3 Reasons we kept coming back to amazing Changi Beach

Changi has been known worldwide as the best airport for the twelfth time (as per Time Magazine, March 2023) and I’ve got no qualms about it. Having traveled to a lot of places, and airports, I must admit, Changi has been my favorite as well.

But this specific blog post isn’t about traveling abroad but sharing with you the other Changi I and my family also love and keep coming back to Changi Beach. Living in the northwest part of Singapore, I can say that Changi Beach is quite a far travel for us (more than an hour travel using public transport). Nonetheless, we don’t bother with the travel time for the following reasons:

Plane Spotting

Let’s be honest, as much as we all love to travel, most of us can’t do it as frequently as we want to due to financial reasons and time constraints (need to work lah!). So on those days that you wish and perhaps just want to manifest your next travel, why not head over to carpark 2 at Changi Beach and plane spot planes coming in and out of Changi airport?

Out and about with the parentals!

The FOOD, specifically Changi Hokkien Mee and Sugar Cane juice😋😋😋

Having lived here for more than a decade, we surely had found our faves, especially with regards to food that matches perfectly with our tastebuds. Changi Hokkien Mee has been one of them. Check them out at stall #01-53!!! To be honest, sometimes we choose to go to Changi Beach even if it’s a bit farther than other nature parks that we could explore, simply because of this Hokkien Mee. haha… They go by 3 kinds of servings/portions: $5, $6, or $8 which we love either eating them at the hawker place itself or opting for takeaway so we can enjoy it by the beach. Either way, it tastes amazing!

That being said, you can say, we love it! Good thing they just opened a branch near our place at Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre, stall #01-14. Nowadays, we get to indulge in it more frequently!🤪

PS. I’ve tried looking here and there for a photo of us eating this Hokkien mee and can’t seem to find one😶 I’ll update this with our photo when we go there next time!

As for the sugarcane juice, this gives me more of a nostalgic feeling. I remember during my primary school years, my service(school bus) to school would always pass by a sugarcane field. I will always remember that smell. But guess what… I’d never tried tasting them or drinking their juice until I came here to Singapore. haha… The habit of drinking sugarcane juice just started around 5 years ago! I was being kind to myself saying it as a “habit” but in reality, it’s becoming sort of an addiction to me and my hubby!!! Someone send help to stop us!!! haha…


Surely, Changi Beach has a lot to offer such as…

biking under tall trees (very Instagrammable!)

One fun way to explore this 28-hectare beach park is by biking, just don’t forget to put your sunblock! You might not notice how hot it is because of the cool breeze but believe me, the heat can damage your skin.

Intertidal Walk

Intertidal Walk happen when the coastal areas reach their lowest tide mark. This is when you’ll be able to see what’s submerged underwater. Here at Changi Beach, you’ll get to see different kinds of sea creatures such as small crabs, sea cucumbers, and starfish.

If you have small kids who can’t do snorkeling yet, then this is your chance to show them a glimpse of what under the sea looks like. Check online for good days and timing to do your intertidal walk.

build a sand castle

And lastly, who goes to the beach without playing on the beach, especially if you have children in tow??! Our girls got their love for the beach from my hubby and wouldn’t mind the heat as long as they get to play. So here they are, with the hubby’s supervision, building their castle using plastic cups of the sugarcane juice we just enjoyed minutes ago. (oh yes, they do serve them on a cup as big as that!)

So there you have it! I hope you get to enjoy Changi Beach as much as we do. This also reminds me to remind you, THERE’S NO NEED TO TRAVEL FAR OR SPEND A LOT TO CREATE MEMORIES. Find a local park, keep your phone in your bag, and enjoy the time you get to spend with your family. And oh, take photos cause your kids grow in a blink! Your mind won’t even be able to catch up like mine!

Take it easy guys!♥️


7 responses to “3 Reasons we kept coming back to amazing Changi Beach”

  1. Beach places always fascinate me because of the activities you can do around. I wish I could find a beach in india where i can take instagramable pictures like you and the plane one is in bucket list

  2. Congratulations on your new blog post! “3 Reasons We Kept Coming Back to Amazing Changi Beach” was a fantastic read. Your vivid descriptions and personal experiences truly capture the charm and allure of Changi Beach. Can’t wait to see more of your adventures! ✨

  3. Lovely post! Your reasons for returning to Changi Beach highlight its charm and beauty. Truly a wonderful spot to visit!

  4. You are right, most people know about Changi Airport and not about Changi Beach. Thank you for introducing us to this offbeat place to visit in Singapore. The place looks perfect to spend some quality time with family in the arms of nature.

  5. I normally stay out of the long stretches in the sun, but your beach trip sounded so much fun. I love sugarcane juice and we have many hawkers around our home, so it’s kind of a daily ritual. I’d certainly like to explore Changi beach.

  6. From your blog, I can understand why you love this place so much. Changi Beach offers a serene escape with its pristine sands and tranquil waters, perfect for relaxation and reflection. This coastal gem provides breathtaking views and a peaceful ambiance, making it an ideal spot for unwinding.

  7. I love beaches, Seems like you had a gala time in Changi. I am definitely going to ho there someday. Hopefully

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