My Top 3 Tips for Stress-Free Family Travel with Kids: Enhance Your Adventure

We have had our fair share of traveling not only to different countries but even just around this Red Little Dot we live in. After raising two girls whom we traveled everywhere with us from the time they couldn’t walk to now that they could sometimes reason out to us to raise their point, haha, I surely can share some tips. I’ll make this quick and short.


You read that right! I wrote it that way so you won’t struggle to get in and out of that diaper bag or humongous bag of yours, your children’s water bottle whenever they feel thirsty. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, buy those water bottles with straps that they can put around their neck. Promise it will not only serve you well but also give and teach them responsibility.

Our girls were trained to bring their water bottles since they could start carrying something. They started with something small with straws, to now a liter of water each. Check out how our daughters rocked their outfits with their water bottles around their necks!


If there’s one time I’d be okay to have our girls have all the sweets in the world, that would be during travel days. Let’s face it, we don’t want traveling with a child with tantrums isn’t going to give anyone any good. So be kind with sweets during travel days to keep them in the mood. You’ll also benefit from that sugar rush, trust me, as you could make them walk as far as you do without complaining. haha…

So if you’re that strict parent when it comes to sweets, change your mantra during travel days, and you’ll enjoy your trip as much as you imagined it to be!


As excited as we want to be when it comes to traveling to a new place, it’s better to keep those expectations low and simply hold on to as much patience as you can and go with the flow. We don’t want one hiccup such as water spilling all over your daughter’s clothes on your way to your first train station for a full EURAIL adventure.

This happened to us as our youngest spilled water all over her jeans while we were in a cab to our first train station. We are bound from the Netherlands at that time to Paris, with around 3-4 more trains to catch.🤪 Luckily I let my calm self deal with the problem and did a quick fix with a towel so as not to make her cold while we waited for our train. It was around 10° that time and all our clothes were packed in our luggage. I didn’t anticipate this hiccup to happen as they’re all grown up already (4 and 5 years old) and didn’t need those extra clothes on hand. Well, I guess I was wrong. haha.

So there you have it! I hope this helps you as you go with your travels!

Let me know in the comments if you find this helpful or if you’d like to share some of your own tips and tricks when traveling with your children!

Take it easy guys!♥️


9 responses to “My Top 3 Tips for Stress-Free Family Travel with Kids: Enhance Your Adventure”

  1. Travelling with the family can be an enriching experience filled with memories. it can also be a daunting task, especially when you’re dealing with different ages, preferences, and needs. Great tips for stress free family trip.

  2. Nice tips. I’m not at all bothered what they eat on a holiday because I cannot make sure they always have healthy while on vacation. I am chill because even I want to enjoy the trip.

  3. Wonderful post! Vacations and travel are all about creating memorable experiences for the entire family to enjoy. I appreciate how your suggestions ensure that kids are involved in even the simplest activities.

  4. Travelling with children can be very challenging, and every parent needs to devise a strategy to face this challenge. Your hacks make sense, and as you have mentioned, help in making the kids independent in a small way.

  5. Your blog post on “Stress-Free Family Travel with Kids” is exceptionally helpful, offering practical tips and creative solutions for a smooth journey. The thoughtful advice and personal anecdotes make it an inspiring read for parents planning their next adventure.

  6. Thank you for sharing your top 3 tips for stress-free family travel with kids! These practical suggestions are sure to enhance any family adventure and make trips more enjoyable for everyone. Great advice!

  7. Vacations and travel are all about experience and everyone in family should enjoy that. I loved the fact your suggestion indicates kids involvement even in basic things. Loved the writeup

  8. I cannot stress this enough on how much people hate when they are taking a vacation to relax and de-stress and then there’s tantrum throwing kids. So I really liked the point where you mentioned that let them have the sweets this one time!

  9. Great post! It’s actually a headache to travel with kids. The first one about water bottle is going to be my fav when I go out with my younger siblings. Thank you for this helpful guide.

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