Shouldn’t miss exciting side trip to Hindhede Nature Park

How about hitting two birds in one stone sounds like?

Located next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, it’s wise only to swing by this park whenever you go visit the Bukit Timah Summit. Not only does this park makes the perfect place for you to relax after that exhausting climb, its playground is a perfect place for your kids to play around to use up their extra energy left.

Not known by many but in the 19th century, it was quarrying that has played a significant part of Singapore’s history and had fuelled its development. It was granite that was mined from these quarries and was used for the construction of early public housing and roads in the 1970s. In 1991 though, the industry came to a halt but theses quarries have stood the test of time and now form part of the city’s natural landscape. It remains coexisting alongside shopping malls and towering skyscrapers.

The quarry was named after a Danish businessman and tea farmer Jens Hindhede. He was the elder son of famous physician Mikkel Hindhede. The younger Hindhede operated the granite quarry until it ceased operations. 

Hindhede quarry was one of those and opened in 2001. It has been specially designed for families with children.It’s short trails leads into the park from the visitor centre and looping to the scenic Hindhede Quarry. It’s an excellent place for bird watching but in our case, what we saw was a monitor lizard instead. Not only did we saw it walking in a canal but we even followed it as it made its way out to the quarry.

Leave in the comments below if you have any suggestion on where else our feet can bring us!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for future adventures within Singapore, check out our previous trip to  Singapore’s highest natural point, Bukit Timah Summit! This amazing how much greenery this “Little Red Dot” can have. Truly there’s much more to explore than just stroll in the malls every weekend.

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Can’t get enough of this trip? Watch how we document our adventure on the video below!

Stay safe everyone!

Till our next adventure!


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  1. You are enjoying your fullest life…that’s really make me happy to see forward about your things..thnaks for introducing this place.

  2. I ve been to singapore before. Didn’t hear this place before. Would love to visit the next time☺️

  3. This place looks like a must visit with kids… The greenary took my heart… Love the way you penned the post, so beautifully written and the beautiful captures…

  4. Hindhede Nature Park, a peaceful simple well maintain park which is great for family with kids and elderly.

  5. Thanks for sharing such an insightful nature’s beauty. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of the Bukit Timah Summit origins and the adventures.

  6. Rupsbooklove

    The destination sounds amazing. Well, I don’t have any suggestions but I loved the idea of going out with family and spending quality time

  7. What a Mystical creation nature is. The kind of vibe and happiness that it can give us is unbelievable

  8. The more I read about your trips the mosre excited i become. You are living mindfully and that is the essence of living

  9. Such a lovely family when introduce us to such a lovely place it automatically feels divine. Thanks you so much for taling us to this virtual tour

  10. That’s great post. Your family together and funny . Your family enjoyed about side trip to Hindhede Nature Park. Thanks for sharing and informing and introducing this.

  11. Thanks for introducing us to this beauty. That lizard was actually a big one. I am sure, it must have been a fun visit for you and you family.

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