Creating memories in Singapore as a Green City

Despite Singapore being a small city/country, it surely still has a lot of things to offer, and let me remind you, a handful of them are free for you to explore and enjoy especially if you love nature!

As I’ve always said in my blogs, we used to think we’ve seen most of Singapore already, that being said, touristy attraction and all, but boy we were wrong! As the Pandemic hit and we all got restricted going out, we found a way to escape. Or should I say, have some fresh air??? That’s through discovering that Singapore isn’t only a tourist destination but despite it being small has a lot to offer when it comes to greenery! This shocked us a bit and at the same time amazed us as well.

So, as the restrictions during the Pandemic time eased, we slowly explored each one of their amazing Nature Parks. Each of them has a unique character and different things to offer.

Do note that most of these stories (and photos) are from a few years back which yours truly just wasn’t able to blog about.🤪 I’ll try to update this page every time I post about Nature Parks in Singapore for easy navigation for you to choose which Nature Park to explore.

Anyways, too much chitchat, I hope this inspires you and your family to go out, spend time in nature, and of course, make memories!

Bukit Timah Rail Corridor

Discover a bit of history along the way as you get to explore. This is a nature trail along the former Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) railway line connecting Singapore and Malaysia. The Malaysian rail service ceased operations here in 2011.

MacRitchie Trail

One first time here was an adventure as we took a wrong turn and were forced to finish an 11km! Talk about real adventure! The rain and the thought of being in the jungle when it turned dark didn’t help either. I guess this is one trail we won’t forget and despite our experience, went back again and again! haha…

A Trip to the Summit (Bukit Timah Summit)

Wouldn’t it be cool for your kids to know that at a young age, they’ve reached/conquered a summit?! Well, you can do just that here in Singapore. The climb up can be a bit challenging, I must admit, for the adults more than the kiddos. I wouldn’t advise this though for parents with kids still in strollers because of the climb, but if you insist, the trail is good enough for strollers to get rolling!

Hindhede Nature Park

This Nature Park though is just perfect for younger children to explore. Sitting just beside Bukit Timah Summit, it is a great place to cool down after your climb or make it a side trip if you’re still up to exploring more. There’s also a small museum kind of place where you get to know more about the place.

Adding more soon!

And if you’d like some tips on how to be more of a Mary Poppins instead of a mom who drags her whole house with her kind, READ MY TIPS, AND THIS!

Take it easy guys!♥️


17 responses to “Creating memories in Singapore as a Green City”

  1. Singapore is known more for its concrete jungle, so what a lovely article to come across about a green space! Lovely trip and pictures.

  2. How much I want to explore Singapore now. Your post and pictures made me so traveloholic that I want to visit Singapore right Now. Glad you enjoyed your trip with hiking and exploring places.

  3. I love how you’ve captured the essence of exploring Singapore’s green spaces! Bukit Timah Rail Corridor and Hindhede Nature Park sound like perfect spots for a family outing.

  4. Wow! I never knew that there’s so much more to Singapore than the ultra modern man-made sites. I’ll have to visit Singapore again to explore its greener side.

  5. Singapore is often known for its chic architecture and glamorous tourism. Thanks for introducing us to its little known greener parts. Nature parks are such a delight to visit with kids.

  6. The MacRitchie Trail is so picturesque, almost like a picture postcard! We haven’t visited Singapore in a while and would love to check out these places on the next trip. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Madhu Bindra

    The MacRitchie Trail is so beautiful. You are absolutely right. We usually don’t know much about the city we live in. I would love to visit Singapore again.

  8. Singapore- Oh what a trip was it for me. So memorable, so enjoyable and at the last one of the best international trip for me. I have been to the national park of Singapore and over there I literally enjoyed every bit of it and offcourse i liked the hospitality of the Singapore people. But unfortunately I missed the greenary that you talked about in this post… but its never too late and I will visit again.

  9. MacRitchie Trail looks amazing. I think that’s my favorite one out of those you listed here. The pandemic made us realize, see and appreciate so much we took for granted or missed to notice, including nature’s bountiful beauty right in our neighborhoods, hai na?

  10. Oh wow! I always thought Singapore was all skyscrapers and manmade parks and aquariums. Your blog opened my eyes. I’ve been there a long time ago, and if I do visit again, then I will definitely revisit this blog.

  11. Interesting. Beautiful places and lovely pictures.

  12. You are blessed to call this incredible city your home! We have always loved SGP, and reading about your adventures makes me so happy!

  13. Such lovely discoveries Jeannine. I am glad you decided to blog about these places cuz people aren’t even aware. MacRitchie Trail looks stunning at dusk btw.
    I live in Bangalore, and during covid we discovered many places like these that are not really touristy but have their natural charm and appeal. Like you all, we too were fed up of staying indoors, so we explored.

  14. I have been just a tourist in Singapore. I hope to visit it again so that I can enjoy your suggestions.

  15. Your view of Singapore is totally different from what I have heard. The Singapore airport I have heard is the best. I am bookmarking this blog for reference later when I visit Singapore. I recently read that people of Singapore are highly stressed. is that true?

  16. Wow, You went and did all the things nature oriented. I haven’t read about these trails and hikes. Wish I could go and enjoy this on a cool Singapore holiday.

  17. I’ve been to Singapore and always complained that I didn’t see much greenery there. This is a good twist!

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