Perfect Eyewear for moms that makes you boosts your personality

When it comes to Self-Care, we can all agree that we could use a little help with the use of some accessories to uplift our mood or even just to show our personality without even opening our mouth.

Photo of Sabrina Sikora provided by Linicceyewear

One accessory I’ve come to love through all this years is a great pair of sunglasses. Living in sunny Singapore where all year round the sun is out, it’s no doubt one thing that’s a staple in any bag whenever I go out.

Choosing accessories like sunglasses though can be quite tricky. Aside from there’s a lot of styles and colours to choose from, finding the right frame that matches your face shape and look good in you can at times be annoyingly troublesome. At times, you’ve already picked a frame that you terribly want but don’t want the colour of its arms or the lens might be too light or dark for you.

Let’s save you from stress and help you with Lenicceyewear. A Singapore eyewear brand that customises sunglasses to your liking. You’ll love how light and durable its frame and its arms with anti-slip grooves. All their lenses have also Full-UV Protection, Fully Polarised, and with Anti-glare coating. Amazing isn’t it?!

Pick the perfect eyewear for you by choosing which personality matches you the most! Here’s some of our favourite customised ones that you could pick together with certain traits you might have. Exciting isn’t it?!


Ruby Wine Atalia with Grey Lens for those Action oriented, Assertive, Confident, Decisive, Determined, Disciplined, Independent, Leaders, Logical, Pragmatic, Proactive, Productive, Responsible, and Task-Dominant.

Celestial Crystal Atalia with Pink Pearls and Gradient Purple Lens for those Fond of Friendships, Affection, Harmony, Inner peace, Approachable, Playful, Loving and Kind.

Lilac Arosa  with Pink lens for those Harmonious, Calming, Healing, Caring, Compassionate, Embracing any obstacles and overcomes each one of it.

Space Black Asori with pearls and gradient brown lens for those Independent, Strong-willed, Determined and like to be in control of yourself and situations.

Want to customise your own? Head over to their website and make one your own. How great it is to be able to choose and change every part of your eyewear to your liking. Doesn’t it feel more personalised by doing this?

With their Bestsellers price ranging from S$135-S$175, you’ll never get wrong with this completely affordable great eyeglasses. Looks great not only on you, but on your wallet too!

Photo of Oceanic_venus provided by Linicceyewear

As if that isn’t enough, know that for ever pair bought, they donate $10 to THE VISION MISSION. So not only do you feel good for yourself for looking good but also feel good in the inside for being able to share your blessings with others! Such a win-win, isn’t it?!

More great news:

Get $20 off by using code: LIVE20 when you buy your first pair!!

Catch more of them from their website: or IG account: Lenicceyewear

Want to be Financially Free?

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Just the term alone gives makes everyone giddy and want to know how to do it and be it! Are you one of them too?

For others it means being able to buy everything and anything they want while for others, it may mean not needing to work. Here’s the catch though, Financial Freedom doesn’t really have a concrete definition. Instead, it is a lifestyle one wants to be in. 

Who wouldn’t! No need to think about how to pay the bills but still having more left as savings, or having a fully emergency fund set aside. Anyone would love to be in that position in life. But life isn’t that easy for most. Being the one in-charge to make decision (life-decisions) doesn’t make it any easier. Having the freedom to choose what and how to deal with circumstances in life and deal with the consequences of it is a hefty task! No wonder no matter how liberating being an adult could be, others would rather live like a child. No worries, no problems, easy life!

How do you gauge Financial Freedom, some would ask? While answering this may vary, here are the most common signs you’re headed towards that direction. 

1. You’re not a Financial prisoner

Having bills to pay, essentials and needs to be taken care of and other responsibilities in life (most of them) that needed you to be financially capable is perfectly normal. Yes! Even the riches people in the world, or even people with power deal with those responsibilities too! Well, not to the extent though of them actually scrambling for a job just to make ends meet neither pay those bills personally. They have specific people already doing those things for them. And that’s basically what everyone should aim to have.

Not the part where you don’t need to pay your bills personally but at least not be in that position to be scrambling to find money to pay them. 

Having a job doesn’t mean you’re on the right track either. That still depends, as if you hate your current job, then that simply means you’re being held captive of your job just so you could stay afloat financially. While this is what most people are into, this shouldn’t be the way to live. Life is too short to spend it in doing things you don’t like.

Don’t get me wrong though, loving a job doesn’t mean the job needs to be easy. Everyone needs a little challenge in everything they do in life for them to feel alive. If not, that job would better be given to a robot then. 

2. Know you what you want. Is it Financial Freedom you’re really aiming for or Financial Capability?

The word Freedom makes it very lucrative for anyone to fall for it but is it what we really want? Just to be free of financial worries, be able to stay at home and no need to work, no need to think of bills no more responsibilities, no, no, no! I’ll make the story cut-short, that also means you want to die already. Too harsh? Not really, that’s reality. If what you aim in life is just for the sake of breathing, then what makes you better than a person in coma with machines hooked up on them to breath?

One should live a life with purpose. Find value of themselves. You might be wondering hearing rich people often say they’re very busy working. Working? With all those money under their belt and still working? While some may say they’re just being greedy, that’s not really the reason though, for them, being rich doesn’t mean their purpose in life have ended already. 

There’s more to life to explore and be. And that’s how life should be lived. Aim for Financial Capability for it takes away the stress you’ve always hated doesn’t give your mind and body the impression that you’ll live like a vegetable in the days to come. In fact, there’s much more you can do!

Now here’s the fun part, some tips to live by in life for you to align your lifestyle with the future you want to be in. Here are some tips that would lead you to Financial Freedom:

1. Live within your means

Knowing that the people around you are too busy to look at you would probably help limit you from showing off. More and more people are living in debt just to sustain a lifestyle they’re not capable with. Live a simple life and with more truthfulness to yourself and that’s where you’ll find your happiness if not, inner peace.

2. Be mindful and aware of your situation

When was the last time you’ve checked your finances in the bank?  Being aware where your money goes helps you better plan and be conscious of your spendings.   

3. Do your homework. Know more where you can put your money, make it work and benefit from it.

It is not a secret that rich people didn’t get rich by working their a$$ off. Instead, they are wise enough to know where to put their hard earned money and make it multiple without much work. Yes, I’m talking about investing. There’s different ways to do it and that’s why it’s called a homework. We don’t do spoon feeding here. A little words of wisdom though, “If they can do it, why can’t you?”

4. Plan your way of saving. 

Too much work and saving for the future can take a toll on you and your body. That’s why I recommend to plan how you save. This way, you’ll know when you should and when you can give yourself a break from saving and instead use it as an award for working so hard. Everybody needs some time to reinvigorate. Know that it’s after much needed rest that you usually come back stronger.

5. Take care of your credit score.

Take your Credit score is like taking care of your family name. Being in debt isn’t what anyone would wish to be in a position with. so being mindful of your responsibilities with your usage of credit cards and paying up loans is really a need. By trying to keep you name clean also means your finances are being kept well managed.

6. Monitor your spendings

Do you record your spendings? Or you just make calculations in your brain and hope that everything will simply fall in place with an extra of your salary as your savings. Mental calculation can be a great skill to have but in reality, with your plate so full with other responsibilities, the last thing you want is to forget that you don’t have enough money to buy food for the coming week and your salary only comes in 2 weeks from now. Believe me, it only takes 5 minutes to write down your expenses for the day, do basic calculation and that’s it! Make it a habit to do everyday and you’ll always know where your money goes. Plus, writing this down also means freeing your brain some space to use to focus on other more important things. 

7. Slowly change the way you budget

This comes together with #6 in this list, “Monitor your spendings”. Being mindful on your spendings would show loopholes on your budgeting and make you realise where you could do some adjustments. This way, you’ll know that you’re spending where you really need to and all unnecessary spendings can be allotted for better things.

8. If you have debt, make sure it’s a good debt. If not, make plans to pay them off, as soon as possible.

Misconceptions about debt has been embedded to most of us. In fact, most of us believe it is a negative thing. A few knowledgable ones though know how to take advantage of debt. 

9. An emergency fund is essential.

It is important to know that even if we don’t see a rainbow that often, there’s always tomorrow to look forward. That’s why knowing how to balance your finances for current necessities, saving should also be valued. We all don’t know what tomorrow would bring and it would keep our worries away if we know that an emergency fund is kept in case needed.

10. Career choices

One step to reaching Financial Freedom is being able to do something in life that you truly love doing that pays. As mentioned earlier, being tied up like a prisoner of your job just to keep you financially afloat ain’t gonna give you any good. Not only would you let your life fly by beneath your nose but you’re likely to regret not having the courage to use your lifetime to do something you love.

11. Learn how to invest

As risky at it can be, investing is still considered one of the best things you can place your hard earned money if you want to make them grow faster. Gone are the days where people just leave their money in the bank to earn interest. You are wise enough to know that bank interest barely make any difference to your money nowadays. It’s safe to say that keeping money in bank is just a way of safekeeping as it isn’t also safe to carry much cash around. By keeping an open-mind and gaining knowledge on how to invest, you’ll surely find one that would fit your interest.

12. Do something that has value, that would be your legacy.

Making a lot of money not only for you but for you to be able to pass as inheritance to your successors can be a great kind of legacy. But not everyone has the capability of doing that. Don’t worry though, legacy doesn’t only mean inheritance of wealth, it can also be other things. Do something great in your life and not only your family would remember you but more people you’ve helped. 

Absolutely 5 IKEA items everyone’s dollar is worth buying

Doesn’t a trip to IKEA excites you? Who wouldn’t?! It’s a warehouse full of dreamy rooms wherein somehow everyone’s cup of tea is ticked off, no matter what gender or occupation you have. There’s always something you’ll want to put on that cart and bring home.

Truly, if you’re starting a home, IKEA is a place to pick out affordable stuff to fill you house and make it a home. Not everyone though is getting a new place though but still feel the need to go for an IKEA run. If you’re like the majority of the people who comes to get just a chair and comes out with an overflowing recyclable blue bag with much things you discover you don’t really need when you get home, then that’s a problem.

Not only do you spend money on things you don’t really need which can hurt your finances but you fill your home with junk that you don’t necessarily need. Not judging here, I also do the same at times! This blog isn’t to shame ourselves but help make better decision before our next trip to IKEA. Here’s a list of things worth buying from IKEA, things that you can use often at home and still let you go for that once in a while trip to feed your eyes with IKEA goodness!

Resealable bags

photo from IKEA website

I know most people are finding ways to live with sustainable items around their homes. Let’s just say this is my/our family’s attempt to help mother earth too…by reusing plastic.=)

I’ve always been a fan of these resealable bags as not only is the price a steal! C’mon! Where can you get 50 pcs of good quality bags you can use over and over. With a box containing 2 sizes, 25 big bags which I usually use as freezer bags (yes, they do work great as freezer bags) and 25 small bags which I usually use as a sandwich bag or snack bag for the kids whenever we go out. It’s just so handy and small that I keep it back in my bag for next adventure’s usage.

Tea Towels

photo from IKEA website

If you’re not aware, we live in Asia, specifically Singapore. It may be one of the first world countries having a dishwasher in every household is still far from happening. Perhaps because having a helper is also part of the culture here so why have a dishwasher (machine) do the dishes when there’s someone who can do it.

Anyways, drying dishes minutes after it has been washed (let the water drip out first) then put back in the cupboard has been one of the tasks I share with my sisters. Doing this every after meal especially after dinner brings back lots of memories. Me and my sisters talking about nonsense things siblings do and passing dried plates and the other putting it neatly in the cupboard. haha.

Now that I have my own family, I’m still drying dishes for now since my daughters are still too young hold wet plates and we might just end up having more broken plates in a month than dried ones. These tea towels are my go-to as they are absorbent, light, easy to dry afterwards. Basically everything I need for a drying towel just as what my mom let us use when I was still young.


photo from IKEA website

As you might have noticed, we’re a frugal living family. We’re always on a look-out for things that we use often and can get it for a good price. So for our family who have kids and lots of toys that has batteries, finding this is a gem. These batteries does a great job and surprisingly lasts longer than expected.


photo from IKEA website

If you’re looking for a decent dinnerware set but don’t have the budget to splurge for some Corelle yet, IKEA got you covered. The Oftast collection comes in different sizes from a 11cm rice bowl, 15cm bowl, 19cm side plate, 20cm deep plate and a 25cm plate which is at $0.90 each. There’s also a 23cm serving bowl which is at $1.90 each.

What I love about this is that it is sold individually. You won’t be compelled to pay for a bunch of plates that you won’t be using anyways because there isn’t much people in your household. You can buy (and pay) only the ones you need.

Aside from being budget friendly, I can assure you that its quality isn’t that bad either. We’ve had a couple of slipping mishaps and most of the time doesn’t make a chip on any of it. (crossing fingers now that our plates won’t give up on us)

Cookware set

photo from IKEA website

This cookware set I think is one of the most bought item in IKEA especially for people who just had a new place. Whether newlyweds or newly migrated, this budget friendly cookware everyone’s go-to. Not only because of its cheap price but it has every pot you need for everyday cooking (minus the frying pan). It’s quality can last for quite sometime too.

So there you have it, 5 items you shouldn’t miss when you visit IKEA. The first 3 items are what I usually buy whenever we go to IKEA (every 3 months or so) and the last 2 items are just a must-haves. All of them are of good price and quality that i’ve been personally using for in our household.

If you feel hungry in the middle of your window shopping, make sure to visit the IKEA restaurant where you can try their famous meatballs (I personally ain’t a fan.haha) and what I’m so in love with…their cheese tarts! Oh goodness! I’m craving right now!

Or if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a sit-down meal, drop by their Bistro where you can get $1.00 hotdog (also have Veggie hotdog at the same price) and their soft serve soya ice cream for only $0.50 which you get to make yourself. Well, technically just put the cone on the machine, drop your coin and watch your ice cream bring into life in front of you. The kids love it! haha…Okay, me too! Who doesn’t?!

Just a quick question before this blog ends. How often do you visit IKEA and what do you usually buy whenever you go there. I’m pretty sure most of you guys have been there more than 3 times…don’t lie!

Hope you find this helpful!



Mom shares Reality on the PROs and CONs of Virtual Schooling

As an Overseas Filipinos worker (OFW) it has been a usual family set-up for the parents to stay abroad and send back their children back to the Philippines to study. I, myself, has been raised this way. Not that I’m against it, actually I’m very grateful for my hard working parents and the rest of our family for helping raise us the way we are.

Growing up though, I knew that I wanted to work abroad as well. When we started having our own family the reality of bringing them up the same way I and my sisters were isn’t the one I want. Luckily, pre-schooling here in Singapore is quite easy as there’s a lot of schools to choose from. As long as you’re able to get your child a Dependent Pass, the government don’t have much to say which school you send your child to.

Entering Primary 1 is a different story. I’ve mentioned in my other blog “Dilemma of Foreigner Parents” on how we’ve came up with the solution to our problem. This gave way for us to keep our children here in Singapore without compromising their studies nor our source of income (both important).

For us, it doesn’t matter much if our decisions abide by the norms of society. What’s important at the end of the day is what would work for our family.

When we stumbled with Southville International School and Colleges, one thing we noticed is it’s similarity with the International Schools here in Singapore such as having WASC accreditation, ISO accreditation, IBO authorised world school and have an international-based curriculum. Not to mention its one of the best International School in Manila, Philippines. It provides basic education that covers from Kinder to Year-12 is globally equipped excellent education by being. That alone is impressive already but as parents new to Virtual Schooling, were still skeptical and have lots of doubts.


School’s competency

Family goal



No Social skills

Physical activity is confined

Excessive Screen-time

We learned that the school has them having the VOLT (Virtual Online Learning Teaching) Program even before the Pandemic. We are all aware that everything and everyone suddenly needed to switch doing things online everything we used to do face-to-face. This also means a lot of changes and adaptation to the new normal is needed from each one. So this came as one of the PROs which is a big deal especially for our daughter who’s just 7 years old. We as parents wants her to at least feel normality especially in regards to her studies.

Having competent and reliable teachers is one thing but having ones who have the experience of doing virtual schooling gave us the peace of mind that our daughter is in good hands. Teaching face-to-face and keeping the students attention is hard already, what more when its done virtually. Kudos to all teachers!!!

As highlighted in my other blog, keeping our family intact here in Singapore without compromising our children’s education has been one of our goals. Finding a way to make this happen has truly become a blessing that we never expect would be possible. I guess, God truly have big plans better than we hope for. It’s wouldn’t be surprising this is a big part of our PROs.

Living in one of the most expensive country in the world like Singapore isn’t a joke. What more if you have 2 children who needs to go schooling already. Being a single income family, yep, I’m a SAHM (Stay-at-Home-Mom) made it more of a game changer for us as we really need to be mindful of our finances.

Finding a school that fits our budget (that’s a need so we really had a budget allocated for it) is not only included in our PROs list but also a need. It won’t be wise in the long run to choose to break a bank just so our children can have their schooling here with us.

Of course, with all the PROs comes with the CONs too.

One of our CONs that we’re most concerned about is our daughter’s interpersonal skills. We don’t only want her to learn about the facts in life (be bookish-wise) but also learn how to be sociable. Knowing how to deal with other people with respect and having friends is one important thing in life as well that we don’t want our daughter to miss.

This one has been quite tricky to resolve honestly as our initial plan to enrol her on some extracurricular activities didn’t push through due to the Pandemic. We didn’t want to risk going out that frequent just to go to classes.

Another CONs is being too confined at home and have not much physical activity. Travelling to/from school alone is like exercise already for the kids. With this removed from our daughter’s schedule, her physical activity pretty much turns out to none at the end of the day as going in and out of the room ain’t counted. We just settled to bringing her to the children’s park nearby our house to breath some fresh air and play with other kids as a solution for this. On rainy days, I have an exercise planned for her to keep her moving. Exercise is important no matter what age group you are in. It helps make your body more alive.

Perhaps, after the Pandemic, we can push through our initial plans of her doing some extracurricular activities where she gets to move around and make friends too.

Last but not the least of our CONs is ScreenTime. This is one of the trickiest area especially in parenthood nowadays. Their love-hate relationship with gadgets can be impeccable. I say love-hate relationship because as a parent myself, I know how helpful these gadgets can be if I want to have my things done and how dangerous it can be too if my children gets used it.

Almost 12nn and haven’t cooked anything yet?? Grab those gadgets and give your kids some 30 mins screen time. Everyone gets happy! Mom gets to cook, kids quietly glued in the living room and a bit later hot meal for the family. Get me?!

That comes along with “hatred” too as we all know how dangerous these gadgets are to our children if used for too long. The tricky part though is that we ourselves seems addicted too to these gadgets. Do not believe me? Is your phone one of the first things you grab when you wake up? See what I mean.

If we ourselves are having a hard time controlling our usage of these gadgets, how do we expect to control our kids in using them? Moreover, our kids follow more what they see us do than what we tell them to do.

We for example have this “weekend phone day” which we started with the kids even before they can talk clearly. These days are starts from Friday night till Sunday noon where they can freely use their gadgets. Nowadays though, as they start to get older and learn to reason out more, some days they complain why I get to use my phone more frequently than them. You see?!

I hope you find this helpful if you’re planning to put your kids in Virtual Schooling too. Feel free to write in the comments below if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge and experience.



Dilemma of First time Primary 1 Parents

***Disclaimer: Long post ahead!

Schooling is something parents always have in the back of their minds from the time their child is born. Knowing that this is one of the most important responsibilities they need to get right for the future of their child.

That’s what both me and my hubby have in mind for seems to be the longest and shortest (all parents can relate on how time flies!) time when our eldest daughter turns 6 years old and would be attending Primary 1. It’s crunch time!!!


For those who don’t know, both me and my hubby are Filipinos which also means it won’t be shocking news if we decide to send our daughter to either of our parents for them to raise her while we stay abroad to work. This has been the most common scenario of OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker) families ever since I was born (i think?!). I myself grew up with this kind of setup with my hardworking parents and I can’t thank them enough for the good life they’ve given me.

Let’s just make it clear though that its not that the parents choose their careers over their kids. It’s more of choosing the source of income they know that can give a brighter future for their children over seeing them grow-up which is very heartbreaking on both parties. Deep inside, I know, that as much as they want to go back home, the income in the Philippines for the same type of work you’ll be doing abroad really isn’t sufficient enough to give your family the good life that one envisions.


We’ve been living in Singapore for almost a decade now, very much blessed and loved everything about living in this Little Red Dot. Both our daughters have been born and raised here and to tell you frankly, they’re more Singaporean than a Filipino if not for their blood. They’ll cheer for Singapore in any International competition we watch like a true Singaporean will do!

Despite all that, we can’t deny that we’re still foreigners and in cases like schooling, the rules of the government prevails. We’re in the bottom of the list and the chances of our daughters to be accepted in their local school is near to none. We were still quite optimistic though and still tried our luck last year in June when we submitted our Indication of Interest for our daughter through the MOE Website. There’s nothing wrong trying, right?

As the months passed by and October comes nearer, the more we became anxious. Lo and Behold, mid-October the email we never have wished to been received came. “….we are unable to offer your child a P1 place in our national schools.” Even if we somehow knew this could happen, it still made a mark on our hearts as parents especially when we told our daughter about the news. We don’t want her to get the impression that she wasn’t good enough that’s why she wasn’t accepted. =(


We knew that what we’re facing is like any other problem which has a solution. We just needed to find that solution…fast! My husband and I already made the decision even before my first daughter was born that we’ll do whatever we can for our daughter/s to be raised wherever we are based. We would always come as a pack no matter what. This is why the idea of sending our daughter back to the Philippines (like what most Filipinos do) for schooling is a NO-NO from the start.

Anyways, we as parents can’t just stop there. That day, I made an excel spreadsheet (yes! that’s what we always do with everything. Put in excel!haha) of all the International Schools here in Singapore. I know, in your mind, you’re saying, “You should have done that months before!”. We’re the optimistic ones, remember? So we kinda really hoped for the best and just waited for the result….our bad!haha

Upon seeing the school fees…waah!!! Thinking about it now while doing this blog still makes me a bit dizzy. As I go on and filter and the results, I was left with two great schools that we can afford our daughter to go but still left us with an even tighter budget to manage.


That’s when we tried to explore other options. Last year, 2020, has been a very unusual year for all of us. Changes are made in many things we’re used to doing most of our lives. Schooling is one of them wherein Virtual Schooling became the only option to go to so that children would still have that sense of normality and not to compromise their learning progress.

That’s when we found Southville International School and Colleges. Not only is it based in the Philippines, they also got a program called VOLT (Virtual Online Learning and Training Program) which is basically a virtual schooling. What’s more amazing with it is that the school started this program even before the Pandemic so they already figured out everything from the system and flow of lesson and how the teachers would teach. How cool!

Here in Asia, at least, homeschooling is still an unusual type of schooling for parents to choose for their children. As parents who both attend the traditional face-to-face schooling, to be honest, we never envision our daughter attend a virtual school or anything near to homeschooling for that matter.

For us, it felt like a given thing that they’ll be attending a normal school. It’s only normal for us to feel VERY uncertain and anxious putting our daughter in a school setup that we ourselves aren’t that familiar with. But as mentioned earlier, the world changed drastically and we needed to adapt.


As we learned more about VOLT and knew right then and on that it’s the solution we’ve been looking for. The kids would not only be able to stay with us here in Singapore but their studies wouldn’t be compromised either. It’s a win-win!!!

What’s great with this too is that the school fees fits just right with our budget. Still expensive but if you compare it to the International Schools here in Singapore, the fees are way much lower. Not bad since Southville International School and Colleges has almost the same accreditations like being an IB and WASC member. Let me just add that since most children nowadays do virtual schooling because of the Pandemic, our daughter never felt different after all.

There’s a lot of Pros and Cons with this decision before we went ahead with our decision to enrol her to Southville which I’ll be listing in another blog post.


You might be wondering why it took me a year before I post this blog. There’s two reasons actually.

First is, as a parent myself, I know that schooling is a big decision you need to do for your child’s future. I don’t want to recommend something to someone that I truly not believe in and which I myself isn’t satisfied with the result. I must say that, we’re very much satisfied with Southville.

The Teachers who my daughter and I can easily send a message with any question about her subjects have been very helpful throughout the school year. The Administrators too are so welcoming even if my daughter was a term late when she enrolled. We never had any issues scheduling her “Audit Tutorials” to make-up for all the lessons she missed and even with payment transactions which we only communicated through emails.

Second is of course how my daughter would be able to adjust to her new normal. Surprisingly, her transition from traditional schooling to virtual came so smoothly. I remember being the one who’s anxious and asking her almost everyday during her first few months how does she find her new school. Is she enjoying as much as she was in her former school even if she only gets to see her classmates in a screen? Does she feel too isolated since she seldom goes out of the house? Things like this that is beyond learning yet still an important skill growing up.

I’m proud to say that she accomplished her 1st Grade with flying honours. She gained some friends as well. Aside from that, seeing her become more independent doing things (doing homework on her own) and being responsible (like taking care of her laptop) and even teaching her younger sister about the topics she learned from school which makes us much more proud.

Now I’m sure that her lil sister is as excited as we are to follow her sister’s lead this coming August as she’ll be attending VOLT at Southville too!

I’m sure this set-up won’t be for everybody and most parents would still choose the traditional way of schooling. Like everything that you do that’s new, it’s not wrong to feel skeptical and have doubts about it. Nevertheless, I’m also pretty sure there are other families like ours who’s looking for solutions to keep their family intact without compromising the studies of their children.

Hope you find this helpful!

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Stay Safe.