Astounding Benefits You need to know about Supplements

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In the past 2 or so years since Covid-19 emerged, we all have pretty much been well informed of what virus is all about. As much as we know about the virus, we all tried our best to be well informed about how to take care of ourselves as well. That being said, not only how it looked in the outside but primarily by making our immune system at its best shape.

Supplements have been well known even before the Pandemic and most people are used to taking this already as part of their daily routine. Being picky eaters at some point ever meal can take a toll on the nutrients our body really needs. That’s one reason supplements are a need.

Supplements help augment the dietary needs your body lack to get from the food you eat so you can get the needed requirement that your body needs. If we aren’t eating much food of a kind of nutrient that our body needs, these supplements make sure that you get them!

There’s much more to supplements than that!

Here’s are more of the benefits you can get from it:

Maintain their general health. When your body gets all the nutrients it needs, you can very much say and also have that peace of mind knowing that your body’s general wellbeing is maintained and in good shape. Just like a well maintained vehicle, you can be assured that you’ve provided your body with the best support your immune system it needs and be assured that it won’t let you down easily if ever virus or bad bacteria came lurking around.

Support mental and sports-related performance. Our body’s performance depends on what we feed it. In relation with my example earlier with a vehicle, now, it’s the gas that makes sure that your vehicle can bring you to places you want to be. Without this, or if you put on it poorly, what do you expect your brain and body to perform? Feed your brain and body with the right nutrients through the food you eat and right supplements you need for you to perform at tip-top of your game, may it be mentally or physically.

Promotes healthy aging. Aging is one thing all of us can’t run from. You can all the beautification you want to maintain your youthful looks, but that age of yours will still have a +1 yearly. There’s nothing wrong with that. Actually, it’s a beautiful thing for us to happen as it means we lived a long life.

Making sure we age with grace is a different story though and that’s what we need to focus more. As bones stiffen and our organs act differently, we also need to make sure we cater to those specific needs. Getting the right supplement for that is a must.

Supports healthy gut. Unbeknownst to most, supplements that promotes the health of the gut microbiome exists and is also important.

StaZen Probio-I helps combine friendly bacteria, along with an appropriate food source for good bacteria to provide you with a healthy gut. What’s more great with this is that it’s made from an innovative broad spectrum, synergistic formula made of 8 different strains combined with prebiotics designed for Asian consumers.

Living in a tropical country like Singapore, it’s great to know that this company specifically made sure that we get 8 strains have been professionally selected for its ability to adapt in Asian climate known for high temperature and humidity. How thoughtfully made, right?Here’s more to know about it:

It also contains Bacillus coagulan strain that helps in lactic acid formation making this product shelf-stable. It is encapsulated in gastro resistant caps to ensure it is protected from the acidic nature of the gastric juices and reaches the intestines where it is actually needed.

What I love about Stazen?

  • 100% Natural ingredients – derived from original source without adding any artificial elements.
  • Best source of dietary supplement – Because we are 100% natural ingredients, you are getting the best source with the highest nutritional value.
  • Supplements which are backed by sciences and clinical research.

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We aren’t here to just feed you guys with what’s good but also to remind you and give awareness on the risks if you aren’t careful with the supplements that you take. Remember, everything that’s in excess, even the good, can be bad for you too.

Here’s some supplements that may pose risks to you if taken wrongly:

  • Vitamin K. It can reduce the effectiveness of blood thinners.
  • Gingko. It can increase blood thinning.
  • St. John’s wort. It can make some drugs, such as antidepressants and birth control, less effective.
  • Herbal supplements comfrey and kava. It can damage your liver.
  • Beta-carotene and Vitamin A. It can increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers.

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Know that supplements is only to help add the nutrition you get from the food you eat. Read from my other article where to get the Best Natural Bulk Goods in Singapore.

I hope you learned something from this article. For daily inspiring Self-Care tips, you can follow me here. I’d also love to see you on our Mindfulness Course and be with your journey to a better you. You can sign-up down below.

6 thoughts on “Astounding Benefits You need to know about Supplements

  1. This is an informative post. Although multivitamins may be beneficial for some people, they’re unnecessary for most. In some cases, they may even provide excessive amounts of certain nutrients. Glad that you have also mentioned some supplements that may pose risks to anyone if taken wrongly.

  2. I also like taking supplements. They really help with ageing and tired muscles. But we do need a good doctor to recommend us the right one. I think we need help with our gut biome as we age.

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