Great Parenting Tips in the 21th Century on How to keep your Calm

Great Parenting Tips in the 21th Century on How to keep your Calm

    As I was about to write this blog post, I just had my morning coffee and stare outside our living room window appreciating the view of endless buildings I can see from our 14th floor rental unit. It’s around 7am and since its school vacation, the kiddos are still at bed.

    There’s many types of finding calmness or silence in our lives. As I always want to say in all of my Social Media platforms, it’s all in our mindset. You might have read recommendations of meditation, doing yoga, and other sort of things but in reality, all of this is useless if the intention of finding what suits you isn’t there.

    Everything needs to start from YOU.

    I’ve long lost interest in sugar-coating things for the sake of other’s appreciation. So the scenario I’ve just told you on my 1st paragraph may be my peace and calmness today but don’t get me wrong, my sink is full of dishes to waiting to be cleaned, the center table of our living room is full of legos the kids played before bed, and I’m still on my PJs.

    I’m not here to preach rather to give you inspiration of reality on how to create and find the peace within you before the chaos of your day starts. Here are some suggestions you’d want to try out and hopefully find one that suits you and apply in your daily life. I promise you, once you find the one that gives you that calmness within you, no matter how stressful your day could be, you’ll be conquering it with positivity.😉


    Spirituality plays a big part on Self-Care/ Self-Love. This is where you give everything you have within you, sorrows, problems, gratefulness, and appreciation to the Sovereign Ruler of all Mankind. When we believe that there’s someone who rules above us all and have great plans for us, there’s this calmness within you to just give all you’ve got and follow where life leads you. Giving thanks and praise the moment you wake-up in the morning is a great head-start to find calmness within your day.


    We all walk different walks of life therefore, my calmness from our living room can’t be done if you work in the office and is on your way to work every morning at 7am. Despite all this difference, I still believe anyone can do it despite being anywhere by simply setting aside our smartphones for a few minutes. To be mindful of our surroundings, looking at the cars passing by, the people we come across and focusing on yourself and how you feel at the moment would give you calmness.


    You must think, this lady must be crazy, of course I breathe! But hold your horses, are you sure you know you’re breathing? Most of us live like breathing robots. Yes, I say robots because they live their life like an automated thing. Simply letting the days pass by, work, pay bills, splurge on a weekend, then put that on repeat letting life simply pass by. Please don’t do this to yourself. START TODAY! Breathe… hear how you breathe, be mindful of how you breathe, and be grateful that you breathe.


    I’ve already mentioned Spirituality earlier but finding gratitude in everything is a different level where you can find calmness. When you see things around you and find the good things on it and be grateful for it, it would feel like positivity running through your veins. With this, you’ll surely be calm facing your day.


    I’m really not a fan of yoga as I sometimes feel frustrated not being able to do those poses due to my in-flexible body (as if there’s a term like that). Anyways, I still include this on the list as I do it from time to time as well. By doing yoga, you get to be aware more of how you breathe and do some exercise as well.


    Find the best exercise for you. Some may be athletic, others love dancing, while others can’t find time to go to the gym. All of this doesn’t matter as exercise can be done in any place you want to do it as the main thing you need is YOURSELF and only YOU. Exercise simply means moving your body. So do it anyway you find yourself happily doing it. The key is finding the way where you get to sweat!


    When you’re tired, drink water. Stressed, drink water. Bored, drink water. Need to calm down, drink water. Water isn’t just one of the essentials our body needs to live but for our brain as well be keep it’s soundness and find calm. Not only does drinking water help your body when you’re out of control but also gives you that “pause” where you get to breathe and rethink if what you’re doing/ or about to do is right. So, DRINK WATER.

    Are you still looking for ways to be calm as a parent? Well, let me remind you that before you’re a parent, you’re an individual who needs the calmness within you. It is very important to start from yourself and be kind to yourself first before thinking of being a superhero for others. When you care for yourself and do things that you love, you’ll surely be great, positive and be able to give more in whatever endeavour you’re up to, may that be parenthood, being a good partner, employee, employer, boss, etc.

    I hope you find this helpful and find this post inspiring. Having more people understand the need and usefulness of Self-Care in their lives would mean the world to me. I hope you help me spread the word and help make this world have people who live in happiness and positivity.

    Wanting to know more how silence can help you improve your life? I’ve interviewed Jean Alfonso-Decena of InSilenceAI and I highly encourage you to watch it.

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    As I was about to write this blog post, I just had my morning coffee and stare outside our living room window appreciating the view of endless buildings I can see from our 14th floor rental unit. It’s around 7am and since its school vacation, the kiddos are still at bed. There’s many types of…


    1. Keeping calm and not loosing your cool with the child is a very important in positive parenting. I always try to explain situations to my child and distract myself to maintain calm

    2. Liked the point that everything begins with you. We have to balance numerous aspects to stay calm and all the nature elements also help us achieve it. Great detailed article.

    3. I can understand how it is to be a parent. I see my sister struggling to manage everything to take care of his baby her work and housework. This article is really so helpful. I am going to share it with her.

    4. Praying and just taking one day at a time helps me a lot.Its a good way to keep calm.But most importantly knowing when to.say yes and no is life changing for me.

    5. Absolutely. To err is human and parents are as much human as anyone else. The acceptance that parents are not celestial beings can be the first step.

    6. I totally agree with all your pointers and follow them also, but I never thought about drinking,
      So true, Drinking water not only helps our bodies when we are out of control, but it also gives us that “pause” where we can breathe and rethink if what we’re doing/about to do is suitable. Handling kid indeed need patience.

    7. Parents are real angels. I always see my parents sacrifice for me. They always make sure I’m okay and at a good State of mind. I always always tell them to take care of themselves first. I take my dad on a nice dinner date,give my mom a massage or makeover. These small things makes the most impact.

    8. I agree that it is necessary to find to find things what work best for us. nowadays our mind is stuff with many options we see on social media. taking things slow and do things as per your preference give long term results.

    9. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s a 24/7 job with no days off and very little appreciation. It’s important for us to remember that we are a person too and we need to take care of ourselves. We should make sure you carve out some time each day to do something that we enjoy. This can be something as simple as reading a book, taking a walk, or taking a bubble bath.

    10. What an insightful article on self care and child care. Your article touches upon all relevant aspects ,I am sure readers will immensely benefit from your article.

    11. I so love the on your face approach. The inputs shared are bang on and I agree calm within is A Must and we should not forget we are an individual before we are A parent.

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