Great Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Great Benefits of Spending Time Alone

    Do you know that one of the most common fears of people is autophobia? Autophobia is the fear of being alone. Once you become a parent though, especially a mom, it’s not having autophobia that makes you worried about being alone, it’s the anxiety of not knowing how your children are doing or where they are that makes us in distress all the time. I’d like to say that we could closely associate this feeling with mom guilt.

    Unfortunately, this anxiety or fear of always knowing where your child is or having them around can also bring stress in return. As much as we would want our loved ones to be around us, we as humans have our own needs as well.

    This is why having some alone time is still important no matter what status or circumstance in life you’re in. There are truly amazing benefits that spending time alone can bring you. And just like Self-Care, you might think of it as some crazy thing to do or others might even view it as a selfish act. Not to worry though as like always, the outcome of great things you do will only be seen afterward.

    Here are the great benefits you can get from spending time alone:

    Clarity of mind. I don’t know about you but when I know my mind is cluttered, I tend to be in a bad mood. We all know what happens next when you as a mother start with a fuss in your household. It only gets worst! Yeah! Your whole household would turn into chaos and it’s only when you calm your nerves and decide to do things in peace that everyone follows your lead.

    Want a peaceful and joyful home? Start clearing your mind so you don’t pollute others’ moods too!

    Allows you to think of more possibilities in your life. It is during this time of peace that you get to reflect on the happenings in your life. Are your plans going according to what you want them to be? Is it according to your values and beliefs? It is only during this quiet time that you get to give yourself the time to re-evaluate if you’d still want to continue with what you are doing or plan for your next.

    Reset your priorities. It is only natural that once you’ve been given time to re-evaluate your life, you’ll also be encouraged to make changes in how you do things to make your life better and where you want to be. By being able to set your priorities, you’ll be assured that you’re focusing on what matters the most for your and your goals.

    Improvement in your relationships. Just like self-care, how you are able to care for others would only get better since you’ve been able to care for and give yourself first. The people around you would surely appreciate whatever improvement you’ve been doing to yourself since they’ll notice how good you treat them afterward.

    You gain confidence. When you’re able to think more about yourself, your self-esteem increases and the level of how you think of your individuality radiates from within. Even without boasting, your confidence in yourself would surely shine no matter what do you.

    You’ll learn to slow down. Life nowadays can be too fast-paced no matter where you live. With the amount of responsibilities adulting life is giving us and the pressure of society to always be on our feet, we often forget the value of slowing down and appreciating our surroundings.

    I hope after reading this article you have a better understanding of how valuable alone time is. If you’d love to know more about how silence can make a difference in your life, don’t miss watching my interview with Jean Alfonso-Decena where we dig deep into understanding the value of silence.

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    Do you know that one of the most common fears of people is autophobia? Autophobia is the fear of being alone. Once you become a parent though, especially a mom, it’s not having autophobia that makes you worried about being alone, it’s the anxiety of not knowing how your children are doing or where they…


    1. I’ve read this post at the right time as I’m about to embark on a 7-day Ayurvedic detox program, for which I will be spending a lot of time by myself!

    2. Jeannine – I love this post. It is so important for young mothers to not feel judged or guilty for taking care of themselves in the form of alone/silent/me time. I enjoyed watching the interview as well.

    3. I read somewhere that if you know you are healing well if you are comfortable in your own company. Spending time with self and learning new things about your self brings one of the most gratifying feelings ever.

    4. Yes for me, “ME”time is very important. It gives peace of mind. And give strength to survive on mommy mode. Whether it is for 15 min but it is needed. And every mom should take it.

    5. Spending time alone can provide a much-needed break from the constant stimulation and demands of our busy lives. Indeed as you said, it allows us to recharge our batteries, connect with our inner selves, and focus on personal growth and self-discovery. Whether through meditation, reading, writing, or pursuing a hobby, being alone can provide a sense of calm and tranquility that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, it can help us develop greater self-awareness and creativity, as well as provide a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. Ultimately, spending time alone can be a valuable tool for improving our overall well-being and living a more fulfilling life.
      Reading your post an idea for my next post sprang to mind

    6. Not a mom but I completely agree about alone time. The mother is an individual first and she does need me to recharge her batteries so to speak.

    7. Very true. Mothers are expected to be always available but we need our alone time too. There is no guilt in that.

    8. While I am not a mom, I still feel the need to be alone. Solitude is a great helper in clearing the clutter. I am sure all moms and other people are going to benefit from this post.

    9. This post will help many I can assure you that. Amidst so much issues in our lives, we completely forget to devote time to ourselves. And the part which you wrote for mother’s fear for their child I have seen in my mom, she used to fear a lot and that gave her tension and several diseases too for a while. About opening up of new possibilities of what you told is right .

    10. People often consider alone time as a sad thing but your post proves that it’s our perspective that matters. It helps clear our thoughts and give them proper direction.

    11. Oh Jeannine I can’t tell you how much I m in need of alone time for me after becoming a mom.its really hard to get time out for self as if I am forgetting the term called self love also. The moment I think now I got some alone time…. the baby cries and everything goes in vain. Your post is like a big kick for me to realize again that yes I am a mom but I am also a human who needs some personal time for own self and betterment. Thank you dear again for this post

    12. Alone time will help in alot of things, offcourse the thot about what your kids is doing wr they r will not go off easily but eventually wgen u give urself time u will learn to leave them free

    13. I want alone time too Jeannine… n its so difficult. Last 2 years I used to compulsorily lock myself in the bedroom for an hour in the morning n do some breathing exercises, meditation etc or just sit n think. Now that routine has gone for a toss. Your post reminded me to do what I have been ignoring… thanks for that.

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