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Sound of Music Musical Singapore 2022: Mom’s Review

    Last Wednesday, we’re able to watch the Sound of Music Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. This is the first time for all of us to watch a musical in a theatre that’s why it’s extra special. I have loved the Sound of Music since I was young and specifically love that scene of…

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    Top 5 to reasons why travelling with young children is the best

      If you have told me last March that we would be having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower soon, I’d probably laugh at you. Unlike most families we get to watch on YouTube who go travel the world for a living (oh well, maybe if you support our YouTube Channel😁), our family of…

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      Dilemma of First time Primary 1 Parents

        ***Disclaimer: Long post ahead! Schooling is something parents always have in the back of their minds from the time their child is born. Knowing that this is one of the most important responsibilities they need to get right for the future of their child. That’s what both me and my hubby have in mind for…

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