Admiring the amazing windmills at Kinderdijk

When our plans to visit the Netherlands were coming together, I knew I had only 2 places I wanted to visit/see. First are their tulips (click to see my blog post on our visit to Keukenhof) and next are their windmills. I guess, it’s because that’s the only thing I knew about “Holland” or what we now call as the Netherlands.

Contrary to most tourists, we stayed at Papendrecht as our trip was part of hubby’s business trip. Looking for the nearest windmills I could find around the Netherlands that’s near where we’re staying, I found Kinderdijk and it’s just 30+ minutes away! I was so excited!

One our way there, the cashless machine on the bus we ride wasn’t working, the bus driver said, we can just ride for free. We felt so lucky! I can’t remember what happened but on our way there, when we saw a glimpse of the windmills, we decided to alight already. Despite not seeing the entrance of Kinderdijk yet, we followed the windmills like the Northern Star. We align on a residential area where there’s a small road that leads to some farm houses.

We passed by manicured tall grasses on one side and flat land of grass on the other, wild flowers, a cheese shop, and farm animals. It was surreal being there and just admiring nature. It was a great day that day as the sun was up but the wind was still a bit chilly. Just the right weather for a great walk.

Then we arrived and came close to our first windmill. Then walked more to see another, and another, and another. And as you know, find a great instagrammable spot to take photos. haha… We stumbled a lot of bikers, some who really dressed up like bikers and some you know are just doing it for leisure. We also saw the waterbus with tourists.

It was after we’ve done all our photos that we realised we still haven’t found the entrance to the Kinderdijk. Now, looking through GoogleMaps, we found out that we’re just a couple of minutes walk away from the main building.

When we arrived, there was a food stall outside selling sweet snacks (stroopwafels, cupcakes, waffles, etc). Inside the Museum itself are museum stuff. If you’re not new here, you know that we aren’t museum lovers. And if you’re new, now you know….haha..

After a quick rest from all the walking, we headed to our next destination….Rotterdam! It was King’s day that day and we’ve heard a lot of great stuff about how they celebrate so we want to join the fun.

I’ll be writing soon about our trip to Rotterdam, so keep in touch!

Write in the comments if you’ve noticed something we forgot when we visited Kinderdijk! Shhh!

Take it easy guys!

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25 responses to “Admiring the amazing windmills at Kinderdijk”

  1. Netherlands has been on my wish list for a long while… I loved reading this article and seeing the photos, makes me wish i was there.

  2. Such amazing instagrammable pics as you rightly mentioned! I’ve heard a lot about the windmills too. Seemed like you had a great time complete with bus rides, sweet snacks and all.

  3. Wow, your trip to The Netherlands was full of excitement! Liked when you followed windmills like northern star to reach the destination. Pictures are telling your tale of fun-filled trip:)

  4. One of my favourite places in this world! The archaic windmills are out of this world. When I stepped in Zaanse Schaans, I was in awe the whole time!

  5. The Netherlands is one of the best places to visit, for sure, especially the windmills, which are great to visit and spend at least a day learning about them. Food, culture, and places make the place really fascinating.

  6. Such a wonderful way of describing ur journey that I got lost reading and started imagining myself there. Glad you shared your beautiful journey.

  7. I love that you guys just followed the windmills like a Northern Star! Sometimes the best adventures happen when you go off the beaten path. I’m so glad you mentioned the chilly wind and sunshine combo – that’s my favorite kind of weather for a walk too. Makes everything feel just right!

  8. Madhu Bindra

    I enjoyed reading your post. Usually, we have detailed description of all the places to visit. Reading about your personal expriences was refreshing. Lovely pictures. God bless you all.

  9. Netherlands was in out bucket list when we planned for the last overseas trip but due to time constraints cant fit the itinerary, but yes we will surely explore this destination real soon. The way you narrated your travel story it gave me the feel that I am visualizing it personally and that what clearly indicated you just nailed it . Love to read you after a long time.

  10. A Netherlands visit cannot be complete without the tulips and the windmills! Enjoyed reading about your trip, Jeannine. Felt like a walkthrough. Love the pics too.

  11. Kinderdijk looks absolutely enchanting! Your vivid description and beautiful photos make me want to book a trip immediately. There’s something so serene and magical about those windmills.

  12. Wow: Your trip to sounds amazing! It’s great how your husband’s business trip led you to discover such a beautiful place nearby.
    …So sweet of the driver to offer a free ride. Rotterdam on King’s Day must have been a blast. Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  13. Oh! how I would love to take a holiday like this Jeannine. So sweet of the driver to offer a free ride… that rarely happens.
    I love greenery, nature and yes, windmills on hill tops… mustv been beautiful
    Glad that u had a good time.

  14. I’ve been to the Netherlands too, and yes, the sight of the windmills releases all the happy hormones in the head. Sometimes, its good to mix business trips with family holidays.

  15. I had been to Netherlands but as a package tour and hence not to Kinderdijk. Your post full of anecdotes made it refreshing from the usual travel posts.

  16. Netherlands is on my bucket list. Your anecdotes are interesting and the pictures are awesome. You got a free ride, and you walked through the beautiful countryside. This is how places should be explored. Going through the earmarked touristy places is passe. Even I am going to explore Kinderdijk, like you did.

  17. You reminded me of my first visit to Kinderdijk (back in 2018) Something similar happened with me. I was travelling solo for the first time and didn’t know that cash wasn’t accepted in public buses. The driver allowed me a free ride as well. Lovely pictures you’ve shared here. Seems you had great fun. Looking forward to reading about your King’s Day experience.

  18. Love the images! I agree the windmills are a must when visiting! Looks like you checked off a great item from your bucket list

  19. How cool! The bus driver let you ride for free as well. I have only seen windmills in pictures and you got to see them in real in Netherlands. I hope someday, I get to see them too, and take pix with the clogs and explore the museum.

  20. Netherlands is on my travel bucket list. Your informative write-up and stunning pictures makes me add Kinderijk to my list whenever I get to visit this beautiful country.

  21. Admiring the amazing windmills at Kinderdijk is a must! These historic structures showcase Dutch ingenuity and beauty. A perfect spot for a picturesque and educational visit.

  22. Wow, reading your blog post about Kinderdijk and those stunning windmills truly took me on a journey! Your vivid descriptions and beautiful photos transported me there instantly. Thank you for sharing such a delightful piece of your adventure. It’s clear you have a real talent for capturing the essence of a place. Can’t wait to hear more about your travels!

  23. Netherlands is one dreamy place I always wanted to visit. Loved your walk through experience in a day. Can you please share which season is best to witness the call weather and dreamy sunset views?

  24. Windmills have such an aura of romance around them, that I find them truly mesmerizing. I love these small towns of Europe that have vintage old-world charm. kinderdijk seems to be in that classic mould. Must have been an unforgettable experience.

  25. Standing tall against the horizon, windmills evoke awe with their graceful motion and eco-friendly energy generation. Admiring these marvels of engineering, we witness nature and technology harmoniously coexist, symbolizing progress and sustainability.

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