Achievable Self-Care with the help of Amazing Natural Products

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Taking care of our body has been one integral part of our Self-Care routine. Conscious or unconsciously doing everyday, we use products to enhance our physical appearance and well-being.

We do this not only for the parts that people usually see like putting on make-up to look good but also by using skin care products such as deodorants to make sure we smell pleasant throughout the day.

With tons and tons of products to choose from, we usually just go to what we can easily have access and those products that fit our budget. Not to mention, with big corporations exorbitant budget for marketing ads, their products are the ones we usually see around us.

But, is it really the products we want for us and for our body? Living in today’s society, it’s so easy to forget that we can actually still have our own preference and choice when it comes to using products for our body and not just be pushed to using products that’s known and believed by many.

Thinking of starting to go natural? Why not start with something most of us use in a daily basis. Deodorant. In fact, according to statistics done in 2017, 90% of women use a deodorant everyday.

That number actually isn’t surprising. I myself have been using since I became a teenager. Not primarily because I smell but because I’m too conscious that I would smell. It’s always better to have precaution, right? Needless to say, if you live in a tropical country like me, Singapore, where its summer all year round, deodorants is a must.

Fun Fact: Our sweat is naturally odorless.

If that’s so, then why do some people smell? Odor causing bacteria that lives on your skin thrives on sweat and metabolises which then leads to smelly underarms.

This is where Fresh With Sol helps us all. They’re natural deodorants helps to combat this bacteria and neutralise the environment where the bacteria thrives and therefore contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin microbiome. Interesting, right?!

What’s great with Fresh With Sol is that their product is its Paraben and Aluminium Free. It is 100% made with natural ingredients and contain no toxins or harmful ingredients which makes it suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Their extensively researched formula would surely last you up to 12 hrs of freshness and effectiveness.

They currently have 5 scents – Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood which all contains baking soda as its active ingredient in super-strength.

Their Citrus scent has been specially made for those who have sensitive skin. Knowing that a common reaction of redness, rashes, or dark spots can occur, they used magnesium as a replacement of baking soda so users still get the same effectiveness without their skin reacting to it and causing redness. That’s how much thought they’ve put into these products!

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Still doubting yourself in going natural? Don’t be! See the benefits below that you can get from choosing to go natural and be blown away for not only being able to achieve your needs but also be able to contribute something good to the Mother Earth.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by choosing to use Natural Products:

Earth-friendly.  Organic products are not only good for the skin, they are good for the environment.

Since natural products doesn’t use harmful chemicals, significant less waste and toxins go down the drain and back to earth. Wouldn’t it feel more rewarding to know that with the products you use and benefit from everyday, you are also able to help not add more damage to our environment?

No irritation.  Since these products are naturally made, it also means that there’s no harmful chemicals (those words you can’t even read), artificial colours, or other bi-products that can irritate your skin.

Natural Fragrance.  Knowing that organic products are made naturally, you can also expect its scent to be pleasant and as natural as it can be.

When they say citrus, then you can expect like fresh lemon have just been squeezed in front of you.

Overall Effectiveness.  This phrase in my opinion shouldn’t be written anymore as why would we even doubt the effectiveness of natural products? I mean, how do you think people in the old days are able to survive without all the innovations nowadays.

Last but not the least is the concern of many, budget! Coming from a single income family, I totally understand that even with all the benefits fed to you, if it doesn’t fit your budget, then the answer should be “NO”.

Luckily, you don’t need to rob a bank to go natural “deodorant-wise” as you can get Fresh With Sol for only Sgd 15 a bottle that can lasts you for 8-10 weeks. Make a simple calculation of that using the minimum weeks given (8 weeks or 56 days / 15) and you’ll spend 0.27 cents per day for your deodorant. C’mon, I know you spend way more on your coffee than that!

So, are you ready for a change? If you’re in for it, then you might want to look into changing your meals and go natural as well. Read more on that on this article.


Contrary to what most of us think and believe, using natural products isn’t that expensive nor hard to do. It’s simple a conscious choice one need to make and start doing. Imagine a world where each one of us slowly make a change, maybe, perhaps, our world can be changed as well, for the better. We don’t need a quick change, that’s impossible to do. But one thing’s for sure, one person’s change can make a difference. I hope you let it start from you and be an inspiration to others.

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It’s time to stop being fooled by “Healthy” Disguise

How would you feel if I tell you how many times you’ve been fooled by marketing ads? I’m not here to hurt your feelings but just to be an eye-opener for many food options that disguise themselves as being “healthy”.

Our lifestyle have come a long way and very much different from the old days. Despite all the innovation technology have made to make our lives better and easier in some ways, food is one thing that we as human are really progressing to the wrong direction.

As more and more unhealthy food is being created, even those who strive to keep themselves healthy are often not saved from it. Without much knowledge and just marketing ads to believe in, many are made to believe to be eating healthily when in fact, they’re eating the same junk as others.

Check-out some products sold and bought by many that are “supposed” to be healthy options:

FRO-YO. My family has honestly been into frozen yogurts ever since they’ve been in the market. First was these pop-up stores which we would visit every weekend as a treat, then to our kids delight, it can also be bought nowadays in popsicle or pint style which can be within your reach at home anytime.

While there’s no denying that frozen yogurts are way healthier than ice cream when it comes to its sugar content, we must not forget the toppings we add to this frozen yogurts when we have them. In there goes some chocolate chip then add that sumptuous chocolate syrup to top it off.

The key is maintaining the healthiness of your fro-yo is to be mindful when eating this. Remembering to choose healthy topping options such as granola and fruits so as not to sabotage it from being healthy.

Juice and Smoothies. Check-out any blogger promoting healthy diets and you’ll surely find juice and smoothies recipes. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of time to make one.

We all don’t want to get left behind so we find ways to fill-in that gap by simply buying instead juices and smoothies from stores. No big deal except that stores usually make them more lucrative to consumers by adding sugary stuff.

This could surely make it taste better but sadly makes it fall-off that healthy category you’re going after.

Bars. Protein bars to be specific has been a staple in the fitness industry and is still getting bigger everyday. The marketing strategy for this being a healthy and handy snack you can easily grab after workout to replenish yourself is a bomb! Unfortunately, if you compare the nutritional components of it to a candy bar, you’ll notice that they don’t vary that much. SHOCKER!!!

Don’t be, that’s the truth of it. I’m not saying all of them are like that but most of them are. If you’re really into protein bars, one thing to keep in mind is to find the word protein instead of some dessert and by making sure the protein content of it is high.

Soups. Soups are a great way to fill you up. They are watery which technically makes you like eat and drink at the same time making you feel full easily. As mentioned earlier, not all of us have the luxury of time and again, the alternative is to buy. In this case, it’s canned soups.

Its nutritional content may be made from something nutritious but knowing that it is canned should already make bells ring in your head telling you how much sodium has been added on it to make it last longer in that can.

As a matter of fact, even those labeled as reduced sodium still contains at least 1,000 milligrams of sodium per can. That’s almost half of the daily recommended we should have.

Diet meals. Convenience at its best, microwavable meals aren’t only made to sell but to sell to those who are diet conscious as well. Ever wonder how our ancestors are able to prolong their food before refrigerators are invented? They smother their food with salt for it to ferment it.

That technique hasn’t change despite having refrigerators and freezers already. So aside from the radiation from the microwave, the food that you eat aren’t as healthy as you think.


The best way to eat healthy is to home cook and making sure to buy natural ingredients. Not only do you have control over the food that you get to eat but you also get to control added ingredients to make them tasty. It helps to be mindful with your food options, to have an open mind, and live with positivity to maintain that healthy lifestyle you’re aiming for.

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Easy techniques to not skip Cardio

When it comes to exercise, we usually associate it to having a specific time to do it. Either you wake-up early or do it late at night after work. This are things that not everyone have the luxury to do.

What if I tell you there’s a way to do sneak some exercise that no matter how busy you are, whether you’re a working mom or a SAHM. I promise it won’t take any time from you in doing your commitments and responsibilities. All you need is an open mind and willingness to do it.

Are you ready??

Working Moms

Burn those glutes. Make use of those stairs. An emergency isn’t the only reason that has been put in your office building. If you happen to be in an office that’s in the lower floors (2nd to 5th floor) then consider using them in the morning and in the afternoon after work.

According to studies, 20-steps in a staircase 5 times a day can help you burn an average of 302 calories burned per week.

Keep your cup full. This saying isn’t only meant to remind you of doing your Self-Care but literally keeping your cup full with water. Make sure to hydrate yourself frequently.

Strut those shoes. It’s finally time to show-off again those shoes you’ve been hiding in your closet for the past year since the Pandemic have started. With all that water you’ve been drinking, you’re pretty sure to make bathroom breaks more often. That’s a great opportunity for you to gather more steps throughout the day. Add more extra steps by picking the farthest bathroom.

Desk-Friendly Fitness. As you go back to your desk, why not try to do a couple of bodyweight exercises before sitting back. You might think of this as a waste of time but its awakening effect for a few minutes of your time can surely make you more productive. So think about it, it’s worth it!


The moment I quit my corporate job to be a SAHM, I mentally was rejoicing thinking how much time I can have to myself, having no boss, no deadlines, etc. WRONG!!! Totally!!!

Those chores might not have mouths but they sure accumulate and no matter how much clothes you’ve got which can help you delay doing the most fun chore aka “folding clothes”, it’s such an eyesore seeing baskets of clean clothes just waiting for you.

It took a while for me to compose myself, get organised and have a routine. While I honestly make time to do my Self-Care exercise, it doesn’t mean that 30mins or an hour is enough. Nowadays, I make sure to incorporate chores with some body workout.

Tidying your home. This job helps you really hit two birds with one stone. Not only would you have ticked on your to-do-list your chores, but you’ll also tick exercise at the same time. Sweat it while you do your squats as you pick-up the toys your kids have littered throughout the house.

Fun fact: Vacuuming can burn 75 calories per half-hour. Wash the car and burn double! Now, who wants to do chores?!

Aisle laps. I’ve always loved going to the grocery store. I’m not sure if you’re like me who literally visits every aisle so as not to miss anything from my list. Surprisingly, not only does this habit helps you compare prices of products(make sure to check the most top or bottom items) but also helps you burn 105 to 155 calories in a half-hour. How cool is that?!


It only takes mindfulness for you to practice a Healthy Lifestyle Habit. The excuse of not having time to do it sometimes doesn’t sum-up even. What you really need is an open mind and willingness to do for you to accomplish something that can support you sustainably a Healthy Lifestyle.

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Learn More On How To Get The Best Sleep Companion You Need

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Sleep is one of the foundation of basic physical and mental health. There’s lots of important things that happen in your brain and body when you sleep.

Your brain works hard in forming pathways necessary for learning and consolidating the information you’ve taken in that day. That’s also one of the reasons why children needs more sleep than adults. They’re “still” developing brain and body needs more time to configure the information they’ve been absorbing throughout the day. That’s also another reason why they’re brains absorb more information like sponges.

So if you want to be as snappy with information like when you’re younger, then better start having that good sleeping habit.

It’s no secret that as one enters adulthood, sleep deprivation is much prevalent. It may due to responsibilities, work schedules, or simply negligence of ones self in order to give way to some unnecessary time consuming “not-so-good” habits like scrolling in social media on the phone for hours in bed or binge watching on the TV.

I’m not here to do some lecture as I myself fall victim to those same excuses as well. Nobody’s perfect but our actions to make our intention to develop a better sleeping habit counts. And that’s what matters.

If having the intention to change still haven’t dawned on you, perhaps having more knowledge about how sleep can impact your mood, energy, memory, ability to focus and productivity can help you more to be motivated to helping yourself be a better you.

Recommended: 8 hours of Sleep

Important to know: Quality sleep is more important.

Having great quality of sleep of course wouldn’t be possible if not accompanied by your best sleep companion. Not your partner/ hubby, your sheets, I mean! Yes! Isn’t that one of the selling points why we love going in hotels?!? Their soft, super white and comfy bed and luxurious sheets! Why spend too much when you can have that luxury every sleeping night at home.

HyggeB provides premium and top-notch quality bedding at everyday prices. They are also the only Singapore bedding company producing 100% Bamboo Lyocell bedding.

What’s Bamboo Lyocell bedding?

Bamboo Lyocell fabric is temperature-regulating. Extremely breathable and cooling for Singapore’s all-round summer weather.

From HyggeB Website

Their unique closed loop system that is used to extract the Bamboo Lyocell fibers allows our HyggeB sheets to have a higher tenacity profile, efficient moisture management and gentleness to the skin. (Basically, it means that our sheets are more solid and long-lasting despite feeling so silky smooth and soft and delicate on the skin)

What’s more great is that their clean manufacturing process makes our sheets perfect for allergy sufferers too. Ideal for babies, especially since baby’s skin are more sensitive.

What do most customers say about their sheets?

Our sheets changed the way they look at thread counts. HyggeB sheet’s Bamboo Lyocell is extremely smooth and soft yet way more cooling than those of higher thread counts fabric.

Another great thing about their sheets is that it is very customisable and affordable Signature Bundles where customers can mix and match items of different colours and add on only essential items that they need at a discounted price.

Did I just read discount?!? You did so!

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Now that you’ve had your perfect companion in having a better sleep, you might be asking, how to do it? This may sound silly as sleep is something so common for people to do but a lot of people not know how to do (or so need a bit of help). Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

How to do it?

Make sleep a priority. Do not make other plans when it’s time to sleep. Aren’t we all guilty with this?? We all roll-up the sheets and prep for bed but reach out to our phones or the remote control. C’mon!

Create a sleep routine. Wake-up, wind-down, and certain bedtime you’ll rigorously follow. Moms would know that this is very important especially for babies, but what we shouldn’t forget that this applies for adults as well. It may be for a later time during the night, but still, maintaining that certain time of the day for your body to know that it’s sleeping time already helps you overall well being (you might not just notice it).

Practice good sleep hygiene. It’s been a norm already in this generation to have a TV in bedrooms. If you have the option to put the TV else where, then, do it. Use your bed for sleep only. It’s time to start breaking the habit of watching TV on the bed.

Exercise. Physical can make you feel tired. While we all know exercise as a form of body work to build up muscles and make our heartbeat go fast, exercise can also help make you relax. Go for a walk after dinner, relax, and stretch your body as if you’ve just woke-up. I personally have been stretching for months now once I’ve set myself in bed to sleep and indeed, it makes a difference. It felt like I instantly become relaxed and my body was put into a mood to sleep.

Eat a balanced diet. You are what you eat! What you eat throughout the day doesn’t matter as you’ve got the time to burn those calories you’ve accumulated as you go along your day. As the sun goes down though and it’s towards bedtime, you would want to avoid sugary snacks and drinks including alcohol or anything with caffeine.

Avoiding high carb intake is also helpful. Though you may feel heave and sleepy after having a hefty meal, carbs actually reduce the amount of time your body spends in deep sleep cycle cause it needs to do its duty to grind those carbs for you. Remember, the number of hours of sleep is only recommended but the quality is much more needed.

Still not sold that better sleep can help you enormously?! Read the benefits yourself!

Benefits of having great sleep:

It boost your immune system. With Covid-19 still lurking around, it’s best to have our immune system on tip-top! Having ample sleep every night helps fight off infections like cold or flu.

Sleep also prevents you from gaining weight. You read that right! If you don’t sleep enough, your body produces a hormone called ghrelin, which boosts your appetite. Could you believe that!? Why not try it, this might be your missing link into getting your body to its best shape.

Sleeping also increases your heart function. Not having enough sleep can lead to production of cortisol which can contribute to high blood pressure.

It also improves your mood. Don’t you just feel grumpy the moment your alarm rings in the morning when you didn’t have enough sleep? Indeed, having a good night’s rest will help you find yourself energised and excited to take on your day. You’ll also improve your productivity and be able to focus more.

Improve your memory. We’ve been adapting this habit of blaming memory loss or simply being forgetful to our age. The older we get, it’s not unusual to get forgetful. Well, maybe it isn’t. Maybe we just need more sleep to regain our memory.

As mentioned earlier, our brain still works even at sleep. Not having enough sleep makes your mind not function properly. So stop blaming “mom’s brain” or memory loss to old age, just get enough sleep and you’ll be at your top game!

I hope you find this article informative and useful. If you feel that it still isn’t enough, you might want to watch my interview with Sleep expert, Zoe Chu from SGSuperNanny below.

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