Advice for moms on how to control what triggers their anger

Have you given time to think why there you have good days while at times everything seems to go wrong?

You might not have given much though of what triggers you to have a bad mood. While this is completely normal and a big part of parenthood, acknowledging what stresses/triggers can help you immensely to angers us to at least lessen this kind of emotion. Surely it’s not only you who feels bad about being bad but the people around you (your kids and hubby) too.

Time to access…

Do you feel you’re always lack of time in accomplishing your tasks? 

-This can be resolved but better time management.

Do you feel you’re lacking sleep/rest? 

-First of all, who doesn’t! haha.. But then, again, with proper time management and more organisation around your home, you can actually have enough rest/sleep you need.

Does your anger get triggered with tantrums/screaming/crying?

-Welcome to parenthood! While babies can be excused as its totally difficult to communicate with them, children aged 2 and above who already starts to have the ability to thought how to communicate could be easier. Learn some tricks on how they could get from you what you want and you giving it without reaching the point of frustration on both sides. Develop some rules and soon you’ll have a peaceful loving home.

Do you feel you fail as a parent?

-Mom guilt is one common feeling mothers go through with their growing child. Not to worry though as this is a good thing. It means you acknowledge the feeling and not just keep within yourself. You’re just in need of a bit of mind tweaking (as I always say) or better known as change of mindset. Don’t you feel guilty because you know you’re doing your best already? So why feel guilty of something when you know you’ve given your best already? Relax mommy, you’re human.

Feeling everyone is judging you – Others expectations

-Being pulled on different directions and expected to be on top of their game in their career may it be as a homemaker, corporate job or profession. Isn’t it just too much to expect from a human? I know some can do this (those are the exceptional ones) but talking about the majority of human beings…hello!!! 

What triggers your anger the most as a parent? Have you tried to resolve it or you just brush it off and take it as part of parenthood?

I’d love to hear from you so share your comments below!



How to boost productivity by managing your time

Motherhood is a very demanding and time scheduled job. From meals that needs to be made and served at specific timings, to routine house chores that may not seem that important but imagine ignoring your laundry for a month. Not only will it smell but one of your family members would throw a tantrum for not being able to wear their favourite shirt for a month. While buying clothes can be an option but is it economical?

That’s why your productivity each day is very important. You may be at home all day but that’s your office and you got to make that butt moving! Here are some helpful tips that hopefully can help you manage your time wisely:

1.Put your phone in another room

As much as our phone appear to be part of our body, it isn’t. Yes, there’s so much important things in it but let me remind you you’re at your safe place, your home. It wouldn’t hurt if you put it in aside a bit far from you or if possible in the other room so you can give your whole focus on what you’re doing. You can still hear it if someone calls you, so stop making the excuse of emergencies.

How many times have you tried cooking a 30 minute meal but took you more than an hour to do while multitasking watching Youtube videos. The dish needs to simmer…I’ll watch for a while. And without you noticing, 20 minutes have passed instead of a 10 minute simmer. Now your kids are jumping around the living room, crying and hungry. You get irritated easily cause you yourself are hungry. Oh man! This ain’t just a scenario I’m making up…this is me 2 years ago!

Luckily, I’ve learned to be more mindful of my actions.

2. Take regular breaks

While others may think that this is just a waste of time, taking breaks actually helps you be more productive. Giving your body and mind a break for a few minutes helps it have a great start again and make you motivated to move forward.

At times, you might not notice that you’ve been just wasting time doing over and over a task that not only frustrates you but also not help you move towards your goal. By learning to be conscious and be aware of this, you can take a short break and come back with a clear mind. The solution to your problem might be in front of you all along, you’re just too aggravated to notice earlier.

3. Do the hardest task firsts

Your motivation and that feeling of being inspired is always at its peak when you start your day. So why not tackle all those hard tasks in your to-do list first. Not only will you have a fresh and clear mind but also all the energy you’ll need to accomplish it.

Those easy ones can be done after and since its that easy, even if your motivation wears out, you’ll still be able to do it.

4. Work smarter, not harder

This tip is applicable to every kind of career, profession, and gender. Learning the wisdom of being able to accomplish your task with the same quality outcome while doing it half the time you used to is total win!

Always find ways to make your job easier for you. Whether it be with a use of a better technique, different product, new technology, or even asking for advice from people. If that is what it takes to save you time to accomplish a task without compromising the quality of outturn, then that’s the wisest thing to do.

5. Remove distractions

When we say distractions, we tend to think of our phone when in reality it isn’t just it. When you try to accomplish a task, anything around you that doesn’t add value for you to finish it is a distraction.

Learn to set a specific time and find a place where you can have an hour or two to finish what you are eager to do. You’ll be surprised that it only takes 30 minutes in a coffeeshop by yourself to do a content rather than do it at home juggling doing work and kids having their screen time.

6. Have a dedicated workspace

Having a dedicated workspace at home may seem only for people who can afford to have more space at home before the Pandemic. Now that it’s been 2 years since Covid has been brought chaos to world, I’m pretty sure every household big or small has made ways to have one. Whether it be a part of your dining area or kitchen or bedroom.

It doesn’t matter where it is actually as long as you feel comfortable and be able to concentrate doing your task.

7. Focus on one thing at a time

Mother’s swear of finishing more with multitasking but unless you’ll be doing two-task partnered with a machine, don’t do it. Doing laundry plus another task is a great idea. All you have to do is throw your laundry on the machine, press a button and leave it then you’ll have your whole self and focus to do another task. It’s only after some time that you’ll need to come back but by then, laundry is done. That’s multitasking. Great smelling clothes and another task done without any disruption. A win-win!

Mother’s swear of finishing more with multitasking but unless you’ll be doing two-task partnered with a machine, don’t do it. Doing laundry plus another task is a great idea. All you have to do is throw your laundry on the machine, press a button and leave it then you’ll have your whole self and focus to do another task. It’s only after some time that you’ll need to come back but by then, laundry is done. That’s multitasking. Great smelling clothes and another task done without any disruption. A win-win!

Cooking while cleaning the house where you’re required to both be physically present isn’t a good idea though. Not only do you add more risk burning your lunch but also there’s a high chance of you bringing bacteria on your food. Cleaning your hands every now and then may seems a great idea until you realise how time consuming it is and how much water you waste washing every 5 minutes.

Why not whisk a quick meal then after focus on cleaning the house. Sounds like a great idea, right?

8.Plan your day the night before

Last but not the least, plan your day the night before. Not only does it helps waking up much easier knowing that your day have already a direction/path to follow but it also helps you not to forget the things you need to accomplish.

Having more time to remember your tasks is very helpful.

Hope these useful tips help make your life a bit easier. While there’s no easy thing in life, you can only be better. That’s what I always tell my daughters.

How about you? What words of wisdom do you tell your kids often?

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Mom Hack: Respecting Time

Time is what we want the most, but what we use the worst. 
- William Penn

As a mother, there’s no doubt most of us would scream for more time to be able to do everything we want to do in 24 hours. This usually results feeling guilty of not being able to accomplish everything we have in mind to do that day. We think and think about it and couldn’t sleep. This only results to feeling sluggish the next day because lack of sleep. It’s not hard to guess what happens when this happens everyday and the stress accumulates. The feeling of something about to explode from the inside is something avoidable but most moms fall short in seeing it happen.

Does this sound like you? Have you been feeling stressed-out lately and things starts getting out of hand? Probably it’s time to set some Mom Boundaries to get back on track and be that confident mom again that you’ve are!

Here are some simple Mom Hacks to make more use of your time in a day and feel less stressed at the same time:

  1. Knowing your PRIORITIES. From the moment you wake up, you roughly know the things you need to do within the day. Making a “To-do list” can come in handy but if you aren’t keen in doing one, that’s okay. What’s important is having in mind a sense of which you priorities to do more on that particular day.

Is it paying your electric bill or dropping by to visit your long-time friend you haven’t seen in decades. Surely meeting up with your friend can be exciting but forgetting to pay your electric bill surely wouldn’t make anyone excited if you miss on doing. There’s nothing wrong in doing things you want to do as long as you know you’ve tick that things on your priority list first before having some fun. Now that’s what you call ‘adulting responsibility’!

2. Be realistic. Preparing your “to-do list” and knowing which one of it is your priority for the day wouldn’t serve its purpose if you don’t set a realistic time in doing them. Being mindful with your schedule is very important. Optimism doesn’t always work when you deal with time as time is definite and you can’t do much about it rather just need to learn to manage it wisely.

More often that not, listing things like going to the bank, getting some milk and bread, fetching the kids and paying the bills can seem like an easy-peasy task for your sooth-sailing afternoon and give you ample time to make dinner. Doing it in reality ain’t that easy though. Forgetting to account the queues in the bank and grocery and travel time going here could easily turn your seemingly uneventful afternoon haywire. You might even resort to ordering pizza on the way home just so you’ll have some dinner to feed you family by the time you arrive home!

3. Learn to adjust. You might have planned well how you want your day to be but as a mom, you’ll know that only change is constant. Trust that there will always be that tantrum that you can’t avoid or someone left at home some important project and you’ll need to turn around.

By knowing how to shuffle your priorities without ruining your mood and just accepting the fact that there’s really no perfect day in motherhood is the key. It’s all about knowing how to deal with change as and when it is needed. Being frustrated only makes you stress and not help you finish the tasks you want to do.

4. Mastering the art of time. Picking the most important task from your list, taking a deep breath and just start being busy doing it. At times, tasks doesn’t really need much time to do. It’s just that we get distracted most of the time while doing things. This results to spending more time than what we really needed.

Learning to time-block and concentrate on doing things in a short time (undisturbed) can usually do the trick. Use that phone-time to cook your 30-minute meal or write a blog. Your kids surely wouldn’t mind and you’ll also have you pockets of peace doing your thing.

Do you find this tips helpful? Comment below on other parenting advice you’d love to hear from.



Our brain is a muscle

I heard that from somewhere but strike me a lot.

I actually needed to google that to check on that too. Well, guess what?! It’s NOT! I know it’s an organ but based on some studies, it acts more like a muscle. Oh yes! It can change and get stronger.

What does it have to do with my/your mindset?!

Exactly what you just said. MIND – SET!

How hard could it be to understand that? Yet, a lot of people tend to disregard this thought rather than using it to improve themselves or better yet, their lives.

Now how does the way you think of things change the way you live your life? Here’s a perfect example.

Think about your body. Let’s start with your hair. How to you see your hair? Is it healthy, dry, needs touch-up, colour? It actually doesn’t matter, what’s important is you should love it! Our hair is our hair. It may be healthy, dry, needs touch-up or colour but if you think deeper on the real use of hair which is to serve as a source of heat insulation and cooling (when sweat evaporates from soaked hair) as well as protection from ultra-violet radiation exposure, then maybe we’ll have more appreciation with the kind of hair we’ve been blessed with.

I guess you get my point already and not need to go one by one with the parts of our body. Same goes with everything that happens in your life.

The way you see things and appreciate the small things could slowly make a difference in your life.

Try it! When your alarm goes off tomorrow morning, appreciate the fact that you’ve been given another day to live instead of hitting the snooze button and contemplate on another miserable day ahead of you.

Let me know in the comments below on how your day goes and which did you choose to do!

Happy mind-setting!



Easy Apple Turnovers

I’m an avid fan of apple pies so knowing how easy I can make this apple turnovers at home makes me giddy like a child.

I was quite hesitant at first as I thought pastry puffs are expensive. I tried searching online on how to DIY but wasn’t sold that I can replicate what I just saw. haha. Good thing I didn’t settle with what I just believe in my mind but actually tried searching online to see how much pastry puffs are. Holy guacamole! It’s actually affordable!

Photo grabbed from Lazada website

This BORGS puff pastry block is sold in Lazada’s Redmart for SGD 3.06 for 375g. It may be small but just right for my apple pie cravings.

Here’s my go to easy apple turnover recipe that never failed to satisfy my cravings.

Let me know how yours turns out! Comment below to let me know if you loved this recipe as much as I do.