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It’s time to stop being fooled by “Healthy” Disguise

How would you feel if I tell you how many times you’ve been fooled by marketing ads? I’m not here to hurt your feelings but just to be an eye-opener for many food options that disguise themselves as being “healthy”.

Our lifestyle have come a long way and very much different from the old days. Despite all the innovation technology have made to make our lives better and easier in some ways, food is one thing that we as human are really progressing to the wrong direction.

As more and more unhealthy food is being created, even those who strive to keep themselves healthy are often not saved from it. Without much knowledge and just marketing ads to believe in, many are made to believe to be eating healthily when in fact, they’re eating the same junk as others.

Check-out some products sold and bought by many that are “supposed” to be healthy options:

FRO-YO. My family has honestly been into frozen yogurts ever since they’ve been in the market. First was these pop-up stores which we would visit every weekend as a treat, then to our kids delight, it can also be bought nowadays in popsicle or pint style which can be within your reach at home anytime.

While there’s no denying that frozen yogurts are way healthier than ice cream when it comes to its sugar content, we must not forget the toppings we add to this frozen yogurts when we have them. In there goes some chocolate chip then add that sumptuous chocolate syrup to top it off.

The key is maintaining the healthiness of your fro-yo is to be mindful when eating this. Remembering to choose healthy topping options such as granola and fruits so as not to sabotage it from being healthy.

Juice and Smoothies. Check-out any blogger promoting healthy diets and you’ll surely find juice and smoothies recipes. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of time to make one.

We all don’t want to get left behind so we find ways to fill-in that gap by simply buying instead juices and smoothies from stores. No big deal except that stores usually make them more lucrative to consumers by adding sugary stuff.

This could surely make it taste better but sadly makes it fall-off that healthy category you’re going after.

Bars. Protein bars to be specific has been a staple in the fitness industry and is still getting bigger everyday. The marketing strategy for this being a healthy and handy snack you can easily grab after workout to replenish yourself is a bomb! Unfortunately, if you compare the nutritional components of it to a candy bar, you’ll notice that they don’t vary that much. SHOCKER!!!

Don’t be, that’s the truth of it. I’m not saying all of them are like that but most of them are. If you’re really into protein bars, one thing to keep in mind is to find the word protein instead of some dessert and by making sure the protein content of it is high.

Soups. Soups are a great way to fill you up. They are watery which technically makes you like eat and drink at the same time making you feel full easily. As mentioned earlier, not all of us have the luxury of time and again, the alternative is to buy. In this case, it’s canned soups.

Its nutritional content may be made from something nutritious but knowing that it is canned should already make bells ring in your head telling you how much sodium has been added on it to make it last longer in that can.

As a matter of fact, even those labeled as reduced sodium still contains at least 1,000 milligrams of sodium per can. That’s almost half of the daily recommended we should have.

Diet meals. Convenience at its best, microwavable meals aren’t only made to sell but to sell to those who are diet conscious as well. Ever wonder how our ancestors are able to prolong their food before refrigerators are invented? They smother their food with salt for it to ferment it.

That technique hasn’t change despite having refrigerators and freezers already. So aside from the radiation from the microwave, the food that you eat aren’t as healthy as you think.


The best way to eat healthy is to home cook and making sure to buy natural ingredients. Not only do you have control over the food that you get to eat but you also get to control added ingredients to make them tasty. It helps to be mindful with your food options, to have an open mind, and live with positivity to maintain that healthy lifestyle you’re aiming for.

I hope you learned something from this article. For daily inspiring Self-Care tips, you can follow me here. I’d also love to see you on our Mindfulness Course and be with your journey to a better you. You can sign-up down below.

10 thoughts on “It’s time to stop being fooled by “Healthy” Disguise

  1. I strongly agree with your thoughts. many products claim that they are super healthy but in reality they contain many un healthy ingredients. I feel home made food is best for our health and we should try to eat this more often.

  2. That’s so true. It is important to know what we put inside our body. One should not rely on front claims. Natural ingredients, home made food, etc are some great options.

  3. Its a perfect eye opener,for me and I must agree many like me got fooled in regards to healthy and diet food by many companies. Thanks for sharing information.

  4. This is really an eye opener,people are being fooled on the name of healthy and diet food by food companies. Great thoughts.

  5. I loved reading your blog, it’s so nicely written and explained. Thanks for sharing your insight on carefully choosing our food and make good lifestyle choices.

  6. This is really an eye opener,people are being fooled on the name of healthy and diet food by food companies. Thankyou for the indepth information.

  7. Thats so true we need to be very careful when it comes to health. Thanks for sharing the honest review.

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