental Pressure” by Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Hendrie Weisinger as it isn’t just an eye-opener but it would make you think and realise of your own parenting ways without being pushy enough telling you to do things. Anyways, learning should never exhaust the mind but done in different ways or fun ways like reading.

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