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Achievable Self-Care with the help of Amazing Natural Products

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Taking care of our body has been one integral part of our Self-Care routine. Conscious or unconsciously doing everyday, we use products to enhance our physical appearance and well-being.

We do this not only for the parts that people usually see like putting on make-up to look good but also by using skin care products such as deodorants to make sure we smell pleasant throughout the day.

With tons and tons of products to choose from, we usually just go to what we can easily have access and those products that fit our budget. Not to mention, with big corporations exorbitant budget for marketing ads, their products are the ones we usually see around us.

But, is it really the products we want for us and for our body? Living in today’s society, it’s so easy to forget that we can actually still have our own preference and choice when it comes to using products for our body and not just be pushed to using products that’s known and believed by many.

Thinking of starting to go natural? Why not start with something most of us use in a daily basis. Deodorant. In fact, according to statistics done in 2017, 90% of women use a deodorant everyday.

That number actually isn’t surprising. I myself have been using since I became a teenager. Not primarily because I smell but because I’m too conscious that I would smell. It’s always better to have precaution, right? Needless to say, if you live in a tropical country like me, Singapore, where its summer all year round, deodorants is a must.

Fun Fact: Our sweat is naturally odorless.

If that’s so, then why do some people smell? Odor causing bacteria that lives on your skin thrives on sweat and metabolises which then leads to smelly underarms.

This is where Fresh With Sol helps us all. They’re natural deodorants helps to combat this bacteria and neutralise the environment where the bacteria thrives and therefore contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin microbiome. Interesting, right?!

What’s great with Fresh With Sol is that their product is its Paraben and Aluminium Free. It is 100% made with natural ingredients and contain no toxins or harmful ingredients which makes it suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Their extensively researched formula would surely last you up to 12 hrs of freshness and effectiveness.

They currently have 5 scents – Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood which all contains baking soda as its active ingredient in super-strength.

Their Citrus scent has been specially made for those who have sensitive skin. Knowing that a common reaction of redness, rashes, or dark spots can occur, they used magnesium as a replacement of baking soda so users still get the same effectiveness without their skin reacting to it and causing redness. That’s how much thought they’ve put into these products!

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Still doubting yourself in going natural? Don’t be! See the benefits below that you can get from choosing to go natural and be blown away for not only being able to achieve your needs but also be able to contribute something good to the Mother Earth.

Here are some of the benefits you can get by choosing to use Natural Products:

Earth-friendly.  Organic products are not only good for the skin, they are good for the environment.

Since natural products doesn’t use harmful chemicals, significant less waste and toxins go down the drain and back to earth. Wouldn’t it feel more rewarding to know that with the products you use and benefit from everyday, you are also able to help not add more damage to our environment?

No irritation.  Since these products are naturally made, it also means that there’s no harmful chemicals (those words you can’t even read), artificial colours, or other bi-products that can irritate your skin.

Natural Fragrance.  Knowing that organic products are made naturally, you can also expect its scent to be pleasant and as natural as it can be.

When they say citrus, then you can expect like fresh lemon have just been squeezed in front of you.

Overall Effectiveness.  This phrase in my opinion shouldn’t be written anymore as why would we even doubt the effectiveness of natural products? I mean, how do you think people in the old days are able to survive without all the innovations nowadays.

Last but not the least is the concern of many, budget! Coming from a single income family, I totally understand that even with all the benefits fed to you, if it doesn’t fit your budget, then the answer should be “NO”.

Luckily, you don’t need to rob a bank to go natural “deodorant-wise” as you can get Fresh With Sol for only Sgd 15 a bottle that can lasts you for 8-10 weeks. Make a simple calculation of that using the minimum weeks given (8 weeks or 56 days / 15) and you’ll spend 0.27 cents per day for your deodorant. C’mon, I know you spend way more on your coffee than that!

So, are you ready for a change? If you’re in for it, then you might want to look into changing your meals and go natural as well. Read more on that on this article.


Contrary to what most of us think and believe, using natural products isn’t that expensive nor hard to do. It’s simple a conscious choice one need to make and start doing. Imagine a world where each one of us slowly make a change, maybe, perhaps, our world can be changed as well, for the better. We don’t need a quick change, that’s impossible to do. But one thing’s for sure, one person’s change can make a difference. I hope you let it start from you and be an inspiration to others.

I hope you learned something from this article. For daily inspiring Self-Care tips, you can follow me here. I’d also love to see you on our Mindfulness Course and be with your journey to a better you. You can sign-up down below.

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  1. I agree natural products offer many benefits. they are good for our health and eco friendly. I did not heard about the brand you have shared here. will surly check out this as it sounds promising to me.

  2. It looks like a decent perfume.. The fragrance is nice and captivating.This perfume is perfect for any set up. Great collections.

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