Unique ways of giving Christmas Present Ideas

Unique ways of giving Christmas Present Ideas

    We’re almost gearing towards the end of the year. If you’re starting to make your list ahead of time, like me, isn’t it great to continue on being intentional with your gifts?! Not that material gifts aren’t given and thought of with intention, but by giving someone something for them to experience themselves, that for me is a way better.

    So here’s a list and some recommendations of intentional gifts you can give to any age bracket yet still get the same awesomeness reaction.


    Singapore may look like a tiny red dot in the map but it still boasts of different learning and interesting places to go to and enjoy. It wouldn’t be a great tourist destination after all, right?!

    Be a Wildlife Member for FREE and get to enjoy amazing benefits such as up to 30% admission tickets discount! Nonetheless, why not be extra generous by giving a Friends of Wildlife Pass. Both memberships apply on all wildlife parks in Singapore such as Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

    Photo credit: Wikipedia

    What’s more impressive is that these passes can also be used to get discounts on parking, dining, tours, etc. Head over to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve website to learn more!

    Another interesting membership you could give is for the Science Center, you may or may not like science in school but one thing’s for sure, it would always amaze you no matter what age you are. I remember adding this to our list of places to go to when we first came here in Singapore, back in 2010. Busy finding a job on weekdays and feeling like a tourist on weekends.

    Photo credits: Visit Singapore

    I loved our first visit and would never get tired going there especially nowadays that we have kids already. Those grinning smile everyone gets every time something astonishing has been seen is always remarkable. Share this excitement by gifting a membership to the Science Center Singapore.

    Want to know what’s more amazing? A member gets to enjoy Complimentary or discounted admission to more than 290 science museums worldwide through the ASTC Travel Passport Program. Visit the ASTC Travel Passport Program for the full list. This is on top of other discounts one could get such as discounts of birthday party packages, dining, and shops.


    We may not have vineyards here in Singapore to experience wine tasting but we’ve got the Tiger Beer Brewery where one can tour it’s factory and see how their favourite alcohol drink is made. Not that to encourage children to drink alcohol but it’s a great learning experience for them to see how science takes place to produce something us humans consume. Then afterwards, of course, it’s dad and mom who gets to do the free tasting! Gift a tour or maybe include yourself too! Here’s how to register.

    Photo Credit: Tiger Brewery

    If you know someone who doesn’t like beer yet fancy some gin, fret not! They’ll surely appreciate going on Singapore’s first Gin Distillery, Tanglin. They offer an incredible tour to their distillery which comes with (of course!) a gin tasting flight! Here’s the link to the Tanglin Gin Distillery Tour to know more details on it. You’re welcome!

    Photo credit: Tanglin Gin

    Not to worry, the kiddos have their own tour to enjoy too!

    Why not feel like a tourist in your home country. We may be foreigners but after living here in Singapore for more than a decade, this has definitely been home to us too. That’s why, when we got relatives in town, we make sure to grab that opportunity to feel touristy.

    We love going around and touring the city riding the Singapore Bus Tours, particularly the Night Tour sitting on the top of the double decker bus seeing the Christmas lights throughout the city as the Christmas breeze brush through your face. There’s also a day tour which you can enjoy as well!

    Photo credit: Big Bus Tour

    Another tour that won’t disappoint kids is Lemuel Chocolate’s Factory tour where you can see the production facility and learn about our bean-to-bar making process. Together with that is being able to design your own chocolate bar with your own personalised toppings!!!

    Photo credit: Lemuel chocolate


    Don’t we all have that one fashionista friend?! Here’s a great suggestion that will make you her best of all her best friends! Her Velvet Vase or HVV offers what they call a “Moodbox”. It’s basically, a 1, 3, or 6 month/s (your choice), monthly on-demand stylist subscription service. Let your friend be styled and let her remember of how amazing of a friend are you whenever she receives her moodbox in the months to come! Visit their website to learn more.

    One of the best gifts you can give a child to encourage them to be creative and keep that curious mind is to gift them one of the award-winning subscription services, a Tinkerer box! Available different boxes according to your child’s age. They’ll surely enjoy using hands-on, high-quality materials which boosts interest in creating open-ended activities. Tinkerer is really a parent’s partner in helping children develop self-esteem and confidence as they immerse themselves doing their STEAM projects.

    Another great way to gift a child which their parent’s would surely appreciate too is a book subscription. One Happy Book is your go-to place for this. Offering a wide variety of subscriptions to choose from. What I love about them too is that their price range is very reasonable and a bit on the cheaper side “actually” given the price of books nowadays.

    Gift giving has played a special part of our lives. It’s not only when we receive gifts that we feel joyful but more actually when we’re able to give to others, for me, that’s when the happiness from within is most achieved. Though we’re most used to giving and receiving material gifts, I guess it’s about time to give that a little twist and make it more memorable by being intentional.

    It’s not only during the holiday season that we should be intentional in our purchases. Do you know that one added stress in our lives are the junk we actually buy? How to solve this? Only by being intentional with your purchases.

    Do you have any other more intentional ideas in mind? I’d love to hear from the comments below.

    Let the gift giving begin!!!

    We’re almost gearing towards the end of the year. If you’re starting to make your list ahead of time, like me, isn’t it great to continue on being intentional with your gifts?! Not that material gifts aren’t given and thought of with intention, but by giving someone something for them to experience themselves, that for…

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