Hello, and welcome to MommyWithAGoal!

My name is Jeannine, pronounced “Gee” (like the letter “G”) + “nin”. We came here to Singapore more than 10 years ago with my “then-boyfriend” now “husband” Jeff, in hopes of a better opportunity to save to start a family, our 1-2 year plan (🤪LOL) turned out to be more than a decade now which felt like a blink of an eye. 

Sure enough, Singapore didn’t disappoint. With tons of hiccups along the way, we’re able to save for our wedding, have a baby not only once but twice, and lastly, what seems to be an impossible thing to do years ago happened.

And that was for me to be a full-time Stay-at-home-Mom(SAHM). Quite frankly, it was quite a difficult decision to make especially when society dictates that both wife and husband need to work to be able to sustain a good lifestyle. I won’t lie, I struggled for a while before picking myself up and learning how taking care of myself should be a priority before anything else.

With faith and guidance from God, discipline, good money habits, and knowledge on how to use our hard-earned money wisely (both me and the hubs have financial-related degrees), we’re able to sustain our way of living without getting into debt or feel deprived of enjoying the things we love in life.

I hope this blog reminds every mom of the need to appreciate whatever phase you are in your motherhood journey with joy, humour, learning, and pride! 

And because of this switching of careers, I became a Self-Care Advocate and MommyWithAGoal was born.  This blog is specifically made for all moms like me (heck! we all do have jobs so it doesn’t matter if you’re a SAHM or working mom)! Here I share how you as moms can unapologetically choose yourself first, and help navigate back confidence, reduce stress, and foster a sense of fulfilment, ultimately enhancing my overall well-being and quality of family life through personalised routines and strategies.

And before you start to come up against me about one thing, yes, I know it’s a STRUGGLE of FIND CLARITY at times at what you really want. And that’s why I’m here to help you!

I hope you could find valuable information in this blog that could make you realise that there’s a way not be stressed, and as long as you’re accountable for everything that’s happening in your life, you’ll be able to enjoy joyful motherhood journey you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s not all!!!

Remember James Bond’s line, “Everyone needs a hobby“? Well, aside from my affinity to create easy, quick, healthy, yet budget meals for my family and baking, we happen to also love travelling every chance we get (if time and finances allow) . 

Believe it or not, that 10 years living in Singapore also meant that I and my hubby left the Philippines when we were just about to start our careers, hence, weren’t financially capable yet of travelling. To compensate for that, our yearly vacation is always well planned and includes some amazing places in the Philippines not only for us to appreciate and explore but also for our daughters to see, feel, and somehow know more about their native country.

Being born and raised here in Singapore made them think they’re Singaporeans as well (big misconception but we’re working on that😁 who are we to close our doors, right?! we’ll never know what’s in store for us in the future). Meanwhile, for now, we’ll let them call themselves……….. “Singapino” (Thier made-up word Singaporean+Filipino).😳

Anyways, another reason why I want to include our travels in this blog is for us, especially our daughters, to have something to look back and also to inspire and help other young families our there who’s parent’s have the passion of travelling as well.

I always stand by this two phrases:

Let having kids not stop you still enjoy the things you love doing!

Your kids might not remember your travels, but remember, you’re not doing it for them. It’s you who collect special memories with them.

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The word itself says,


Appreciate you dropping by! Feel free to leave any comments or contact me here. I’m excited to hear from you!