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Easy and Healthy Moist Banana ChocoChip Muffins

After having visitors for about 2 months, were back to our old routine. That also means I get to bake for the kiddos for snack. Nowadays though, I’d like to include them (actually being sneaky about it) in our healthy living/eating transformation.

That being said, I slowly try to make wise choices in the ingredients of the food we make at home. Adding less sugar than what’s in the usual recipe I find online and using healthier substitute slowly, but surely.

One thing we honestly made wrong with our kiddos diet was introducing them to junk.🤪 Yeah! All those sugary and nonsense/addictive stuff you stuff into your mouth. Oh well! Parent’s are human too and we too want to indulge on junk as well! haha

Anyways, getting back to being healthy, I think we should all strive in doing this especially nowadays when health significantly equates to wealth (if you know what I mean).

As a mom, I strive my best to give and prepare healthy food for my family. Being able to afford to buy food is one luxury we are blessed to enjoy. With that also is the temptation to indulge on junk rather than use the money wisely and buy health, quality food products.

Trust me, companies pay way too much money in great marketing to lure customers to buy their products despite the how lousy their products could be especially for the health of consumers. So it’s important to be wise with your money.

In this recipe, which I adopted from the original Spend with Pennies recipe, I’ve tried to customise here and there to make it into my own liking. I also learned some great tips like how to quickly ripen a banana* when you want to bake which requires a banana (this is for newbies on baking: we ONLY use ripen bananas when baking).

Surprisingly, it still turned great and I can tell you, it’s a winner especially with my kiddos! They LOOOOOVED IT!♥️


*Ripen bananas quickly: This recipe requires ripened bananas! If your bananas aren’t quite ready yet, pop them into a toaster for 10-15 minutes. The skin would darken and the bananas would turn our sweeter, just like ripened bananas that you need!

*Mixed just until combined: This recipe requires you not to over mix. It affects the gluten in the batter which makes your muffin chewy instead of moist.

I’d love to read on the comments how you find this quick, easy, and healthy snack you can make for your kiddos. I’d be waiting! Happy baking!♥️

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