Peaky Barbers – a reliable and great barber shop in Athens, Greece

I know going to a barber shop has nothing to do with travel, or being a woman. But let’s face it, most of us consider our hubby as our first “child” after marriage. And one of the needs of a man is a barber. I’ve been looking and booking appointments for my hubby for more than 10 years already. Not that he can’t do it but let’s just say, I love being involved when it comes to his haircut as well. It’s another thing we could talk about, and we love talking. Just talking about everything.

There had been a trend during the Pandemic of men growing their hair due to not being able to visit a barber. I used to shave Jeff’s hair during the first few months until we realize that the Pandemic is going to last longer than we anticipated. (I guess this wasn’t only our case, right?!) And so, he decided to simply let it grow. Let it grow so much that if you look only at his head from behind, he’ll be mistaken for a lady.🤪

And so this trip to Europe happened. And well, why not have a haircut in Athens? We’d be taking many photos for sure and I guess he didn’t want to get reminded of how scruffy his hair looked like. After much research and simply relying on reviews on websites, he decided to settle with Peaky Barbers. Such a catchy name, right?

I was impressed by how great the shop looks and even the barbers are well dressed! It was so different than the barber shops we go to here in Singapore. It has style and everything. You know they mean business, great business when it comes to cutting hair just by judging from their shop.

The front door of Peaky Barbers (Koukaki Branch)

Thank God we chose the right barber. Jeff was indeed very satisfied with their service. His barber, Peter, even gave him a free trim of his mustache and growing goaty.

Look at all that hair!!!

Jeff was truly impressed by his experience. Besides nailing the haircut he wanted, it’s the kind of haircut service that he wanted, meticulous and not in a hurry. He for sure had paid way less than the service he received. 

We visited their Koukaki branch and would think twice about going back again if only Greece is just a bus ride away!

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30 responses to “Peaky Barbers – a reliable and great barber shop in Athens, Greece”

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    That’s a great name for a barber shop!

  2. This barber Shop looks so cute! Well evey place in Athens is! However I have never tried any salon outside Noida, leave abroad!

  3. pandemic and uncut hair were like a combo and looking at your review for the salon and pictures I can find that it is a great place to check out for men as far as hairstyles and good service are concerned.

  4. My husband didn’t let me touch his hair although I gave my son a good haircut. It’s cute that your husband discusses such matters with you. Mine likes to decide and be on his own. This must be a fun thing to do on a vacation though!

  5. Hehe…my smile broadened as I read your article. It’s a unique take on barber shops. I must say that Peaky Barbers did a great job with hairstyling and making new customers 😉

  6. A very different blog, I must say. And a very short but well-done review. I’m not sure I’ll ever go to Athens, but enjoyed reading your experience.

  7. This must be a unique experience for sure. The people at the shop look so damn professional unlike what I have observed.

  8. For a minute I thought back to Peaky Blinders 🙂
    Great that you guys could visit this shop and we’re so happy with the service to review you. Not the usual traveling blog post…..

  9. It’s great to know that you’ve been involved in your husband’s barber visits. My husband likes to keep his hair long and needs a simple regular trim to maintain length which is not a problem anywhere he travels. What fascinated me about your post are the lovely photos of the barber shop. It’s clean, fancy, carries a catchy name and has expert professionals. We are due to visit Athens soon and I’m definitely going to take him to the salon. Thanks for the share.

  10. Cutting my hair that too on a vacation is not gonna be on my intenary ever. I’m very particular about getting my hair cut so I might not take the risk of trying out a salon in another country honestly.

    Happy to see your loved your experience there

  11. A haircut would be the last item on an itinerary, if at all, on a vacation. Can’t say I will check it out since we don’t cut hair. But I enjoyed reading your post, nonetheless.

  12. Looks like an exclusive salon. Getting a haircut in Athens must have been a novel experience. Parlurs in India are just sprucing up. But the ones I saw in Guadalajara, Mexico are too good. They have a unique section for kids and the chairs are cartoon characters, animals or cars.

  13. A barber shop is really of no use to me because we don’t cut our hair. But I enjoyed reading your post. Something unique.

  14. I have been to other cities of Europe but not yet Athens … now I am taking a note of this barber shop so that if by any chance we make a plan for Athens in next Europe trip I can instigate my husband for a hair cut there… 🙂 🙂 But I know he will not agree but there is no harm in giving a try. If he agrees then he will be busy cutting the hair and I can stare at least for sometime these smart barbers in the shop. Glad to know about this barber shop through your post … its interesting and different

  15. rooting for that bucket list of yours! hope you share when you get to do it soon!

  16. oh we’re both talkers so conversations never ends! haha…Good thing we got two daughters so they have their own conversations as well.

  17. haha..definitely an experience. am thinking of doing it too on our next vacation. haha…visiting a salon, I mean! haha

  18. I hope you could visit Greece as well. It was lovely. And yes, bring your hubby for a superb service!

  19. I totally agree. I’m happy their barbershop survived and my hubby got to experience their service. great service that is!

  20. yeah! their barber shop name was really catchy!

  21. that gave me a good laugh! haha…

  22. I must say, free advertisement might have been given but judging on the service we get, it’s been well deserved!

  23. Well I can say the Barber shop got a full profile advertising all thanks to ur experience with them. I haven’t come across someone saying/writing about a barber shop but definitely it was nice to read something unexpected.

  24. Kaveri Chhetri

    OMG! I had never seen salon men dress so well. While I was reading the part where uv written that you like to be involved in your husband’s hair cutting, I was smiling thinking that i havent ever got to do that cuz my husband is bald… hahahaha!
    Loved your barber experience and sweet of you to share it! Peter would be quite delighted to find himself in your blog… that too from another part of the world.

  25. Love the name- a play on Peaky Blinders – my fav show. The hygiene, professionalism and the masks all at a price Jeff loved is noteworthy

  26. The Hair grooming business suffered a lot during the pandemic. I am glad Jeff had a great grooming experience and did not have to pay through his nose for the same. The clean interiors, the masks, and the professionalism are all noteworthy.

  27. Amy Singh

    I always love to hear or read stories about different countries. Travelling to greece is in my wishlist. Loved the way you told the story of this barber shop. Will surely visit with my husband

  28. This looks fun especially when on a holiday you decide to get a haircut
    The place looks amazing and dapper
    Will definitely visit

  29. It’s wonderful to hear about your positive experience with Peaky Barbers in Athens, Greece! I understand how it’s important to take care of our loved ones’ needs. Being involved in your husband’s haircut allows for meaningful conversations and strengthens your bond. Thanks for sharing your personal connection to the barber shop and the joy of talking about everything together.

  30. Well, I have never got my haircut outside my city. But if your hair did look scruffy on a holiday, then you have to find a good barber shop. It would surely be an experience on a vacation, another must-try on my bucket list after reading your post.

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