Month: December 2022

Sound of Music Musical Singapore 2022: Mom’s Review

    Last Wednesday, we’re able to watch the Sound of Music Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. This is the first time for all of us to watch a musical in a theatre that’s why it’s extra special. I have loved the Sound of Music since I was young and specifically love that scene of…

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    Easy to make Immunity Booster

      As the holidays come nearer, there’s no doubt that your calendar is also full of plans for parties to attend. I don’t blame you. After 2 years of not being able to freely do this, it’s not only the fun we’re after but really seeing the people we missed mingling with. Let’s not get carried…

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      Indifference in a world full of difference

        We were walking to the bus interchange last Sunday when I noticed a man in a wheelchair. He gave money to an elderly, who was selling tissue on the sidewalk. Here in Singapore, it’s common for wheelchair-bound individuals to sell tissue. Those whom most people give a few of their loose change. This struck me…

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