Self-Care Wisdom for Tweens: A Mom’s Guide to Helping Our Kids Thrive

Navigating the tween years can be a rollercoaster, not just for our kids but for us too. It’s a critical time when they start to form their identities and face new challenges. As moms, we play a crucial role in guiding them through this phase, and one of the best gifts we can give them is the wisdom of self-care. Here’s how we can approach our tweens with practical self-care tips to help them thrive.

Encourage Emotional Awareness

First and foremost, teach your tween to listen to their feelings. Emotions are their mind’s way of communicating what’s happening inside. I often tell my kids that it’s okay to feel sad, stressed, or anxious and that these feelings are valid. Encourage them to express their emotions rather than bottling them up. Create a safe space at home where they can share what’s on their minds. Sometimes, just having someone to listen can make a huge difference. Let them know it’s okay to ask for help when they need it.

Advocate for Breaks

Tweens have busy lives with school, extracurriculars, and social activities. Remind them that it’s important to take breaks. I encourage my kids to find activities that help them relax and recharge, like drawing, reading, or even just lying down and daydreaming. Explain that taking breaks isn’t about being lazy but about giving their minds and bodies a chance to rest so they can come back stronger.

Promote Physical Activity

Staying active is essential for both physical and mental health. Share your own experiences with your tween. I often tell my kids about how a good run or playing soccer with friends made me feel better when I was their age. Help them find a physical activity they enjoy, whether it’s a sport, dancing, or simply going for a walk. Physical activity releases endorphins, those little happiness boosters that can significantly improve their mood and energy levels.

Teach Healthy Eating Habits

Our kids’ bodies need the right fuel to function at their best. I talk to my tweens about the importance of a balanced diet. We make it a fun family activity to plan meals that include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. We also talk about the importance of staying hydrated and how drinking water can improve their concentration and mood. Encourage them to enjoy their favorite treats in moderation, but emphasize the benefits of nutritious foods.

Foster a Positive Environment

Creating a positive environment is crucial for our tweens’ well-being. Encourage them to spend time with people who make them feel good about themselves and to engage in activities that bring them joy. Share stories from your own tween years, emphasizing the importance of finding friends who appreciate them for who they are. It’s also important to teach them to be kind to themselves. Celebrate their achievements, no matter how small, and help them understand that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Help Them Discover Hobbies

Finding a hobby can be a great way for tweens to practice self-care. Help them explore different interests, whether it’s painting, playing an instrument, coding, or gardening. Hobbies provide a sense of accomplishment and joy, giving them something to look forward to and a way to unwind after a busy day.

Encourage a Digital Detox

In today’s digital age, it’s easy for tweens to spend hours on screens. While technology has its benefits, too much screen time can be draining. Encourage regular breaks from devices to engage in other activities. Spend time outdoors as a family, read together, or have face-to-face conversations. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing a digital detox can be for both you and your tween.

Emphasize the Importance of Sleep

Good sleep is vital for our kids’ health and well-being. Establish a bedtime routine that helps them wind down, such as reading a book or listening to calming music. Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep each night to ensure they wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

By approaching our tweens with this self-care wisdom, we can help them build habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Remember, taking care of themselves isn’t selfish – it’s essential. Let’s empower our tweens to prioritize their well-being and support them in becoming happy, healthy individuals. We’re in this together, moms!

Take it easy guys!

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15 responses to “Self-Care Wisdom for Tweens: A Mom’s Guide to Helping Our Kids Thrive”

  1. A good habit is always a great habit, especially for the moms from whom the kids learn their first lessons. Good sleep, active days, and healthy meals—these basic concepts generally come from moms. Nice post.

  2. I am glad you didn’t stress on studies. Tweens need a lot of communication, good healthy diet, active sports refraining from too much screen time. I agree with all the tips you have laid out.

  3. We often stress academic excellence and ignore physical and social well-being. Your pointers are well thought out. Teenage is a crucial period but such guidance may help them grow up to be responsible adults.

  4. A very difficult phase, I must say. Your points are all bang-on. I only wish tweens listen to us when we try to tell them something good for their physical and mental health 🙂

  5. Physical activity is something I also give huge importance when it comes to healthy upbringing of my child. The tips tat you shared here are indeed helpful and i agree with you completly.

  6. good tips for young ones. a positive and affirming environment is so important i feel for everyone.

  7. I’m a not a mother yet but I m sure your article all the other moms. Great post.

  8. As a teen’s mom this topic is close to my heart. They have such busy and stressed lives that as parents we need to ensure that our home is their safe space and they can confide in us for everything without any fear of judgement.

  9. Simple to follow tips for parents of tweens. Good one

  10. That was a great reminder. I try to incorporate all of these, especially nutritious food, physical activity and sleep. Hobbies not so much because of time constraint, although I pay importance to regular playing.

  11. Useful, simple-to-follow, yet essential tips, even if many of them are oft-repeated. Am glad I’m done with this stage, and hopefully both my son and I have come through unscathed. 😉

  12. This is relevant for all of us it seems, and not just tweens. But I guess the sooner they learn it the better it will to imbibe and follow through the rest of their lives. Encouraging hobbies, digital detox, taking breaks, encouraging emotional wellness; these are such important things to teach in formative years

  13. Phew! I have a teen and a tween. Very helpful ideas Jeannine. Sometimes while we get busy in our lives, we forget the most important things or take them for granted. This post is a good reminder that a healthy environment needs to be created for our kids and it is all in our hands.

  14. All your tips are really helpful. Encourage tween to express their emotions is very important. Otherwise child will end up having struggle. For that we have to create positive environment at home too.

  15. Very good tips. When I look back at my younger days, the outdoors habits would have worked wonders. I have had to work hard on removing some childhood habits for long, some of them don’t work as you grow up. So, inculcating them at the younger days is a viable way to live a happy adult life.

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