6 Ways on how to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…🎶🎶🎶 Did you just sing that line the same way I did while writing it?! Well, there’s no denying now, tomorrow it’s December 1st all over again! I won’t lie, I’m excited!!!

I guess aside from the Christmas season being everyone’s favorite holiday, this coming Christmas would be extra for everyone after almost a 2-year hiatus of the whole world no thanks to the Pandemic. If there’s one thing we all should appreciate about this holiday aside of course the fact that Jesus was born is that, we’re able to celebrate it again together.

I would just want to highlight that when I mean “together”, I really mean together as in face to face!!! We might not be coming home for Christmas (as always) to our families back in the Philippines, but my heart is still full of gratefulness just seeing everyone going to parties and celebrating.

Let’s all not get too carried away though. Holiday or not, health is still our wealth, thus, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of staying healthy. Anyways, we didn’t try to stay healthy all 11 months of the year just to disregard our healthy habits because we celebrated too much ain’t we?

Here are some ways for you to keep healthy without spoiling your holiday plans:

Keep yourself hydrated. The Christmas season is undeniably an exciting time but one of the most exhausting also. Keeping in mind to keep yourself hydrated running around from buying gifts to going to parties is a big help to your body. Add to that, you’ll feel more fatigue and sluggish when you get dehydrated so better drink up!

Mindfully eat. Luck for me, I’m mostly in charge of our food at home so I get to decide and make sure that the dishes we have is well balanced. It’s only natural for us humans to over-indulge especially when there’s something to celebrate, all your favorite dishes in front of you to indulge in, we are in a happy mood, and with great people around. You don’t even notice how full you get until you stand up from your seat to leave the party.

One trick I’ve learned that I can apply on this kind of occasion while still being discreet is by chewing slowly my food. With this, you don’t feel deprived yet trick your mind and feel full faster than you are. Isn’t that a win-win?! You get to mingle and eat less at the same time.

Find healthy substitutes. When it comes to finding healthy substitutes, I didn’t mean trying to serve fish instead of ham (no offense to fish lovers). I’m just one of those meat lovers who wouldn’t find Christmas complete without having ham on the table. When trying to substitute healthily, again, do it discreetly! hahaha… I found this article online with great cooking substitute suggestions.

Technically, you substitute some of your common ingredients for healthier ones without changing the dish itself. Isn’t that exciting! Your kids won’t notice for sure that you’ve used wheat flour on your bread instead of the usual ones you use, don’t they?!

Incorporate workouts. If standing up in the kitchen most of the day and wearing heels at a party isn’t comparable to your usual daily workout, then why not incorporate doing squats as well while waiting for your dish to simmer? Using the stairs when you go around finding gifts is also a great idea! Lastly, if you know that it’s possible to walk anywhere you’re going, then walk.

Even here in humid Singapore, the breeze seems to get a bit cooler than usual and for me, it’s the best time to walk outside. Breathe the fresh air, get some exercise, and save on gas or fare!

Don’t forget to make time for Self-Care. There’s no problem getting too carried away and giving out too much to others, just don’t forget about yourself! We all have our own definition of Self-Care, so do what it is for you. Pamper yourself, splurge on something you’ve been eyeing for a while, and get some needed rest!

Keep a healthy mindset. The holiday season won’t be a joyful one if you clutter your mind with tribulation. Remind yourself how blessed you’ve been, be grateful for everything you get to have, especially the food you get to eat, focus on the things you can control, and lastly, set boundaries.

Manage stress. As mentioned multiple times, there’s a big chance of you getting stressed this holidays, as usual. Don’t let the stress and anxiety get to you. Here are 6 Proven ways to fight stress and anxiety.

I know it’s still too early but as excited as I am, I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! And if you’re into Christmas traditions or would like to start one, I’m sharing our own Christmas Tradition!!!

Get your own copy now by clicking the photo below.

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14 thoughts on “6 Ways on how to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

  1. Great post! I find that increased stress is the biggest health problem during the holiday season!

  2. Diwali and Christmas are two such festivals where it is extremely difficult to not to binge eat, especially on sweets. You have written extremely useful points on how to avoid eating too much during the festival. Will keep the points in mind.

  3. We often do not realize that Holidays can be triggering and stressful too. Loved how you balanced tips for both mental and physical health. Both are equally important.

  4. Such a lovely post. There are ways to make the Christmas dinner healthier without compromising on taste. I am surely going to check out the link for the substitutes.

  5. Merry Christmas Jeannie. Wonderful post and tips which are really needed at this holiday season. I want to eat mindfully and have to keep hydrated because cakes are my weak point and now days I am more towards sweet tooth. I will remember this.

  6. Jeannine, I wish you a merry Christmas in advance as well. wonderful contribution! I like your advice about eating slowly, incorporating workouts, staying hydrated, and self-care, as festivals are fun and bring families together but also bring a lot of stress.

  7. Festivals are times when we just let down our hair not realising the repercussions. Your tips are great reminders to be mindful and stay healthy instead of splurging.

  8. Jeannine, I like your suggestion about eating slowly, incorporating workouts, staying hydrated, and self-care. Most importantly, try to enjoy instead of stressing – finding and spreading joy. Jesus is the reason for the season. Downloaded your traditions book. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Even if I dont want to get into stress surroundings are giving me stress… I am feeling little disturbed these days… But following your points i think will get some relief

  10. Merry Christmas in advance to you too Jeannine… lovely post! festivals are no doubt fun and bring families together but it also brings along a lot of stress… I agree that it is important to manage stress first and foremost.

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