Mistakes to avoid when changing your life

Mistakes to avoid when changing your life

    It’s a new year once again! And like everyone else, we are rooting to better ourselves, our life, and everything in between. I’ve been into goal-setting, resolutions, manifesting, visualizing, and all, don’t get me wrong, they all work…..if you do it right!

    Here’s the problem, most of us simply run for our lives head-on. Even knowing what we are doing or let’s just say, not being mindful enough to know what we are experiencing.

    Sometimes, we don’t actually need to know where we are going or know what the future would bring us). We didn’t make time to reflect on our experiences. Understand what we have learned from them so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

    Planning to make 2023 your year? Here are some things you need to reflect on and avoid making again:

    #1 Spending too much planning

    I’m all into strategy. As one of Mel Robbin’s podcasts, she said there, strategy is better than willpower. We get so hooked on planning things. We miss reminding ourselves that without action, all the hard work and time spent on planning goes down the drain.

    So, this 2023, let’s have a plan, and strategies, go to pros and cons, and start the ride! I promise you, if ever you stumble on something wrong, you’ll be able to find a way to get around things to make your plan work. It’s a problem after all, so there has to be a solution somewhere.

    #2 Walk the talk

    A bit similar to the first one, talking too much about what you want to do yet not actively doing it is nothing. How many years have you been telling me that you’ll lose weight? I bet all the inspiration you have in you only lasted for a few days and with a bit of help or motivation, you could have lasted for a week. Yet after that, what?

    Why not start to do mindful choices when eating? You won’t achieve a fit body in days, or weeks. It is through being mindful of putting more veggies and proteins on your plate than anything else served during dinner but in the long run, these conscious decisions you do actually multiply subconsciously. Without you knowing, you’ve already made a lifestyle change!

    #3 Taking it all in

    As much as there isn’t any way that one could please everyone, we, as in, most of us, try to do our everyday activities in a way to please others. We listen to fashion trends, diet trends, parenting advice, parents’ advice, friends’ advice, news information, etc!!! Don’t you feel it’s too much?

    Sometimes we just need to believe in whatever knowledge we know, trust our instincts, and go ahead and do whatever it is that would make us happy. There are so many rules already to be to live as a good citizen. Lessen your stress and frustrations by simply, doing things your way (the right way, if you know what I mean😃)

    And by that, I mean taking advice from someone you know is reliable to help you become the person you want to be. As they say, you don’t need many friends, you just need a few that’s true!

    #4 Being a perfectionist

    Perfection is an illusion. It only is perfect in one’s eye, and that’s even after all the time and effort you had, has been up. If you’ll be waiting for the perfect timing for you to do whatever you want in life, just because, it isn’t perfect yet, then that wouldn’t come!

    I watched this movie (don’t ask me the title because I’m bad at that! 🤪) where they hired a new project manager for this project they’ve been waiting for years and years to launch. They have all the right people in place, and all the best tools and materials too. But, for the past decade, every time they try to launch, they always decide to delay, yet again, for another reason.

    Going back to this new project manager, come launching day. Full of anxiousness and doubts, they proceed! When asked what made him finally do it, his answer was simple, you’ve got all the best people and all of them brought an umbrella even if the weather report says it’ll be sunny all day.

    Sometimes, you just need to let go of things and trust yourself “fully” that everything will go smoothly. And when it doesn’t, like what I’ve said before, for sure there’s a solution to that because it’s a problem!

    #5 Knowing your worth

    Knowing your worth can go a long way. It’s actually part of the framework for how your life looks like. The invisible boundaries we set in all aspects of our life. It is where we stop when we know things in our life aren’t where we want them to be. It is because of this that we get this eureka moment where we decide to change the direction of our life and claim what is for us, what is our purpose.

    Have you found this helpful for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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    It’s a new year once again! And like everyone else, we are rooting to better ourselves, our life, and everything in between. I’ve been into goal-setting, resolutions, manifesting, visualizing, and all, don’t get me wrong, they all work…..if you do it right! Here’s the problem, most of us simply run for our lives head-on. Even…


    1. I completely agree. Fortunately, this year, I have planned and embarked on a serious journey to tackle my underlying health issues. It has been quite empowering.

    2. You are absolutely right. Planning and talking too much to do and doing nothing is absolutely a flop act and we should do more that what e plan about. I guess, realistic plans are better than over active plans. Nice read

    3. I think thinking too much is the biggest mistake I do. Thanks for this post. It has some useful points to ponder on.

    4. We all want to make changes but don’t really walk the talk as you said. You have shared some truths we always tend to overlook.

    5. I completely agree with the post’s message about the importance of reflection and mindfulness in achieving our goals and bettering ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of daily life and forget to take a step back to evaluate our experiences and learn from them.

      Setting goals and making resolutions can be effective, but it’s equally important to reflect on the progress we’ve made, the mistakes we’ve made, and what we’ve learned from them. Reflection allows us to adjust our approach and make better decisions in the future.

      I appreciate the post’s reminder to avoid repeating the same mistakes and to take the time to reflect on our experiences. It’s a valuable lesson that we should all keep in mind as we strive to make 2023 our year.

    6. Thanks for the advice- a lot of this is very relevant and I am trying to follow some of these steps for a better 2023

    7. Ditto on being a perfectionist. It ends up doing more harm than good. Waiting for the perfect time, wasting too much time and effort of making it absolutely perfect. Quite an insightful post. Thanks for sharing.

    8. You have listed some really good pointers when adapting to a life change. This is a very useful post especially who just strive for a change and eventually give up because they have not stepped in correctly.

    9. I believe in walking the talk too and like to plan and stick to them as much as possible. Know your worth and never settle for less is such an important thing to remember.

    10. For long I have been thinking about the pursuit for perfection. And I agree, it’s not a useful pursuit. Action and strategy go hand in hand. Kwoing your worth makes all this worthwhile. I really like these principles.

    11. Planning is good I belief but not overplanning as that is not just misuse of time but also we are left with very less time to act to execute the thing we planned. Change is part and parcel of life and we should be prepared mentally to accept the way it comes in your life. Few things we can modify but the power of acceptance should be there within us to accept new things or changes in life. You shared the right set of tips which are practical and meaningful to ensure that life is happy and sorted even after you make or welcome changes in your life.

    12. Yes! We all are surrounded by excessive information and getting trapped to imitate. I agree on your all points. We should must execute instead of only planning. I like to plan out basic things but not too much.

    13. Absolutely agree with all your points. Most people keep planning and never execute them. Procrastination sinks in and the day never comes. Taking help from friends is healthy, especially the real ones. I always reach out for help. Knowing your worth is crucial for your own self-confidence.

    14. Inspiring article! Trust me I have been following the rule of more action than words this year and I am doing good. I do stumble a lot but I find my way out and it is helping me a lot. As actions help in diverting your mind and only planning makes your more hyper and restless.

    15. Absolutely. I second each and every word you’ve written and totally believe in the power of ‘ME’. Change starts from within and no external force can bring it out unless we aren’t ready for it. My biggest flaw is being a so-called perfectionist and I truly see its disadvantages and the toll it takes on me mentally and physically. Need to improve this trait of mine.

    16. Those were some really good life lessons Jeannine. #3 hit me the most n I loved this line from it… ‘Sometimes we just need to believe in whatever knowledge we know, trust our instincts, and go ahead and do whatever it is that would make us happy.’ There is so much to learn in life really.

    17. Beautiful read. I really need to walk the talk. I really need to shed that weight I feel that planning somehow gives structure to my otherwise very fluid life. So while it may not be ideal, it helps me stay on track. Maybe that’s why I need to change my life?

    18. Totally with you on walk the talk. Making conscious decisions on incorporating positivity in actions. Knowing your worth and clearly defining the boundaries goes a long way in leading a balanced life.

    19. Well said, too much planning can lead to nothing if we don’t act upon it which i too feel. And, the measure you suggested that we must follow to avoid committing mistakes again are really helpful and everyone must follow for changing their Iives in a right way.

    20. Your posts are amazing and keep me motivated throughout the week
      It’s thought provoking and interesting
      Thank you for sharing this

    21. Great article! Changing one’s life can be a daunting task, but it’s important to have a roadmap to success. Your tips on avoiding procrastination, having a support system, and not trying to change everything at once are all spot-on. I particularly appreciated your reminder to be kind to ourselves and not beat ourselves up over setbacks. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

    22. Being a perfectionist I always struggle to sometime complete a particular task on time. Completely agree with all your points and most important one listen to your heart . Thank you for sharing an insightful post.

    23. Absolutely Motivated read for today. Knowing your worth is so important to know where to lead next. And walk the talk point just touched my heart cause loosing weight i never took seriously which got me into lot of health issues. But 2023 is the year to fix this all

    24. Knowing your worth is so important in life. It allows you to set boundaries, know when to say no and stand up for yourself when needed. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s so worth it. When you know your worth, you’re able to live a life that is authentic to you and true to yourself.

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