Ways to better determine your future

Ways to better determine your future

    Nobody can determine our future except the one above, God. Does that mean we simply wait in vain and wait for things to happen to us? Of course, not! In the Bible, Matthew 7:7 even says, ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

    This only means that we’re required to do something and not simply wait. This applies in all areas of our life, may it be our personal goals, love life, family, work, spiritual, and also financial. What we’ll focus here though is the financial side where the most obvious way to achieve your goals is to work. That’s what we’re taught from school and by the society, right?!

    While that can play a big part of how successful you can be in your future, it isn’t just by working that it can be achieved. There’s something most of us forget though that plays an important for on ones success, that’s HABITS!

    That’s right! Every Billionaire or Millionaire have great habits which they do every single day and I’m sure, if you’ll ask them where to start, they’s say, START WITH YOUR HABITS.

    Here are the Habits you’ll need to be financially successful:

    Mind your own business

    Most of us have been raised to mind of what others would think or say or see in you. The negativity of this action hinders your great potential in doing what you should be doing. As long as you don’t step on someone, finding a way to simply work smarter than harder is the way to go.

    This way, you get to allocate your time wisely and do more stuff. We all only have 24 hours a day yet you wonder how others can do more? Well, because they simply do. They don’t look at other’s and see how they are gauging compared to themselves.

    Set Goals

    When doing this, I suggest to do it the “SMART” way. I’m not saying your way is a dumb-way, what I meant is by doing the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound Concept. This guide is really helpful for you to make your dream into goals and finally your reality.

    Re-assess your budget

    Making a budget is a great step forward already for someone who is aiming for a financial lifestyle change. A one-time set-up though isn’t enough for this to be utilised wisely. Re-assessing your budget helps you see and tweak more on loopholes where you can squeeze more from your budget.

    You might have allocated a $300 for food but since you’ve been doing meal planning, you’ve noticed that you’ve been using $200-250 only for the past 2 months. This is a great opportunity to modify your budget and perhaps, increase your savings or add more to your emergency fund.

    Let go of instant-gratification

    I heard this is one problem of millennials nowadays. Who can blame them? They’ve been raised in a society where food is widely available through fast food and food deliveries, information is widely available through the internet on their smartphones or computers, and the technology of almost everything to make things done faster.

    I’m not upset or against all of this. Believe me, we do eat at fast food, avail food deliveries too, and I’m a fan of the internet (hello! I’m a Blogger and I’m happy that you’re reading this from another side of the world!!!) I’m truly grateful for it. OKAY?!

    What’s upsetting about it though is that because of this though, the thought of working for something has been a pain on their a$$e$. Wanting for things to be easily received/obtained doesn’t happen in real world despite all of the technology “now” has to offer. We people still need to work for it.

    It is because of this mindset that people settle for things that doesn’t truly matters. Instead of waiting, they settle for instant-gratification. If you want to be successful, financially and in life in general, don’t! The best is yet to come, always! So, hang-in there!

    Find someone who knows better

    This is one thing the most successful people would surely be doing yet others who sees them on the top doesn’t see it coming. Successful people understands that they don’t know everything and humbles themselves and seeks help from someone who knows better.

    Wonder why you hear in the movies this famous lines from their famous characters? “Talk to my attorney, or Talk to my accountant”. Aside from they pay them, they also know that these people know better than them in those specific fields. This helps them do better in their life and focus on what they do best.

    Sharing with others

    There’s a misconception in the society that when you give, it should be at least a certain amount. You can get rid that from your mindset because the reality is, there’s no big or small amount on giving. Others don’t even give money but time instead. Some may think that giving monetary donations is better than giving their time. That’s not true. It comes hand-in-hand with each other as monetary donations can’t be utilised without volunteers to act on whatever is needed to be done.

    Giving back is a great way to show gratefulness on whatever you are receiving. When you are blessed, you tend to give more.

    Nobody can determine our future except the one above, God. Does that mean we simply wait in vain and wait for things to happen to us? Of course, not! In the Bible, Matthew 7:7 even says, ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be…


    1. These pointers are so so true and practical setting goal is the most important thing and I’m always in search of the one who can guide me better at this. Thank you for the helpful post.

    2. Setting goals and setting up budget is really very important. You have covered so many helpful ways which are really important to ensure the security of our future. Thanks for sharing such an interesting topic.

    3. Financial literacy is really important. I loved your points on being financially successful. I believe that setting goals and finding someone who knows better are two most important points. These two points will basically help you succeed in anything you do.

    4. At times I feel I need to plan a bit better. After reading your article on setting goals, working on it. Giving time rather than money,is important too. Not everything is about money afterall. Nice article.

    5. Setting goals and budgeting is really very important. You have covered some really helpful ways to ensure the security of our future.

    6. These are some really sensible and practical ways to ensure the security of your future. Financial independence is of course desirable and also achievable.

    7. I like how you suggested ‘SMART’. I’ve never heard of a societal misconception that when you give, you should give at least a certain amount. Glad that you have mentioned it here.

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