Effective Ways for Moms to Stop Overthinking

I must confess, ever since being a mom, my overthinking has escalated a million times😅😅😅

Could you blame me?? I bet if you’re a mom too, then you might be an overthinker, too!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help and doesn’t give us any good. It was when I started learning more about Self-Care that I discovered the need to stop overthinking.

Here are some effective ways to stop overthinking:

Be Mindful.

Notice when you’re stuck in your head and not present.

Talking to your children but not understanding what they’re telling you and instead worrying about what to cook for dinner?

In a meeting yet can’t answer when asked because you’re so caught up thinking how your daughter did in her exams?


Focus on problem-solving.

Dwelling too much on a problem and procrastinating wouldn’t help you move on and solve it. The only way to do it is to take action. Some problems may be easy to solve, others would take longer.

One thing’s a fact though, every problem has a solution!


It’s just your thoughts.

Admit it or not, our thoughts play a big role in exaggerating things that may happen to us. We tend to always get carried away with our thoughts and most of the time, turn towards the negative way.

There are two things I always do when this happens:

  1. Pray
  2. Challenge my thoughts to change their way of thinking


Find time to reflect. This may not be a specific place or time but as long as you are on your own with your thoughts, then that should be fine.

Reflecting on the things happening in your life makes you realise the great things you have (gratitude) and gives you a clearer perspective on the things that do not (things you need to focus on changing)

Train your brain.

You aren’t born with an overthinking mindset. It takes practice to have this removed from the habits that you’ve built overtime.

Remember,  our brain is a muscle and like any muscle in our body, it’s up to us on how we would shape it.

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21 thoughts on “Effective Ways for Moms to Stop Overthinking

  1. I think being a mother and overthinking just go hand in hand! But you have shared some easy tips to handle that.

  2. Hi, I am posting comment for procrastination post here . I liked the doable tips like breaking big tasks into manageable ones and giving time for sekf care to prevent procrastination was so informative post to read through.

  3. I can absolutely resonate with this post. There are many times when I cant focus at the task in hands and would be lost in thoughts thinking about my sons or about what to cook for dinner. Nevertheless, during those times, I take a deep breath, draw a mandala to help me focus, make a priority list and start working. Thanks for the post.

  4. Nice post, however mom overthinking is very common as I am seeing this in my sister too. She overthinks too much and I told her the only way to get out of it is in time to take it easy the process and relax a bit.

  5. Overthinking comes naturally to moms and controlling it is easier said than done. Your tips are practical and effective. Training your mind is important.

  6. Not only mom, but everyone is going through this overthiking process. We built unnecessary word in our thought only. And it bring anxiety, stress and many more guest Like your ways that you use to overcome.

  7. This wonderful post offers practical guidance and tips for mothers who overthink. To alleviate anxiety and stress, you should emphasize the value of self-care, setting boundaries, seeking help, and reframing negative thoughts. Overall, the article provides helpful insights and ways to assist mothers in overcoming overthinking and living a more balanced and satisfying life.

  8. Not a mom but I see moms around me overthinking a lot. The tips you shared would work for anyone though. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Being A new mom Jeannine I am overthinking these days. Whatever I do at the back of my mind by kid’s wellbeing, health and other factors work. Your post came at the right point of time and it will help me actually stop overthinking and lead a stress free and relaxed joyful life with my child. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

  10. It is difficult for a mother to not overthink. But I totally agree with you. We should take a step back and analyze the situation also. So that we are not in a total flap.

  11. Not just as a mom but even a married woman it becomes difficult to focus on all the work together. As you have written while in a meeting also a moms focus is on her kid. I had this issue when I was just married I was so overwhelmed with work that I could not focus well. Your suggestions on how to overcome it are perfect. Specially training your mind.

  12. Nice post, however mom overthinking is very common n the only way to get urself out of it is in time to explain to urself to relax everything is well. Sometimes things can go off track thats why v pray everyday

  13. Moms and overthinking go hand in hand. It is extremely difficult to separate the two. Your tips are quite handy only if you make a hard resolve to see it through. I have seen young over protective moms who are always having a frown and fussing over the child.

  14. I am not sure if it’s cuz I’m a mom but I have always been an over thinker. I’ve been told that I think tooooooo much. But whatever the case… the points you’ve highlighted are applicable to every type of over thinker Jeannine. Some good habits to reflect on…

  15. I think not even being a mom, I am so prone to overthinking! It’s been a hard thing to overcome but what helps me is focusing my thoughts on a problem and if I cannot do anything about it letting it go. Informative post

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