Sound of Music Musical Singapore 2022: Mom’s Review

Sound of Music Musical Singapore 2022: Mom’s Review

    Last Wednesday, we’re able to watch the Sound of Music Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. This is the first time for all of us to watch a musical in a theatre that’s why it’s extra special.

    I have loved the Sound of Music since I was young and specifically love that scene of Maria and the children in the mountains singing their famous Do-Re-Mi🎶 This is one of the songs I’ve played for the girls to hear to get them excited days before.

    Our experience:

    We bought the 7:30 pm tickets on a Wednesday for a couple of reasons. This was the day the hubs isn’t that busy at work and can take a leave. It has the best seats available in the seat section we’re looking for. And lastly, the girls won’t have school the next day which was helpful knowing we’ll arrive home late.

    We got our tickets a bit late. Since it was a school vacation, most weekends are already full. The kids also still have their classes until 4:30 pm so, this was the right time for us.

    We arrived at Bayfront MRT around 6:00 pm. Just enough time for us to confirm where the entrance was (first-timers!). They start to allow people in one(1) hour before the show. We’ve got 30 more minutes!!! hahaha…

    We then grabbed a quick bite at Jason’s Deli. (For those trying to find something affordable yet filling to eat, you can’t go wrong going to a supermarket😉) The girls always get their gummies in a cup from this store every time we happen to be going to the city so this was no exception.

    A quick trip to the washroom to avoid the crowd on the washrooms available inside the theatre, and we’re in! Well….not that quick actually! Remember the gummies the girls got?!

    I totally forgot their policy! They won’t allow any outside food/ drinks! Worst, the bag checker thought the gummy cup has fresh fruits in it! My hubby asked if we can just leave it somewhere and come back for it afterward but he said no. He told us that we can finish it up quickly before the show starts. We still have time anyways.🤨

    Luckily another lady bad checker noticed that it was actually a gummy and told us that we can check it in the Cloak’s Room. We got some “over-priced” drinks and then went to find our seats. Finding them was a breeze thankfully because of the auntie usherettes who are so kind and like all over the place to guide you.

    After a few photos, the kiddos got nothing to do. We went down to the lobby to buy some snacks. People from all directions are walking now in the once-bare lobby. People might have known how over-priced their snacks were in there as, despite the crowd, there isn’t any queue at the snack counter.

    The show went really well! The casts have incredible voice power (not actually sure how to say it). All the children played their roles very well! And of course, my delight knowing my family loved it as much as I did!

    The hubs even commented that he never thought he’d appreciate the theater more than watching movies in the movie theater. haha… I guess it was also the choice of the show that we were able to watch. The Sound of Music is a mixture of fun and catchy songs (perfect for children). The storyline which mixed a bit of history and a family-friendly story made it a perfect one for families.

    Overall, it was a night to remember. If you haven’t seen it yet and would want to bring your children too, there’s still time! Book your tickets from here.

    Show Date

    22 Nov – 18 Dec

    • Tue – Fri: 7.30pm
    • Sat: 2.30pm, 7.30pm
    • Sun: 1pm, 6pm


    Approximately 155 minutes (including 20 mins intermission)

    Hope you let me know your #SoundofMusicalExperience ♥️

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    Last Wednesday, we’re able to watch the Sound of Music Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. This is the first time for all of us to watch a musical in a theatre that’s why it’s extra special. I have loved the Sound of Music since I was young and specifically love that scene of…


    1. It must have been a lovely show and the girls look like they really enjoyed it. I think I watched a show too in the open theater during my 2016 visit – it is the one on the beach right?

    2. Your daughters are adorable. Nothing better than The Sound of Music. I have fond memories of watching the movie as a child. Looks like they had a lovely time.

    3. Sound of music in theater sounds interesting. This is new for me. We watch only play in theater. Overall your experience was quite good. Your kids enjoyed. Policies are quite strict at Singapore.

    4. This seems to be such a lovely experience, particularly for your kids. I love Sound of Music too but have never seen a theatre version. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    5. Your kiddos seemed to have enjoyed the show. The photos are cute. I have never heard of this musical but will search for it. Looks like you had a wonderful family outing.

    6. I am a huge fan of Sound of music and got my grandsons too hooked on it. Where exactly is this movie showing? I am in Mexico right now and have not seen an ad for this movie here.

    7. I have been to Singapore but missed this show, can you plz tell the timings so that next time I visit Singapore I can watch it too

    8. I love the sound of music movie, as a kid till date and would always encourage my kid to watch it as it gives a different feel. You experience to the watch till the end was a good share

    9. Looks like you had a lovely family time Jeannine. How I would love to watch the sound of music musical… must have been such a wonderful experience n I’m sure your girls loved it too… Love their pics

    10. Your kids are at the right age to watch musicals with. Sound of Music is a perfect pick. You can’t miss sweat treats from Jason’s Deli either our favs are yogurt icecreams. In all, you had an excellent evening with the family. Your post brought back good memories for me. Thanks for sharing your world and the pictures of the girls. Too cute.

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