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Tips on How to be intentional with your purchases

I love sale and any freebies!!! Who doesn’t?

There’s this funny story during our first months here in Singapore. We used to live in Choa Chu Kang that time and there’s this store named Etude near the entrance door who would always have a sales lady say, “Gift for you!” to everyone. I knew that in order to get that freebie, I needed to buy something from them. Being the usual me, even with a tight budget, I tried to save a few dollars so I could buy something from them.

The day came and I finally was able to buy something. I was actually more excited to go home and open my “free gift”. hahaha….Can you guess what’s in it?!

It’s just a freaking COTTON PADS!!! About 20 pcs of them!!!!hahaha…. My hubby would always tease me until now whenever we pass by Etude and whisper to me, “Gift for you!”

Do you have any experience like that too? If so, I hope you comment below your story. I’d love to hear about it too! Going back to our topic, INTENTIONAL PURCHASES.

With just 72 days before Christmas (as of writing), the biggest celebration of the year is coming again! It may be the joyous, yet also not the joyous to all pockets 🤪 especially if you don’t have a budget. It’s the month were endless parties and get-togethers usually happens and when it does, it’s only natural as human not to show-up empty handed, right?!

It’s during these times that I really make a conscious effort to be mindful of my presence whenever we need to visit the mall. It’s not only you who celebrate of course. December is also when business is good for those store owners, hence, all the “sales” you can think of appear during this season as well.

Here are some tips that can help you be more Intentional with your Purchases:

Make a list and stick to it!

It’s not gonna be easy but it’s doable. To make your life easier, listing the item and budget can help you lessen the stress of finding the one you’d like to purchase.

Shopping hack: Check online before hand. You can just go to the store to verify the fitting (if it’s a clothing or footwear) then purchase whichever gives the best price. More often it’s the one online as you can find some “promo codes” somewhere.

Plan your day out to the mall

I’m pretty sure this won’t be your first trip to the mall you’ll be going. You’ll know where to find the stores you want to go. Avoid window shopping on shops that doesn’t include items on your list. Know that brands have spent $$$ and tons of marketing efforts to lure customers it. Don’t make yourself one of those who get caught with their bait.

Sleep it first

And if they happen to be too persistent that you can’t resist, your last resort is to think over it first. If you still have time to go back the next day for it, then sleep it over first. You might change your mind or find it a hassle to go back the next day just for it (so you get to save yourself from that!!!woohoo!!!)

If not, then maybe have a snack or eat lunch first. You can also finish the other items on your list first. By the time you finish, you might not be thinking of that item anymore.😉

Do budgeting

I’ve been saying how important this is in a couple of my blog posts already and I’ll say it again, make a budget! You’ll be surprised how much less stress you’ll have after you’ve done your shopping. You’ll enjoy the experience, or if you’re me, I call it “a hunt” for that item that fits my budget.

What’s great about this is that you don’t get to go back home with your hands full of bags, and empty pocket, and a mind wondering where to get payment for all of those purchases. You won’t have that mental burden since you’ve allotted already for that.

Resist the temptation of SALES

Don’t be like me on my story who gets lured by that “gift for you”. As I’ve said, brands prepared well for seasons like this. They know what they’re doing and who they are targeting for and how much sales they need to get everyday.

Don’t fall for those ON SALES items that you don’t need. Think of the reasons why you’re doing this intentional purchases in the first place.

And whenever you feel that you’ll miss out the sale if you’re not getting it today. I guarantee you, that will be on sale again the next “sale season”. By the time that season comes again, make sure you have the budget for it. That’s the only way to go to be able to develop that discipline within you and keep your financial health in good shape.

6 thoughts on “Tips on How to be intentional with your purchases

  1. You are right, the word SALE is very tempting and sometimes we analyse when we come home. I liked your pointers to stay focused in shopping.

  2. Damn! So helpful tips specially at this period of time. Sales going on everywhere and the black friday approaching so I already made my list but your points made me undo it thinking of do I really need of all of that? ❤️

  3. This is a very suitable time for this kind of reminder post on how to be mindful of our shopping. The sale season often makes us crazy, and we mostly end up buying things that we don’t require. I always make a list of things I need and never go beyond that, even if the offers are lucrative.

  4. The times of Sale is actually difficult. Though one needs to be aware of this unless products not required will also be bought. And both time and money will be wasted for something which is not required. Thank you for sharing this and I feel this is a must read.

  5. I agree the sale season make all of us to go on mindless shopping spree, and those buying usually rest in our cupboard for a long. We all should understand the term intentionally purchase. Thanksfor sharing

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