Month: August 2022

Best Sleep Routine Advice for better sleep

I always love reading articles about routines, perhaps, mainly because part of my personality wants to always know what is ahead of me and plan things better. And to be able to achieve this, routines are essential so those auto-pilot stuff we do are done timely, thus, makes us use our day wisely. What I…

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Surprisingly Powers of Intentional and Quality Parenting

Don’t we as parents only want the best for our children? From the time we hear their heart beat, we start to envision (and plan) the things we would do for them. This of course includes their needs such as the best milk you could provide, the clothes they’ll wear, the space they could roam…

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One Secret to a Contented Life

Can you give someone you know who has it all? Richness, Success, Fame…we may not know someone personally but hey, you might be living on a cave somewhere on the outer space if you haven’t even heard of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban or maybe you’re a lot younger than…

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