A New Year, Are you ready for a New You??

I was quite hesitant to use this title because I don’t want to make misconceptions about this article, but why not??

Most of us associate New Year’s with hopes of being a new person. Not that we’re changing our faces or names but a new perspective in life. That’s what it should be actually as that’s how we should be doing each year.

But how do we change in just a day?? Well, it may not be as instant as what we are used to now a days but believe me, every little change you do in your life would matter if you just constantly do it everyday.

Reading a book per se is one way of doing it. This book I’ll recommend ain’t a new one. You might even heard it a lot of times already and even read it. If you had, then I hope you got the gist of it like I did and had your life transformed the way you want it. If not, then hang on for the ride! You’ll be reaching your own stars, just like how you’ve specifically wished for!

We are always told to as a child to dream. It’s the only thing everyone can do, no matter what circumstance in life we’re in now, that’s sky’s the limit! Cause why not, it’s your dream and all you’ll need is your imagination, mind, and yourself. It something personal where you don’t need to think of what others dream of, just yours. You don’t care how you’ll be able to reach them or what does it takes you to reach them.

Well, that’s how The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has influenced my life since 2008 when my then bf-now hubby gave me as a Christmas gift. I can still vaguely remember that scene where he send me off in the bus terminal as I made my way back home to the province to celebrate Christmas with my family. He gave me the book in a sealed small paper bag.

photo from Amazon

I’m not the kind of person who loves receiving gifts actually as I’m not a gift giver as well. haha. (I’m just a fair person) so when he gave his gift as a surprise, all I can give in return is a kiss and hug. haha! As the bus left the terminal and I was left alone, I hurriedly opened his gift. Not knowing to expect, I was actually surprised he gave me a book. haha.

First of all, he’s a self-confessed NOT-A-BOOK person. The only books he read are those school books required when he’s still studying. Second is the title of the book, The Secret. Daunting for me when I saw it first not knowing what it is about. I haven’t heard of this book before despite loving to read books (my dad’s book collection which are the ones I usually read are actually more of the 90s famous thriller ones John Grisham kind) So having this kind of Self-development book is such a new thing for me and thrilled to have it!

My 1.5 hr trip went so quick as I got too engrossed with the book. I actually almost missed my stop! haha.. As I finished the last few pages at home, I knew it would be our topic in messages as talk back and forth throughout the holidays while we spend our time with our own families.

As the New Year of 2009 came in, we knew that our lives would be turned around. Yes! You know that inner confidence you didn’t knew you had inside and the fears of uncertainty quietly slips under the bed, too shy to come out due to your overwhelming attraction of the universe that doesn’t want me/us to be stopped.

Truly enough, our lives was turned upside down that year as despite the world going through recession that time, we braved our way to finding new and better life adventures and career. That’s been almost 10 years ago and loaded with tons of mostly highs and some lows in life, we got married, had 2 beautiful daughters, and have quitted my 9-5 job to have more time taking care of our family. Despite the very high cost of living here in Singapore, I can say that we’re among the blessed ones to be living beyond what our dreams could imagine as a single income family.

As I learned the the twist and turns of managing wisely my time as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I now devote my time to something I advocate the most, Self-Care. As a matter of fact, I just surpassed a dream of mind that I’ve been having for sometime, read more on my last article, on how I Shared A Christmas. Okay, too much storytelling and back to this book review.

This book had made waves when it came our in the early 2000’s. A Self-help book that’s been too much talked about that they even made it into a film/ short documentary. Find any coach or mentor that advocates on self-development and they’ll surely include this book on one of your must-read.

This book focuses on the Law of Attraction and helps you change the mindset most of us grew up believing in as that’s what the society feeds us. The title “The Secret” is so captivating that it makes anyone who sees it wonder what could be in it. As a human, we all got the urge to be more curious on things especially if it’s said as a secret, don’t we. That’s the catch!

This empowering book encourages everyone to visualise themselves reaching whatever their hearts desires. It gives you that boost of motivation you’ve never even though you’ve have in the first place which makes it amazing. You just go with the flow of life as the universe seems to always be at your side making you afloat nearer and nearer to your goals, one at a time.

What I love about this though is despite it encouraging you to reach your goals, it’s strategically done the “good way”. You know, not those easy money thing or those that lead you to the wrong direction of life just to attain material wealth.

The principle you attract through the learnings you get gravitates you to give back more to others, find gratitude in small and big wins that come your way, and mainly to focus your energy to a mindset that makes you think of the good things despite any hurdles that come your way. As they say, life can be full of bumps and it’s only the way you react on every bump that makes a difference.

With this kind of mindset, no matter what circumstance is thrown into your life, you’ll always find the good on it and eventually you’ll find yourself in a good place no matter what. And you know what happens when you’re in that good disposition in life?? You do good too! So there’s no way any minute of your life would go wasted on things you’ll spend your time now and regret afterwards.

With all the great things I have to say to this book, I must also mention one controversy this book had been hit the most. Yes, I’m talking about its religious beliefs. My take on that would be from a perspective of a person who lived in Singapore, one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, for about a decade. There’s nothing respect on each other’s belief that can’t be settled and have peace on.

Singaporeans who’s composed of 3 major nationalities, Chinese, Indians, and Malay. All of them having different beliefs and totally different cultures. But hey, see how Singapore prospers? How do they show respect to each other? Well, simply giving way to each other’s needs. Let’s take holidays and festivities for example. We all celebrate and enjoy Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali, and Christmas. How cool is that!

So that’s it! If you are looking for a great book to read and am thinking to turn your life for the better this 2022, I truly recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

A Happy New Year to all!!

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It Started as such a Daring idea: Share A Christmas Project

When I started MommyWithAGoal, my main goal was to hopefully inspire others (especially mothers alike) with what I advocate the most, Self-Care. Little did I know that it is I who would be learning more from this motherhood community. From the usual everyday challenge of having things done while trying to be mindful of making a priority to give myself some time as well.

It’s truly a great feeling when you yourself feel whole from within, happy and grateful. You have this feeling of power within you to help more to others. This gave me an urge to do something I never thought I could pull off when SuperTyphoon Odette devastated my husbands hometown in Maasin City, Southern Leyte. As far as he can remember, this was the only time his province got hit this hard by a Typhoon and it was quite hard to comprehend that those you usually just see in news has happened to your neighbour’s homes.

It was also then that I realise how the government and media focus more on big cities in the country such as Cebu, Bohol, and Siargao (currently Philippines famous must-go-to island and Surfing Capital of the country) and some provinces like Southern Leyte that has been hit the same way, left unrecognised. I’m not trying to be political here as I know the government is also doing their best to provide as much as they can. A country full of islands and tons of places affected, I don’t even want to imagine how much stressful it was for those in-charge.

What I’m trying to highlight is how much a little of each can make a difference if we all of us had the urge to help. In situations like this, every small help that can be contributed matters. That’s when the daring idea started.

I knew I wanted to help yet don’t want to put our finances in jeopardy as well. Despite not knowing where to get funds, let alone know how to run a fundraising, I went on and did it anyway. haha. True enough, with the support of family, friends, and this motherhood community, every small contribution have truly lightened up hearts of many.

This project has really humbled every aspect of my whole being. From starting to ask old friends I knew from a very long time who I haven’t spoken in decades to reaching out to new friends I had acquaintance through Social Media. All this swallowing of ego and loading up my confidence just so a number of people could be reached with help and make their Christmas a better one despite having experienced this kind of calamity.

It took a lot of prayer and I’m so grateful to say that we’ve come up with around Php 45,000 in 4 days, just in time to prepare for Christmas. With this money came in also a donation of 100 steel roof to help those who lost their homes.

With this money, we’re able to provide 35 families with rice, canned goods and other pantry supplies that can aid them for a while and a simple Christmas feast of roasted chicken, chiffon cake, and soft drinks.

It is with great gratitude and humble gratefulness from the people who shared some of their blessings to make this happen. The financial donation really helped a lot.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I do not have enough knowledge on how fundraisings work and once the money was in, I was faced with another hurdle. The fact that the whole city was devastated, communication lines were put to halt, and even withdrawing money from banks caused a lot of difficulty.

My in-laws needed to go to a specific place in their town to have signal on their phone. We also need to reach them through overseas call (like the old days) instead of what we commonly and freely use nowadays as communication (viber, FB Messenger, or WhatsApp). That made us realise how helpful these technology had helped us make our lives easier yet we never appreciate. As the saying goes, “You’ll never realise the value of something until its gone”.

Withdrawing from ATM machines weren’t available. The only big supermarket in the city was closed and those SME’s doesn’t accept credit cards nor GCash. Add to that the rapidly thinning supply due to the large demand.

Queue at the bank

Doing errands also needed to be done only during daytime as electric poles were knocked down and news says that it would take over a month to put everything back to normal. Without lights, once the sun sets, it was difficult and dangerous going around especially with trees still blocking roads.

Luckily with the help of my in-laws doing the grind of hard work, everything was able to be pulled off smoothly. Queuing outside the bank in seemed to be an endless line under the scorching sun and hustling to get the items needed from the grocery despite not knowing if the money needed to pay could be withdrawn from the bank yet has been quite an experience. A great kudos to them for their help!

All donations has been given on the eve of Christmas just in time for the celebration.

Here’s a few photos of the recipients of Share A Christmas

As Christmas doesn’t end on Christmas Day alone, same as the hurdles these families would encounter in the days to come. Due to hardware supplies from hardware stores going out of stock, we have yet to give out the steel roof and other construction materials we can purchase with the excess donation left on hand. We could only hope to have this issue settled and finally provide the needed to those families in need.

Our goal is to have this done before the Twelfth day of Christmas, well known as the Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings. With that, a follow-up blog post would follow.

Again, a heart-full of gratefulness for the kind donation of the following people below who had helped made Share A Christmas Project possible:

Ms. Alison Setton and Family

Ms. Zoe Chu and Family

Ms. Christal Perez and Family

Ms. Marielle Hillenbrand and Family

Ms. Carmela Duque and Family

Ms. Princess Liwag and Family

Ms. Mary Anne Galang and Family

Ms. Sheryl Cantos and Family

Ms. Janice Hollander-Urbach and Family

Ms. Michelle Hon and Family

Ms. Tracy Jungwirth and Family

Ms. Minda Villa

Dra. Sheri Paola Lirio

Ms. Phola Amyll Lirio

Ms. Pauline Lirio-Panaligan and Family

Ms. Susan Canobas and Family

Mr. & Mrs Apolo & Mila Lirio and Family

Ms. Dawn Nicole Macandili

Ms. Nadine Baritua-Soriano and Family

Ms. Hanna Ortega and Family

Ms. Twinkle Roa and Family

Ms. Judy Aguilar and Family

Learnings for this project:

It only takes an initiative from someone to be able to help more. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have the funds, people, or even tons of hurdles along the way. Helping can be done if you want to.

There’s so much good people in the world. Despite all the bad people we hear from the news and how scary the world could be, humanity still remains and the sense of community still is there.

Gratefulness should be mindfully done everyday. Calamities like a Supertyphoon that can devastate cities in a day should be an eye-opener to everyone and see how blessed they are to be living the life they are living in. We may all have problems in life and different circumstances but like any typhoon, we should keep in mind that those problems shall pass.

As 2021 comes to an end and we enter a New Year, I hope you get to read my other article, Self-Care during the Holidays, and be inspired to do some much needed Self-Care.

A Happy New Year to All!!!!

Amazing “Consciously-made” Gift Ideas this Christmas

This special time of giving has come yet-again! This Pandemic might not end as what all of us have hoped for but that doesn’t mean it stops us to celebrate and do what we always have been doing our entire lives, Christmas gifting!

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re still trying to figure out what to give, consider these “Consciously-made” products to make your gift extra special.

You won’t only make the recipient of your gift happy but in a way, you’ve either helped Mother-Earth, be an eye-opener to the importance of Self-Care, encouraged them to start a habit, or aided a local seller who have been having a hard time with their business this Pandemic.

So let’s get merry, start that Christmas shopping and make the most out of your every hard-worked dollar!

Healthy Lifestyle

Encourage the recipient of your gift to live Healthy without them even noticing as these sumptuous gifts are more enjoyable than you think it is!

The Source Bulk Food SG

What better way to promote healthy eating by giving healthy sweets instead. This store also offers ready made “Recipes-in-a-Jar” filled with healthy ingredients of course! Another great thing about this store is they promote zero-waste so you’ll have a peace of mind that your gift was helped Mother-Earth in a way as well.Choose from their well-thought Christmas Hampers that your family and friends would surely enjoy!

Visit them on their outlets at Great World City, Cluny Court, and their latest one at NorthShore Plaza. Visit their website: thesourcebulkfoods.com.sg to order online or visit their Instagram @thesourcesg to be updated on great deals!


Make sure your friends and loved ones health is taken care of by gifting them supplements to support any nutrient deficiency they lack from the food they eat. There’s nothing more thoughtful than thinking ahead for their health. Why not make sure their gut is well taken care of by gifting them StaZen Probio-I, it is packed with 8 different strains combined with prebiotics designed for Asian consumers.

Snag a chance to get Free membership by watching to win* StaZen Probio-I if you answer the question at the end of Women’s Self-Care Series Episode 7 with Jaymie Wong where she shared more on Self-Care can help you on to be a Peaceful Parent.

Get FREE Membership as well when you order from website Vitamin.sg by using my code: MWAG2021; valid until 31 Dec 2021 only. Follow them on their Instagram @vitamin.sg for great deals!

HyggeB Bedding

Who says you need to spend a staycation at a luxury hotel just to sleep in lush sheets?

Promote better sleep for your friends and loved ones with these luxurious sheets that make every sleep a better one. Their 100% Bamboo Lyocell Beddings is temperature-regulating perfectly made to make sleeping better especially in tropical countries like Singapore. And before I forget to mention, their clean manufacturing process makes our sheets perfect for allergy sufferers too. Ideal for babies, especially since baby’s skin are more sensitive.

You can order from their website: Hyggeb.com to get your own luxurious sheets. Follow them on their Instagram @hyggebstore for great deals!


Hygiene is one integral part of Personal Self-Care. When it comes to products you use for your body, by mindful to choose those that is made of natural ingredients matters. Gift your friends, loved ones, and even yourself with this natural deodorant. By starting from as simple as a product that you use daily, the habit of choosing natural products for your body will come a long way.

Order now from their website: Freshwithsol.com and use Promo Code <MWAGxFWS10> to get 10% Discount. Follow them as well in Instagram @freshwithsol for latest update on their products.


Another well-thought gifting-idea are these eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner from Jomostudiosg. Their products did not undergo animal testing, is non-toxic, and sulphate and paraben free! You can even re-use their packaging to grow plants!

Order now from their website: Jomostudio.sg and check-out their Instagram @jomostudiosg to know more about their other products.

Great Habits

Great Self-Care comes from constant practice of great habits. It is important to note that this doesn’t happen overnight. What great with this though is that you only need to start practicing one great habit and see benefits in different aspects in your life.


Do you know that you get better results and less stressed whenever you plan ahead? As a SAHM, I bet stereotypes would think I’m not doing anything but in reality my schedule gets too chaotic that my brain won’t be working properly if I don’t jot down my thoughts to free some space in my mind to work.

The simple and clean design of this planner helps makes me set my mindset that when I do planning, I mean business.Yes! Business to accomplish whatever errands I have whether it be for my business, MommyWithAGoal, chores, my daughters schedule, quality time with the hubs, or where to go for our family weekend.

Start making your 2022 an inspiring year for personal progress! Gift this and I’m sure they’ll love it too! Remember to use Promo Code < MWAG10> for a 10% discount when you order from their website: Self-madesunday.com. You won’t want to miss following their Instagram @selfmadesundayplanner for more inspiration.

The Chill Mom

There really isn’t a guidebook for parenting, much more for being a mother. Great advice from moms like Michelle Hon, who acknowledge the feeling of being overwhelmed instead of ignoring this feeling completely is what would really help moms in general (first-timer or not).

Getting advice from a practical perspective can truly help bring out that relax and confident mom in you. Let that feeling of loneliness, fear, and despair slowly be changed by life-proven solutions that you can try adapting to your family and let the magic work.

Grab a copy from her website: thechillmom.com and follow Michelle on her Instagram @thechillmom to learn more not only about parenting but business as a mom as well.

Sleep Baby Sleep: Sleep Supernanny’s 5 Simple Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep For You and Your Baby

Do you have a family member or friend who just have given birth? Or it may simply be someone you know who have been having a hard time finding their child’s sleeping pattern? This book would surely help! Sleep is one Self-Care that most people miss to acknowledge its importance not knowing it affects a lot of things in their life including their moods and concentration thinking.

Grab a book yourself for Christmas or as a gift and you surely won’t regret it! And if ever you feel that the books isn’t enough, reach out to Zoe Chu for some advice. You can catch up on her blog as well, Sleepsupernanny.com

Getting to Happy

There’s nothing more merry to celebrating the Holidays but by feeling inner happiness. Curated by Happiness Coach Shireena Shroff Manchharam, be inspired to live, think and be happier with these 31 cards you could reflect day by day.

Be intentional living your life. By being mindful, you’re set to find happiness in no time. What’s great is, without exerting much effort, this happiness can be reflected in many ways in your life as well. Your mood will become better, relationships smoother, and feel relaxed, cared of, and simply happy.

Follow them for more Happiness products in their website: gettingtohappy.sg and Instagram @gettingtohappysg as well.

Wellness Lifestyle

This is the aspect of Self-Care is the one that most of us know more about. It is more what the society has been feeding us and not that it is not important, but doing things in excess of what is needed can be harmful as well.

Products and material things that help us look and feel good is essential. It helps us build up the confidence in ourselves. Keeping the right mindset in-check and not to let the privilege of being able to buy valuable quality products must preserve personal happiness more than a show-off to others.


Sunglasses has been part of ones fashion statement since forever. With the Pandemic still requiring us to wear masks whenever we go out, the best way to show our style is with the best sunnies we can get!

Lenicceyewear assures you maximise eye protection and comfort. Finding customised and quality eyewear with that perfect fit is the luxury you should be going for! This makes a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Check-out their website: Lenicc.com to make a customised sunglasses of your own! You can also follow them on their Instagram @lenicceyewear for more update on their eyewear.

Coco Veda

Another great Natural, Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-Free gifting idea this Christmas is sustainably handcraft skin-care products. You’d be surprised and in awe of the line of products that they’ve come up from pet care to cleaning range, they got you covered!

You can check-out their shop at Level 3, Takashimaya or website: Cocoveda.sg. Follow them on their Instagram: @cocovedaglobal for more update on their product line.

I hope this article help you do your Christmas Shopping responsibly this year! It’s not always about the how much you have to splurge but being conscious about the products you buy, counts as well!

You may want to start a new Christmas Tradition as well, CHECK THIS OUT!

A Blessed Christmas everyone!

***Photos of products has been grabbed from either website or Instagram accounts with proper consent.

Achievable Self-Care with the help of Amazing of Natural Products

This Blog post is sponsored by FreshWithSol Make sure to follow them on Instagram @freshwithsol for their latest deals.

Taking care of our body has been one integral part of our Self-Care routine. Conscious or unconsciously doing everyday, we use products to enhance our physical appearance and well-being.

We do this not only for the parts that people usually see like putting on make-up to look good but also by using skin care products such as deodorants to make sure we smell pleasant throughout the day.

With tons and tons of products to choose from, we usually just go to what we can easily have access and those products that fit our budget. Not to mention, with big corporations exorbitant budget for marketing ads, their products are the ones we usually see around us.

But, is it really the products we want for us and for our body? Living in today’s society, it’s so easy to forget that we can actually still have our own preference and choice when it comes to using products for our body and not just be pushed to using products that’s known and believed by many.

Thinking of starting to go natural? Why not start with something most of us use in a daily basis. Deodorant. In fact, according to statistics done in 2017, 90% of women use a deodorant everyday.

That number actually isn’t surprising. I myself have been using since I became a teenager. Not primarily because I smell but because I’m too conscious that I would smell. It’s always better to have precaution, right? Needless to say, if you live in a tropical country like me, Singapore, where its summer all year round, deodorants is a must.

Fun Fact: Our sweat is naturally odorless.

If that’s so, then why do some people smell? Odor causing bacteria that lives on your skin thrives on sweat and metabolises which then leads to smelly underarms.

This is where Fresh With Sol helps us all. They’re natural deodorants helps to combat this bacteria and neutralise the environment where the bacteria thrives and therefore contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin microbiome. Interesting, right?!

What’s great with Fresh With Sol is that their product is its Paraben and Aluminium Free. It is 100% made with natural ingredients and contain no toxins or harmful ingredients which makes it suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Their extensively researched formula would surely last you up to 12 hrs of freshness and effectiveness.

They currently have 5 scents – Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood which all contains baking soda as its active ingredient in super-strength.

Their Citrus scent has been specially made for those who have sensitive skin. Knowing that a common reaction of redness, rashes, or dark spots can occur, they used magnesium as a replacement of baking soda so users still get the same effectiveness without their skin reacting to it and causing redness. That’s how much thought they’ve put into these products!

ORDER NOW and get 10% off using PROMO CODE: MWAGxFWS10.

Still doubting yourself in going natural? Don’t be! See the benefits below that you can get from choosing to go natural and be blown away for not only being able to achieve your needs but also be able to contribute something good to the Mother Earth.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by choosing to use Natural Products:

Earth-friendly.  Organic products are not only good for the skin, they are good for the environment.

Since natural products doesn’t use harmful chemicals, significant less waste and toxins go down the drain and back to earth. Wouldn’t it feel more rewarding to know that with the products you use and benefit from everyday, you are also able to help not add more damage to our environment?

No irritation.  Since these products are naturally made, it also means that there’s no harmful chemicals (those words you can’t even read), artificial colours, or other bi-products that can irritate your skin.

Natural Fragrance.  Knowing that organic products are made naturally, you can also expect its scent to be pleasant and as natural as it can be.

When they say citrus, then you can expect like fresh lemon have just been squeezed in front of you.

Overall Effectiveness.  This phrase in my opinion shouldn’t be written anymore as why would we even doubt the effectiveness of natural products? I mean, how do you think people in the old days are able to survive without all the innovations nowadays.

Last but not the least is the concern of many, budget! Coming from a single income family, I totally understand that even with all the benefits fed to you, if it doesn’t fit your budget, then the answer should be “NO”.

Luckily, you don’t need to rob a bank to go natural “deodorant-wise” as you can get Fresh With Sol for only Sgd 15 a bottle that can lasts you for 8-10 weeks. Make a simple calculation of that using the minimum weeks given (8 weeks or 56 days / 15) and you’ll spend 0.27 cents per day for your deodorant. C’mon, I know you spend way more on your coffee than that!

So, are you ready for a change? If you’re in for it, then you might want to look into changing your meals and go natural as well. Read more on that on this article.


Contrary to what most of us think and believe, using natural products isn’t that expensive nor hard to do. It’s simple a conscious choice one need to make and start doing. Imagine a world where each one of us slowly make a change, maybe, perhaps, our world can be changed as well, for the better. We don’t need a quick change, that’s impossible to do. But one thing’s for sure, one person’s change can make a difference. I hope you let it start from you and be an inspiration to others.

I hope you learned something from this article. For daily inspiring Self-Care tips, you can follow me here. I’d also love to see you on our Mindfulness Course and be with your journey to a better you. You can sign-up down below.

Get the Best Natural and Bulk Food from this Great Place in Singapore

This Blog post is sponsored by The Source Bulk Food Singapore. You may find them at Cluny Court, Great World City, and their newest outlet coming out this November at Northshore Plaza. Make sure to follow them on Instagram @thesourcesg for their latest deals.

Nutrition is one of the most aspects of Physical Self-Care. Mainly because it’s the one of the best way to nourish our body, which is through eating. Know as the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease.

Having good nutrition also means caring for yourself as you understand the relationship of the food you take-in and its effect for you to create a better sense of balance in life.

Sadly, we are only thought of the basics of nutrition in school (a place that most of us thought would teach us everything we would need to be better prepared for life). As a matter of fact, s I’m reviewing my daughters for their science exams yesterday (they’re currently in Primary 1 &2), that’s when I realise that we were only thought of the food pyramid. You know, the Go, Grow, and Glow foods?!

With every marketing ad we encounter everyday selling unhealthy food, would that be enough???


Benefits of eating well/ having good nutrition:

  • It gives you the energy you need to keep active throughout the day
  • It gives you the nutrients you need for growth and repair, help you stay strong & healthy, and prevent you from diet-related illness

That being said, it’s not hard to deny how important nutrition is. But how and where to start, you might ask? Great question! It starts with planning your meals and knowing where to buy them.

The Source Bulk Foods Singapore is the best place to get every natural and bulk goods you’ll need to cook the best delicious meals without compromising its nutritional value. What’s great about this shop is that you can get quality food and great healthy options and save yourself from thinking much about the environment as you enjoy their products with a zero-waste approach.

They cater to wheat and grain free, paleo, vegan, and organic devotees. They also provide alternatives for those with intolerances and allergies. Everything that you’ll need, right?!

They have stores in Australia, New Zealand, UK and got two existing outlets here in Singapore at Cluny Court and Great World City. There’ll be another one coming soon this November at Northshore Plaza.

Make sure to follow them in their Instagram account @thesourcesg to be one of the first to know about new promotions or products.

Here are other things you can do to practice to make sure your nutrition is in tip-top:

Take multivitamins everyday. We each know how great or poorly our diet could be at times. This helps to make-up on those nutrient deficiencies that can have major impact on how we feel mentally, physically, and emotionally everyday.

Get colourful. The more colour the better nutrition you get. Load your plate with fruits and vegetables.

Eat regularly. Emptying your tank only causes fatigue, low energy, brain fog, and feeling hungry. When you finally do eat, the first thing any human would commonly do is to overeat, then feel guilty afterwards. You don’t want to do that.

Don’t be afraid of fat. We tend to forget of the healthy fats we also and can consume daily. This can be found in fish, olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

Adopt an 80/20 mindset. 80% mindful eating or sticking to nutrition-related goals and 20% being just you is enough to leave you to be human and feel less stressed and guilty with your eating habits.

Ditch your diet. Your body needs nourishment not restriction. Nutrition is a better half of Self-Care. The notion of dieting and having all these restrictions results to guilt and stress. That defeats the point of Self-Care in general.

The bottom line is thin of food and nutrition as nourishment and fuel for your body. You don’t want to load your car with gasoline when you know it works on diesel only. Find the right balance. Don’t beat yourself up for having a slice of cake. Just make sure you eat a variety of healthy food to balance it out.

Check out my interview with Holistic Nutritionist Teresa Pena of Balanced Nutrition Lab and learn more on how important having a Healthy diet can make an impact to your own Self-Care. See video below and be inspired to make better eating decisions.