Easy and Cheap Ways to do Self-Care

When was the last time you checked-out you Instagram account and saw hashtags like #selfcare? As more and more people get their mindset open to the idea on the importance of Self-Care, others are still left with the same old thinking that Self-Care can only be achieved by going on vacation or to the spa.

In hopes to change that way of thinking, here’s a list of easy and cheap ways on how Self-Care can be done and achieve without costing you much:


One doesn’t require much tools to know if a person is alive or not. No matter how much innovation in technology people are making this days, it still simply takes one to check a person if they’re breathing or not to know that a person is alive. How ironic it is that more and more people alive aren’t aware that they are still breathing. They let days simply slip into weeks, then months, and years without them noticing.

One way of taking care of yourself is by simply noticing that you’re still breathing. Listening to how you breathe is easy to do, can be done anywhere, and almost at any time of the day. Got a minute or two to scroll in Facebook or Instagram? Why not use that to do some breathing exercise instead and appreciate your existence? Read from this article the benefits you can get from doing breathing exercises.

CLICK HERE to try doing breathing exercise. It only takes a minute to do it. I hope you spare a minute to do so.


Do you know that a man can only live up to 3 days or as others claim, 7-8 days without drinking water WHILE live to about 52 to 74 days if they do so? That’s how important drinking water is to our body.

We all are thought that we should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day to keep ourselves hydrated. The question is….do we do it? As humans, we always want facts to be pin-pointed to us before we follow, so I hope this list of the BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER would shed you some light if you’re one of those who don’t drink water that much.

FUN FACT: I myself isn’t a water drinking as well. As I strive to do better with my water drinking skills, I’ve found ways to make things easier by setting an alarm as a reminder. On different times of a day, my phone (which is usually with me) would then remind me, DRINK WATER🚰

If you’re struggling as well, maybe this tip of mind could help you too!


I know that I’d be getting a lot of rolling eyes from all my nocturnal friends out there but still, this article won’t be complete without me including this on the list. Yes, we all need to know the importance of sleep.

If you love watching in NETFLIX, I’m guessing you’ve come across this movie called “AWAKE” already. This movie depicts clearly how important sleep is in our daily lives. Knowing How to Prioritise Sleep and include it in our daily schedule is a need for us to function well as a human being.


With so much ways available on the internet on how we could exercise, there’s no doubt one could find one that fits their interest. The BIG question though is….are we interested enough to check out on those ways? And if so, do we try to make it a habit in doing so? That’s for you to answer.

There’s so much things we can benefit from simply doing a simply exercise daily. Releasing of the chemical known as endorphins is one of it. This endorphins is responsible to interact with the receptors of your brain which helps you to reduce feeling pain. So if there’s something in your body that you feel is aching, do some exercise. Endorphins also help trigger positivity within us. So that makes not only your physical pain go away but even your emotional pain as well.

Take note that contrary to what you usually see in Social Media, exercising doesn’t mean going to the gym nor having any necessary equipment at home. The simplest exercise you can do everyday is to walk. Just make sure you don’t stroll but brisk walk to make sure your heart beats as it needs to and make that walk count as an exercise.


Not everyone is blessed to choose the food that they can eat. Sadly, despite having the opportunity to choose, many still fall victim to those marketing ads which do not tell you the truth. Want to know the truth? Always check those Nutritional Fact Labels to see how much sugar or salt the food you are buying does have. I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked at what you see on it compared to those “less sugar” or “all natural” advertising words they put in the front of each product is.

Don’t get me wrong, mindful eating doesn’t mean depriving yourself from eating. You won’t be able to enjoy life as much as you could if you are deprived of something. The word “mindful” is the key to doing it right. By being “mindful” of your portions, “mindful” of how you savour each bite, and “mindful” of the nutrition your body gets from the food choices you eat, then you’ll surely, without a doubt be eating healthily without effort at all.


When was the last time you find yourself in complete silence? Where was it and how long are you able to stay at that moment before you felt it uncomfortable? Living in this chaotic world gives us less and less opportunity to be on that state of mind. Add kids to the formula (if you’re a parent) and you’ll get twice as less of that opportunity.

With that in mind, the only way to do it is to add this few minutes of silence to your schedule. One of the best timing I can give you is the moment you wake up. That few minutes after you turned off your alarm and before you say your gratitude for the new day that has been given to you.

In this moment of silence, you get to think nothing yet be awake and in a state of awareness. By simply doing this for 5-10 minutes can help you enormously as you face your day.


The world may be filled with cruelty yet a simple smile can make a different story. When was the last time you smiled at someone? Having masked faces due to precautions to Covid makes this more difficult to do so smiling with your eyes can help too.

I personally love doing what the Japanese does to spare myself from being though of a crazy woman. I do a short bow with a smile whenever I do it. Making sure to pick on the people you do this though so you don’t get the wrong impression on what you’re doing. The bus driver whom you pass by every time you ride the bus is one great example on who you can do this. The person you buy food from is another.


This is one trait most of us have yet fail to recognise. I myself fell victim to this for the longest time as well and it took me a long time of adding mindfulness to my lifestyle to get over it.

Procrastinating is an action of unnecessarily or voluntarily delaying on doing something despite knowing the negative consequences of it, according to Wikipedia. When we’re faced with something we find difficulty in doing or don’t want to do, we often find excuses on doing it.

As humans, we’re very good at doing this. In all honesty, how many tasks have you chose not to do at a given moment you’ve been given to do so just because you don’t feel on doing it?

If only we try our best to JUST DO IT, whatever that task is, then we won’t be left with a long list of to-do’s, end our day feeling unsatisfied, and make a day slip from our hands without accomplishing anything.

Try a day doing what is needed without giving procrastinating, you’ll surely feel accomplished, important, and increase that self-esteem.


Keeping your surroundings tidy makes a big difference. You’ll quickly have this feeling that your brain work is better. Even the act of cleaning up your space also counts as Self-Care as it gives you time to focus brain to focus on one task and make you finish a goal in just a couple of minutes/hours.

If you’re reading till this part, THANK YOU! I hope you’ve learned a thing or two and get to realise that doing Self-Care doesn’t really need to cost you much. All you need is the determination and mindset to do it. A simple Self-Care habit a day can help you improve your life and lifestyle.

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Easy to start habits for a better Lifestyle

We all hear that life is better lived if you live a Healthy Lifestyle. But how does one live a Healthy Lifestyle? How much does it cost? How much time does it require to do?

Great news folks! Adapting to a healthy lifestyle isn’t as hard as you think it is. You don’t even need to exert extra time for it. What you’ll need though is a hefty mind set to change. Adapting to this easy to follow great habits needs consistency.

Don’t worry much though. That’s why it’s called a habit. You make it your auto-pilot instead of the not-so-healthy lifestyle you’ve been currently having.

So here’s how you do it:

UPON WAKING, DRINK LEMON WATER. There’s tons of benefits you can get from doing this. You most probably will be drinking water when you wake up, so just squeeze some lemon and you’re good to go!

BEFORE EATING, DO DEEP BREATHING FOR 3 MINUTES. This helps flood your body with oxygen, which will inculcate the habit of mindful eating. Amazing right?!

EXERCISE 3-5 TIMES A WEEK. There’s always time to do this. Too busy with work? Use the stairs instead of the escalator on your way to work. Too busy with housework? Do some squats while waiting for the dinner to simmer. As I’ve told you, it’s the mindset that we need to twerk here. We always have time. It’s how we use it that makes a difference.

LAUGH UNTIL YOU ALMOST PEE YOUR PANTS. Have you noticed how you somehow lost that silly and giggly part of you as you grow old? Blame it to ever growing responsibilities that seemed to never end that’s put on our shoulders. Despite that fact, ensuring the child in us still remains, us laughing our hearts out, not only makes us feel younger but also makes life lived happier. There’s so much to be grateful and happy in life, so why not celebrate, right?!

FIND TIME TO DO SELF-CARE. You might be wondering how there isn’t any on the list yet that would cost you a leg or arm, then this comes up ,and you’re like, AHA! This surely would be expensive…try again! There’s much more Self-Care that you can do that won’t cost you anything at all. Meditate, go for a nature walk, stretch.

GO TO SLEEP AT THE SAME TIME EVERY NIGHT. Sleeping at the same time almost guarantees you to wake up at the same time as well. You do this in preparation for your next day. As our body clock recognises this cycle, it builds strong desire for sleep throughout wakefulness which makes you sleep better the following night. As this cycle continues, our body is able to have that full rest it needs which makes our body more alert and healthy.

STOP EATING 2 HOURS BEFORE BED. If we eat until before we sleep, we are making our body do overtime instead of it going for a rest just like we do. This results for us feel heavy and tired even upon waking up.

SET DAILY AFFIRMATIONS. Our mind is more powerful than we think it is. When our mindset is in its great disposition, you’re able to create better output in whatever you are doing. Your mood is better, you feel happier, and you are better to be with. Feeding your mind early in the morning helps make this happen. What’s great with this is that it doesn’t take much of your time to say or read an affirmation or two, so why not?!

Energy is endless. Too often we are depleting our energy because we are allowing people to take it away. Set healthy boundaries and feed your body with healthy food, water, and nutrients it so desperately needs and don’t forget to feed your mind too!

If you’re a mom, you might want to read this as it is made specifically for YOU!

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How to whip up a week’s menu in 10 minutes

Are you one of the moms who feels stress ever meal time? Here’s the things you’ll tick-off after reading this:

✔️ Prepare a well balanced meal every time

✔️ End sickening repetitive food prepared

✔️ Have a game plan every meal time

Eating is one thing any person in the planet need to do to survive yet one of the most dreadful questions one would like to be asked is, “What do you want to eat?” OR “Where do you want to eat”? In fact, over the years, people have been creative enough to solve this problem by either making a food decider wheel, something like the ones used in Wheel of Fortune but instead have food places on it. Other’s even use technology and make it available online like this Wheel of Dinner which you can check out online or if you want it very handy, download these apps: Restaurant Roulette!! from Apple App Store or What to Eat from Google Play.

Those may be helpful but for moms who’s task is to feed the family every meal and want it to be healthy, we wouldn’t want to depend our meals on fate, aren’t we? It actually isn’t the cooking itself that’s stressful but choosing what dish to cook as sometimes, we tend to prepare the same dish all the time. So instead of just adding stress to your life with this daily task, why not make a plan, and simply let your day run smoothly ever meal time.

Are you ready to get started? I do!

First of all, this weekly menu isn’t like the ones you usually see online where recipes are already listed, here, you get to choose and pick the food you need to prepare. Why? Because I know that I’m not the only Asian who also loves Japanese, Italian, Mexican, and American dishes but can’t find a weekly menu online to fit my tastebuds. So I thought it would be better let this method be a general method for everyone to use.

A bit confused? Hope you stick with me and keep reading…

Second, as a mother, of course I just don’t want to prepare tasty meals but nutritious too. I’m not a Nutritionist nor a Dietitian so I only go for the basics of science when it comes to making sure my family gets the nutrition our body needs. Too basic that it’s taught at primary school. Any guesses?

You got it! The Food Pyramid! That’s the Go, Grow, and Glow Foods.

Lastly, mindful eating. Yes, that includes savouring each bite we do and making sure we get the right portion of each dish prepared that’s right for us. If there’s one thing we want our children to learn about food, that would be discipline in eating. With this, they wouldn’t feel deprived eating junk, sweets, or whatever since they know already how to control their eating.

Now that we’re done talking about the principles of this meal plan, here’s how to do it.

1.Start by having a Weekly Meal Plan Template like the one below.

2. Choose per day which base you would like to have. For us being Asians, it’s quite easy as we usually eat rice for our daily meals so I only need to choose a dish to match with it. So choose from either Pork, Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetable, and Takeaway.

Even if you’re not a rice person, having this base on mind before you make your weekly menu helps breakdown the options you’ll need to decide on that specific day. You’ll also notice I’ve included Takeaway on the list. Well, let’s get realistic, in today’s world, when you’re not in the mood to cook, or you just want to have a day off from cooking, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’ve also had that planned out?! Less stress = happy mama!

With that in place, your Weekly Menu should look like this. You’ll notice that Chicken and Fish is used twice as I find those two as healthier choices than beef and pork. It’s also cheaper!haha.

Having a big breakfast isn’t a thing in our family. I personally don’t think that saying applies to everyone as not everyone wakes up early and does vigorous work after breakfast. With the Pandemic nowadays, I’m sure most people wake up later than they used to (raise your hand if you don’t miss the morning traffic). With that in mind, we go pretty relaxed on breakfast.

Usually it’s just cereals, yoghurt, eggs, or bread and spread for us. I just get a couple of selection of cereals and spread to choose from and everyone makes their own breakfast of choice. How’s that for a freeing you up from one meal of the day to think from!

Next is lunch. This is where your base comes to place. With the kind of meat chosen already, what I usually do is think of a cuisine. Whether it’s Filipino, Italian, Japanese, American, to name a few, this would help you save up more thinking time. Make sure to add some fruits to eat at the end of each meal as dessert.

Here are incredible sites where you can get recipes for every cuisine of your choice. All you need to do is choose from a vast selection of recipes they’ve got per base you’ve chosen.

Filipino Recipes – Panlasang Pinoy

Italian Recipes – Great Italian Chefs

Japanese Recipes – Chopstick Chronicles

American Recipes – The Spruce Eats

After choosing the your recipes, simply list down the ingredients you need. As easy as that, you got your grocery list ready! Congratulations for saving yourself thinking time and relieving yourself from stress of meal prep.

If there’s something I want to remind you about preparing meals, it’s to enjoy doing it. The more you procrastinate on the thing/s you’re doing, the more you’ll feel bad doing it. Food also tastes better when done with love, so enjoy and keep the love burning!

I’m planning to update this post in the future after compiling easy recipes for you! I’d love to hear cuisine and recipes you’d love me to include on it! Hope to hear from you all on the comments below!

As always, Stay Safe!

Easy Apple Turnovers

I’m an avid fan of apple pies so knowing how easy I can make this apple turnovers at home makes me giddy like a child.

I was quite hesitant at first as I thought pastry puffs are expensive. I tried searching online on how to DIY but wasn’t sold that I can replicate what I just saw. haha. Good thing I didn’t settle with what I just believe in my mind but actually tried searching online to see how much pastry puffs are. Holy guacamole! It’s actually affordable!

Photo grabbed from Lazada website

This BORGS puff pastry block is sold in Lazada’s Redmart for SGD 3.06 for 375g. It may be small but just right for my apple pie cravings.

Here’s my go to easy apple turnover recipe that never failed to satisfy my cravings.

Let me know how yours turns out! Comment below to let me know if you loved this recipe as much as I do.