Appreciate More this Christmas by starting this Beautiful Family Tradition

Do you have any Christmas Tradition you’ve been doing as a child, which you’ve adopted to your own family now? We do! One of them is the well-known, Simbang Gabi, or devotional nine-day series of Masses practiced by Filipino Catholics around the world do in anticipation of Christmas.

From what I remembered to be honest, despite being brought up in the Philippines, I’m not sure if I ever completed those nine-nights until I moved here in Singapore. Perhaps, the urge need of Spiritual guidance and praying to find a work here in Singapore have also led me to do it. I’m grateful to say that since 2010, I’ve never missed any of those nine-masses.

What used to be just me and the hubs queueing after mass to get some “magic-lugaw” as Father Angel† slowly became us wishing for a baby, then coming the next year with one in tow, then the following year with another one in my belly. 

With two daughters now looking up to me, I knew that I need to level-up more on opening their eyes and mind with the “true meaning of Christmas”. I personally don’t want to grow up looking forward to Christmas just because they get make a letter to Santa and receive gifts from almost everyone they knew.

My whole family now look forward to Christmas with a different perspective. I’m so proud of my two girls growing up not only looking forward to opening gifts but also those nine-nights they get to visit different churches around Singapore to hear Mass. Sadly, for the past two-years, we’ve been attending virtual masses. We’re really praying that this Pandemic would end soon.

I came across a few years ago in Pinterest this idea and decided to make it part of our Family Tradition as well. We started this tradition in 2019 and during that time, the girls were still 4 and 5 years old and honestly, not enjoying it. I felt like reading alone during those times but I still continued.

Now in our 3rd year, the girls are more enthusiastic about it already. And as they now are both great in reading, they even compete on who should be reading that day, which we often resolve on splitting into different stories of the day’s Gospel.

I’ve posted a few days ago in my Instagram stories my daughter reading the Bible just to share this tradition with others and also have a short clip as a memory for the future.Surprisingly, I’ve got a lot of messages asking more about and as more and more moms get curious about it, I decided to create a compilation of the Book of Luke that you and your family can use.

You can grab it by clicking on the photo below.


Doing Family Traditions is done to make a celebration more meaningful. As for Christmas, I hope this article help you and your family realise what’s more important during this season of holidays. This is also a great Spiritual Self-Care .