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Absolutely 5 IKEA items everyone’s dollar is worth buying

    Doesn’t a trip to IKEA excites you? Who wouldn’t?! It’s a warehouse full of dreamy rooms wherein somehow everyone’s cup of tea is ticked off, no matter what gender or occupation you have. There’s always something you’ll want to put on that cart and bring home. Truly, if you’re starting a home, IKEA is a…

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    Mom shares Reality on the PROs and CONs of Virtual Schooling

      As an Overseas Filipinos worker (OFW) it has been a usual family set-up for the parents to stay abroad and send back their children back to the Philippines to study. I, myself, has been raised this way. Not that I’m against it, actually I’m very grateful for my hard working parents and the rest of…

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      Dilemma of First time Primary 1 Parents

        ***Disclaimer: Long post ahead! Schooling is something parents always have in the back of their minds from the time their child is born. Knowing that this is one of the most important responsibilities they need to get right for the future of their child. That’s what both me and my hubby have in mind for…

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