New Mom’s Daily Routine for a Happy and Balanced Life

New Mom’s Daily Routine for a Happy and Balanced Life

    Are you a new mom and still struggling to find your groove with your newborn?

    Becoming a new mom is a beautiful and transformative experience. As you navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood, establishing a daily routine can help bring structure and balance to your life. In this blog post, we’ll take you through a suggested daily routine for new moms that prioritizes self-care, baby’s needs, and maintaining a harmonious lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

    Morning Routine:

    Wake Up Refreshed: Start your day by setting a soothing alarm and allowing yourself enough time to wake up peacefully. A good night’s sleep is crucial, so try to rest whenever your baby allows yet as ironic as it sounds, it is suggested you wake up about 30 minutes earlier than your baby. This is for you to give yourself some me-time. Trust me, even 10 minutes of peaceful awake time can give you wonders.

    Self-Care Ritual: Begin your morning with a self-care ritual that rejuvenates you. Whether it’s a few minutes of meditation, gentle stretching, or enjoying a nutritious breakfast, make self-care a priority to fuel yourself for the day ahead.

    Baby’s Morning Routine: Attend to your little one’s needs, including diaper changes, feeding, and cuddle time. Creating a calm and loving atmosphere will help both you and your baby start the day on a positive note.

    Mid-Morning Activities:

    Engage in Playtime: Set aside dedicated time for play and bonding with your baby. Choose age-appropriate toys, sing songs, or engage in tummy time exercises. These activities stimulate your baby’s development and create beautiful memories.

    Light Household Chores: While your baby naps or plays independently, tackle light household chores. This might include tidying up, laundry, or meal prep. Remember, it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect—prioritize what’s essential and seek support if needed.

    Afternoon Routine:

    Nourishing Lunch: Prepare a wholesome lunch for yourself, focusing on nutritious ingredients. Eating well provides you with the energy to care for your little one and promotes your overall well-being.

    Outdoor Time: If weather permits, take your baby for a walk in the park or simply spend time outdoors. Fresh air and a change of scenery can be refreshing for both of you and can help alleviate cabin fever.

    Naptime Routine: Establish a soothing naptime routine for your baby, including a quiet environment, a cozy sleep space, and a calming pre-nap ritual. Use this downtime to relax, catch up on personal tasks, or simply take a moment for yourself.

    Evening and Bedtime Routine:

    Quality Time: Engage in interactive activities with your baby, such as reading books, singing lullabies, or playing gentle games. This quality time helps strengthen the parent-child bond and sets the stage for a peaceful evening.

    Dinner Preparation: Plan and prepare a nutritious dinner for yourself and your family. Consider simple and healthy recipes or meal prepping in advance to minimize stress during this time of the day.

    Bedtime Ritual: Create a relaxing bedtime routine that signals to your baby that it’s time to wind down. This might involve a warm bath, gentle massage, pajama change, and a soothing lullaby. Prioritize a calm and peaceful atmosphere to promote a restful night’s sleep.

    Establishing a daily routine as a new mom can bring a sense of stability, balance, and fulfillment to your life. Remember, every baby and family is unique, so adapt the routine to suit your needs and preferences. Stay flexible and embrace the beautiful chaos of motherhood, cherishing the special moments with your little one along the way. You’re doing an amazing job, and your love and care make all the difference in your baby’s life.

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    Are you a new mom and still struggling to find your groove with your newborn? Becoming a new mom is a beautiful and transformative experience. As you navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood, establishing a daily routine can help bring structure and balance to your life. In this blog post, we’ll take you through…


    1. It is indeed important to establish a routine – for us the routine was tailored around the baby but I like that you have focussed more on the mum.

    2. This is an extremely well-researched and wonderful post for new moms and simply all the ‘moms’. A well-deserved me time is essential for the betterment of both the woman and her entire family. A well-rested and happy mom means a family to me.

    3. Establishing a routine which benefits both the mother and newborn are essential. Initially, my patterns were haphazard slowly I realised and set a pattern for myself. I am glad you have shared your experience with others.

    4. I am not a mom yet but I understand how difficult it must be for moms, especially new moms. It is important to take time for oneself and have nourishing food. I am sharing this post with my sister who is a new mom.

    5. New moms are often tired and overwhelmed with the loads of responsibilities and lack of selfcare. This routine will surely help them stay healthy, happy and calm.

    6. I wish someone had guided me so well in the early days of my delivery. This is so useful for new moms. Well written!

    7. The best way to retain some control when overwhelmed is to set up a routine and the same seems to apply to new mothers. I am not a parent but am sure new moms would find your post beneficial.

    8. Honestly, I don’t know what I should say about this post as I’m not a mom nor am I expecting. So to be able to comment on the accuracy or usefulness of all the points you have talked about I feel I have to be in a similar kind of situation.

    9. As a mom of a tween and teen, I can’t stress enough the importance of establishing a daily routine as a new mom. You have provided a great framework for creating a happy and balanced life for both mom and baby. The morning routine suggestions are spot-on, especially the idea of waking up earlier than the baby to carve out some much-needed me-time; I still follow this. It’s amazing how just a few minutes of self-care in the morning can make a significant difference in how the rest of the day unfolds. This post is a valuable resource for new moms seeking guidance in creating a fulfilling daily routine.

    10. As you already know that I am a new mom and life changed for me completely after embracing motherhood. So, a post like this is something which will enlighten me with the knowledge that I actually need at this point of time. I will try to execute the tips in my daily routine and I am sure its going to help me in reality as its from an experienced mom like Jeannine. Thank you so much dear for this much needed post

    11. Setting a routine does not always work out. Sometimes you need to change it depending on the baby. But you need to give some time to yourself too. That makes a lot of difference.

    12. I agree that establishing a routine makes a whole lot of difference Jeannine n it makes things easier too… but in my case, the routine was taking a toll on me more… then I decided to take it easy n changed some things that I could. However, things like meditation, deep breathing and some ‘me’ time or time out with friends do help and lot.

    13. This post really can help a new mom set goals for her mental and physical wellness. In my time, the only thing I mostly could stick to was giving the baby a bath and massage at night and then having a calming bath myself before going to bed.

    14. My dreams about motherhood were picture-perfect like your blog 🙂 But the reality was very harsh. My son would not sleep all night and I was suffering from lack of sleep, weakness and finally post partum depression. Wish I had access to such writeups in my time.

    15. Those are really good suggestions. I am not a parent, but I can fully understand how overwhelming it is for new moms. They have to slowly get back on their self care routine as well and these tips are great reminders.

    16. Like these posts are so useful for new moms, especially those expecting they can plan in advance so it will be easier for them to fit in the routine. I know being a new mom can get you really lost at time you have done a beautiful thing by sharing this useful post.

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