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Amazing adventure on the Sleeper Train from Chaing Mai to Bangkok

    We wanted this Thailand trip to be as adventurous as it can be so as lucrative as those cheap domestic plane tickets are, we still opt to try out the sleeper train. How it went and if it disappoint or not? Read until the end. 😁 It has been years since I read about traveling…

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    Remarkable and memorable birthday to remember with rescue elephants

      In case you didn’t know, I gained another year here on Earth! Happy, proud, and grateful! This time around, having planned a family vacation in time for my birthday, I tried to find a way to make it more special. Reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, visiting an elephant rescue park had caught my attention…

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      Exploring the Beautiful Chiang Mai

        When we were planning for this Thailand trip, we knew we want to let the girls try traveling by train. Not wanting to spend too much time in one place, we tried to research other cities other than Phuket and Bangkok. Thinking that Phuket is in the south and Bangkok is in somewhat middle of…

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