12 Asian Noodle Recipes you’d love to cook for dinner

12 Asian Noodle Recipes you’d love to cook for dinner

    I’m no stranger to blogs. I started reading blogs more than 10 years ago and as a “filipino”, I’ve always loved looking over those blogs of westerners. If only I had the mindset and courage to start my own blog before, I would have written a lot by now. I’m not here to ponder on my past though, I’m sharing that so I could highlight how much less of internet space has been filled with recipe’s that we as Asians really eat.

    As much my kids loves mommy’s spaghetti, I’d happily indulge on other kinds of noodles that I’ve come to love throughout the years. On this list, you’ll see my favourite noodle recipes from the country where I was born, raised, and now based on. Some others are those that started as a fad but I’ve come to love too!

    Ready to dive in?!

    Ramen This Miso Ramen recipe came from Just One Cookbook

    Having been born in Japan and visiting there every school vacation, ramen has a special spot in my heart. Even up to now, when rarely eat out, I simply make at home some homemade ramen which the whole fam loves.

    Yakisoba This Yakisoba recipe came from NoRecipes (huh?! that’s kinda confusing…just kidding!)

    If it’s not ramen, it’s yakisoba that my parents would be treating us for some noodle indulgence. I especially love those yakisoba sold on street markets in Japan. Of all the amazing food stalls, I always end up with some yummy, hot, savory yakisoba! yum!

    Pancit This Pancit recipe came from Panlasang Pinoy

    If you ask some foreigner to name a chicken dish, that would be adobo. Pancit is the noodles version of that! Always present during birthday parties (as it being noodles symbolises long life)is often paired with some shanghai. This is one filipino fish my kiddos wouldn’t say no.

    Lomi This Lomi recipe came from FoxyFolksy

    Lomi may have originated from China but the most popular variation nowadays came from our province called Batangas (about an hour or two from Manila). It’s savoury thick soup mixed with some soy sauce and kalamansi makes it a perfect dish to eat during rainy season. I used to have this even on hot days though before heading home from school.

    Now that you knew my fave noodles from my place of birth and where I grew up, let’s head to the variety of noodles I’ve come to love from the place where I’m based now and have been living for over a decade. As diverse as the nationalities of people living in Singapore, this place is a food haven where you can find the best dishes from different countries as well.

    Laksa This Laksa recipe came from Tasty

    If you say Laksa, you’ll most probably associate it with Singapore despite its origin being from Indonesia. This spiced bowl of goodness surely wins a lots of tourists who visit Singapore all year round. You’ll be surprised why one would still order a steamingly hot bowl of Laksa noodles when it’s so hot and humid already in Singapore. Well, that maybe the clue on how good it is, you can’t resist!

    Hokkien Mee This Hokkien Mee recipe came from Rasa Malaysia

    My daughter’s favourite noodle dish whenever we eat at any hawker place. They especially love the ones from the hawker near Changi Beach! Too good that we’d travel from North to East for them to eat! haha

    Mee Goreng This Mee Goreng recipe came from Taste Asian Food

    This noodles wasn’t too foreign to me when I came here to Singapore as I’ve got a dormmate in college who was raised in Indonesia. She of course would share some of the food she used to love and have growing up. While here in Singapore, most people would refer Mee Goreng as a Malaysian dish. We’re not here to argue though on the origin of Mee Goreng but acknowledge it’s great taste!

    Kway Teow This Kway Teow recipe came from RecipeTin Eats

    This personally is my favourite noodle dish that I often buy whenever we eat at a hawker place. If my daughter’s will have Hokkien Mee, I’ll have Kway Teow. I love how simple this dish is but savoury at the same time. Wins my heart always!

    Chow mein This Chow mein recipe came from Damn Delicious

    Chinese food can be found anywhere. There’s even 35 Chinatown’s spread across 19 countries in Asia! How amazing is that?! With the population of the Chinese being 18+% percent of the total world population, there’s no doubt you can eat their famous dishes from anywhere in the planet. Here’s what’s surprising though, Chow mein isn’t as popular in China as we think it is rather it is often served as a specific dish at westernized Chinese restaurants. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself in China and can’t get your Chow mein fix.

    Then here comes the recipes that started with a fad but remained in my heart and would surely continue to buy or make at home whenever I feel like craving for it.

    Pad Thai This Pad Thai recipe came from Hot Thai Kitchen

    With a lot of Thai restaurants here in Singapore, it’s no wonder we often stumble to eating on one of them and always order some Pad thai. This is one of those times days me and my hubby would feel guilty for ordering. It’s because it has peanuts and our youngest one has a peanut allergy. Oh well, we can’t wait for her to outgrow that allergy of hers that’s been preventing us to have some PBJ for breakfast! haha..

    Pho This Pho recipe came from Simply Recipes

    First of all, don’t pronounce it Pho as “fo”. Don’t be like me! haha..I remember when my SIL told me about this and she can’t stop giggling and teasing me about it! haha.. Anyways, it is pronounced as “fa-a”. You start with a low voice and gradually rise your voice like this. Oh yes! I googled it and for you and found this YouTube video so you won’t make simple mistakes like mis-pronouncing this delicious recipe! I’m getting into Vietnamese food nowadays and I’ve recently ordered some Banh Mi and Pho for lunch. It’s delicious soup would keep you slurping for more!

    Jap Chae This Jap Cahe recipe cam from Maangchi

    If you’re part of the army, then you for sure have been swallowed by the Korean fever and would get your hands on anything Korean, including their food. On our recent trip to the Philippines, my sisters (yeah! they are part of the army too) treated us to a Korean restaurant and got us some of these. Aside from not being part of the army (don’t hate me.haha) I personally didn’t like it that much. Why this made it to this list is because of you my army friends!

    I hope by giving you this recipes, you get encouraged to cook it at home yourself rather that buy it from somewhere. Not that I’m against the F&B Industry, I/we do eat out as well! But as this website promotes you to take care of your Self-Health-Wealth, cooking at home is the way to do for you to eat it at a portion that best fits you, make sure you only add the healthy ingredients and seasonings, and of course, save you some $$$ than eating out.

    Hope this list of noodle dishes made you as hungry as I am now! If your favourite noodle dish didn’t made it to this list, comment down below and I’ll try it somewhere and give my honest review about it!

    I’m no stranger to blogs. I started reading blogs more than 10 years ago and as a “filipino”, I’ve always loved looking over those blogs of westerners. If only I had the mindset and courage to start my own blog before, I would have written a lot by now. I’m not here to ponder on…


    1. Oh dear I feel like hugging you after reading this article of yours as I love noodles but dont know much variety of it. Now I will start making it using various options. Thanks you for this awesome yummy post

    2. Oh I am die hard fan of pad thai. i love that crushes peanut flavoured in it. And since I like flat noodles or rice noodles in asian cousin, I would love to give it a try to Laksa as well.

    3. These are some great options you have shared for nonvegetarians. This post is indeed a treat for them. I am vegetarian, so I will try to make it with a little twist.

    4. I am a vegetarian but would love to try these recipes with a vegetarian twist. Plus I didn’t know these varieties. It’s a must to try for non veg chinese lovers. Great options.

    5. My kids and I just love noodles in any form. So when I had some leftover chicken and a craving for something savoury and different, I improvised with noodles. This post is really good. It’ll save me a lot of time I waste thinking of variations to cook.

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