Reasons why we need to be Intentional Shopping

We all love the feeling of being able to purchase something. It’s feels great knowing you’ve worked hard and able to afford the things you want to buy. But is that it? Aside from the financial burden this purchases can give someone, if money’s not an issue, then why do we need to still be intentional in shopping?

Time is precious

May say time is money, I prefer saying it as a precious. Why? Because, it’s not always that we need to associate time with money. If we have enough money, then should that be an excuse to simply let time pass by?

Time is precious as we need or rather would want to use it wisely. There’s more to life than earning $$$. We have a life to live with, a family to spend with, children to see grow, ourselves to relax and do some self-care, etc.

So why should we waste our time in the mall, going around and around shops finding sales? Why would we spend hours and hours online finding stuff to buy when it’s a SALE DAY when we might not even use it anyway?

WHY? Ask this question to yourself before your next trip to the mall.

Be wise with your money

You’ve worked hard for it! I know, you know, we all know. So why spend on stuff when you already have more than enough?

Here’s a scary reality on how much clothing we buy:


As humans, we mostly stop growing at the age of 18-20. This means, whatever height you’re in or shoe size you have, you’ll pretty much be the same in 10 years time. And as for your size, as long as you maintain a healthy diet, then you’ll also stay the same all those time. So why do we need to buy that much clothes?

I love this article by my good friend Natalie Ricaud of Get Organised and Beyond where she wrote about how much clothes do we really need. It’s a must read so do make time to read it!

This might change your mind and be more intentional with your clothing purchases the next time you plan to add some items to your wardrobe.

The Clutter

If you haven’t guessed yet where this article was going when I mentioned Natalie, then you might not know her yet. She’s a professional organiser who has helped clients make their home clutter free! Basically our local Marie Kondo, if you want to say it that way.

Anyways, intentional shopping has something to do with the clutter you have at home, of course! It’s not only your finances that’s on the line here but also that space at your home and the stress you feel when you’re surrounded by stuff you’ve bought that you don’t need at all.

The word “intentional” has been mentioned on this blog for a reason. hahaha… At the end of the day, there’s no reason why we should feel bad about making a purchase. It’s a blessing to be able to afford to buy something and we should never feel rebuff that positive energy that’s coming our way.

We welcome it with intention. There’s much more your money can be of good use. If you feel content with what you have, you’ll never have the urge to buy unnecessary stuff that could only lead you to feel stress at the end. Save yourself from that.

6 thoughts on “Reasons why we need to be Intentional Shopping

  1. I also follow this principle of intentional shopping. In fact, I am reminded of a recent incident when my husband wanted to buy a gadget without actually having a dire need of it. I had refused him there and then.

  2. When I want to buy something I add it to my cart. After that, I revisit the cart whenever I am free and wait it out for a month. If after a month I still feel the need and importance to buy it I pay else I delete the item from the cart.

  3. The term intentional shopping is definitely something that should replace impulsive shopping which most of us are guilty of. The proliferation of online shopping has only added fuel to the fire of impulsive shopping and we all are sacrificed at the altar of this all-consuming fad.

  4. I follow this principle in my life and avoid unnecessary stuffs that create clutter at home. you have explained many great benefits of intentional shopping in this post, so well. will help lots of people to shop and save wisely.

  5. Wow! This article is an eye opener for me and exactly make me realise why I am not able to save up much at the end of year because of accessive shopping i do. I don’t even consume it that much through out the year. Thank you very much. I will be mindful on expenses

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