Hello, and welcome to MommyWithAGoal, a mom-blog where I help people find ways to be wiser about their money. My affinity on Law of Attraction and Manifesting, a degree in Financial Management and experience living for a decade in one of the most expensive countries in the world had help me and my family to keep our financials in good health while still being able to do enjoy living our lives.

I’m here to change the mindset of many on their first impression’s when hearing the word “budget”. I can tell you that despite having a family of four living from a sole income earner, we still can enjoy life, eat delicious food, travel, and splurge on some wants from time to time. All of this, thanks to wise budgeting or if financial planning, if that scares you less.🤪

My name is Jeannine, pronounced “Gee” (like the letter “G”) + “nin”. Coming here to Singapore more than 10 years ago with my “then boyfriend” now “husband” Jeff, in hopes for a better opportunity to save to start a family, our 1-2 year plan turned out to be more than a decade now which felt like a blink of an eye. 

Sure enough, Singapore didn’t disappoint. With tons of hiccups along the way, we’re able to save for our wedding, have a baby not only once but twice and lastly, what seems to be an impossible thing to do years ago happened.

And that was for me to be a full-time Stay-at-home-Mom(SAHM). Quite frankly, it was quite a difficult decision to make especially when the society dictates that both wife and husband needs to work to be able to sustain a good lifestyle.

With faith and guidance from God, discipline, good money habits, and knowledge on how to use our hard earned money wisely (both me and the hubs have financial related degrees), we’re able to sustain our way of living without getting deep into debt nor feel deprived from enjoying the things we love in life.

So, why the name “MommyWithAGoal”? This blog and all my social media content in Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok has been made with another mom in mind to inspire. I heard this meme before saying, “The father is the head of the family BUT the mother is the neck, and the neck can turn the head wherever it wants. We as moms are know to have the hardest job in the world. Well, that job can be easy if we got the right resources at hand.

I tell you, our floors is now maintained by our trusty “Holly”, our Deebot, which I think is a very great investment for homes especially here in Singapore where most people live in homes like HDBs or Condos which has a flat layout. That means I get our home look as clean as a visitor is coming with only a flick of my finger on my phone.

Just like you, we’re an ordinary family of four trying to stretch ever dollar and put it into good use. I believe that it isn’t always how big your income is but how you use it that makes the difference. There’s a lot of people who earns a lot but still is drowning from debt. And there comes others who simple earns a decent income but is able to have an emergency fund, some savings, and even invest. Being wise with money comes a long way.

  • You’ll learn how to budget and use your money wisely
  • I share money-saving ideas and strategies
  • Food is were we put most of our budget on, so I share simple recipes you’ll enjoy
  • I share helpful tips that could make you and your family better
  • You’ll find here where to get FREEBIES and discounts

I hope this blog remind every mom that YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE FINANCIAL GOALS YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING OF FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. With the help of a great faith in God, discipline, good habits, and financial literacy, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. 

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says,



Appreciate you dropping by! Feel free to leave any comments of contact me here. I’m excited to hear from you!