Is the tulips worth visiting at Keukenhof?

To be honest, I felt scammed by this part of our trip. Or did I just not do much research and rely more on what my brain visually expects based on previous photos I see of fields of tulips in the Netherlands?


A quick google search shows me this…could you blame me for expecting the same??

Looking back and gathering resources for this blog post (2 years after…haha) my answer would remain the same, I’d sadly admit the latter one. Why? Because this is what can be seen on their freakin’ website, loud and clear!


yeah, the manicured fields of tulips you can walk around, admire, and take photos with😊

Well, being the one responsible for researching places we’ll visit during this trip, I knew I wanted us to see those fields of tulips. Who wouldn’t when you know the Netherlands is like the land of tulips? We wouldn’t want to miss that chance. I honestly can’t remember how I did my research during that time and how I ended up with such kind of expectations.

Anyways, to cut this story short, what you can expect or rather how I felt Keukenhof was like being in an amusement park such as Disneyland but having a bunch of manicured tulips to take photos with instead of rides. They even had a map similar to any other amusement park you would go to! haha. This is free to download from their website.

So, to not make this blog post like a rant, let’s add some positivity, despite us feeling we paid too much for the tickets and didn’t get to fill in the expectations we had..hahaha…so much so for positivity, huh! But really, I enjoyed admiring those tulips and taking photos with it! Here are some details on how to go and what to expect from Keukenhof if you love tulips and want to spend a day admiring them!



There are a few ways to get there. We chose the Leiden Central Station as that’s the nearest one to the place we stayed. We took a bus (got a free ride again! – this is for another story) then took the train. When we reached the bus stop for bus 854, we were given a tip by an Indonesian guy manning the queue at the bus stop to buy our tickets from a certified shop a few minutes down the road so we could save money from booking fees. 😉

After a quick walk to the shop and back in queue for the bus and were on our way to Keukenhof! Another thing we admire here in Europe is how pet-friendly their public transportation is. Along with us humans are dogs with their owners ready to enjoy the fields of tulips. You can hear a faint gasp of excitement from us and fellow tourists when our bus passes by a field of tulips as if saying, I can’t wait!



And so we arrived and walked and walked. And took photos after photos to justify that Eur 30 ticket! We took more photos than we needed to actually and as usual others were not that amused (check out the last photo to understand what I mean)

Tickets could be availed online or through the ticket office. Bus tickets are return tickets and you get to choose which return bus to ride on. It doesn’t necessarily mean you came from Leiden Central, you’ll need to ride the bus back to Leiden Central as well. In our case, our itinerary was to head to Amsterdam after Keukenhof, so we took bus 852 afterward and saved time and transport from Leiden to Amsterdam.





Additional Tips that I hope I read and knew before our trip:


      • Flowering at Keukenhof parallels in nature. They can’t say in advance which is the best time to visit, so hold on to your expectations.

      • Enjoy Keukenhof in peace by visiting during non-peak hours: before 10:30 and after 16:00.

      • You can take a cruise along the fields of tulips (which of course depends on when nature lets it bloom) called Whisper Boat. Tickets can be ordered from here.


    how cool is this?! Hope to experience this on our next visit and hopefully come at the right time when tulips are in full bloom

    I guess that’s all I can share with you about our Keukenhof trip! Despite our expectations not being met, I guess it’s still a must-visit attraction that the Netherlands has to offer for flower (tulips in particular) lovers/enthusiasts.

    And oh, before I forget, this is a child-friendly place to visit. The park itself isn’t that big or too small. Tickets are bought with timing so the park won’t be that crowded. There’s a play area and maze that kids can enjoy. Our girls loved it! You can also enjoy some food/snacks available for sale inside.

    Take it easy guys! ♥️


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    16 responses to “Is the tulips worth visiting at Keukenhof?”

    1. Sometimes we didn’t get what we expect from particular places. It happened with mae too. But we should always look positive side. I agree with you. I also love tulip and I missed that garden at our Kashmir visit. We visited in June. Your pics with Tulip are beautiful. Thank you for the tips.

    2. Your honest review and assessment of the place along with all the helpful tips will sure serve as a guide for people planning to visit the place. Sometimes such places don’t live upto our expectations. But all is fine as you have some pretty pics with those tulips and got to take that boat ride which looks so much fun.

    3. In Hindi they say. doot ke dhol suhaane 🙂 Its okay sometimes it happens but thanks for the warning. I intend to visit the Netherlands and now will make sure to go only when the tulips are in full bloom.

    4. As someone who lives in the Netherlands, I always recommend tourists/visitors to visit the tulip fields around Amsterdam or across many parts in Holland rather than visiting Keukenhof.
      Also, by the way, that photo taken at the hillock at Keukenhof tells me you visited either too early or too late because ideally that field behind you and beyond the canal should be filled with colourful tulips and hyacinths.
      Hope, if you ever visit again, you’ll have a better experience 🙂

    5. You’re right. Sometimes, because of all the hype created and the ticket fee, we expect so much only to wonder in the end what it was all about. But Netherlands is a land of Tulips. I visited long back and let out a gasp of excitement because back then there was no social media to check on and visit.

    6. Like my husband says, some places are not as beautiful as the real experience is made out to be. The ticket price sounds steep but hey, better to visit and rant than wait and wonder, right? Although, you didn’t rant as much.

    7. Enjoyed your honest review and such a change from the usual ” it was more perfect than perfection “

    8. Well, Jennie I have been to Europe but not in particular to Netherlands, but I will love to be at Keukenhof if I ever go to Netherlands. I love flowers, their vibrancy and colors and I love to click them too and so I will be there for my photography and if not anything else. Thank you for the post and you are looking pretty flaunting with the Tulip. 🙂

    9. I loved your honest review. I feel that everything—including destinations, food, and other things—is overhyped a lot because of social media. I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe. I’ll be sure to lower my standards, keep an open mind, and allow the situation to unfold naturally. However, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us, as it will help future visitors to Keukenhof avoid a great deal of disappointment.

    10. If I understand you correct Jeannine, the pictures looked lovelier than the place actually was, right? hmmm… your expectations weren’t met. Well, on the positive side, that’s the case for most tourist attractions… except Switzerland maybe. My friends who have visited the Eiffel tower say that they can’t understand what all the hype is about… hahaha! But I am glad you could see the tulips in bloom(and they look beautiful anyway) although u missed the cruise.

    11. This post makes Keukenhof sound absolutely magical! I’ve always wanted to visit and see the vibrant tulip displays in person. Your experience has definitely bumped it up on my travel list. Thanks for sharing this beautiful glimpse into such a stunning place!

    12. I absolutely loved your honest review. Thanks to bloggers and bloggers, I somehow feel that places, food, and everything else are overhyped a lot. And your post came like a breath of fresh air for me. Europe is on my travel bucket list. I will remember to water down my expectations and just go with an open mind, and let the moment takes its course.

    13. That dampened your travel excitement. I haven’t ventured to make a tulip trip to Keukenhof, even though I have cherished their beauty and colours, seeing vast tulip fields in different colours on websites and movies. I suppose the pictures were taken when they were in full bloom. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    14. For the last couple of years, there has been a tulip festival in Delhi in the area where all the embassies are located. So, earlier I was really fascinated by the flower, but now I got like dozens of pictures. I was disappointed that they had no fragrance! But I would like to visit keukenhof for the boat ride and the scenic beauty.

    15. The tulips fields look lovely online. So you didn’t go to a field of tulips… you went to an amusement park or botanical garden to see the tulips?

    16. Judging by the tulip field in your pictures, it must have come as a big dampener to make so much effort and spend so much money in a fruitless or shall I say flowerless pursuit!
      But thanks for sharing your experience with us, it will save a lot of disappointment for future travelers to the Keukenhof.

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