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Learn More On How To Get The Best Sleep Companion You Need

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Sleep is one of the foundation of basic physical and mental health. There’s lots of important things that happen in your brain and body when you sleep.

Your brain works hard in forming pathways necessary for learning and consolidating the information you’ve taken in that day. That’s also one of the reasons why children needs more sleep than adults. They’re “still” developing brain and body needs more time to configure the information they’ve been absorbing throughout the day. That’s also another reason why they’re brains absorb more information like sponges.

So if you want to be as snappy with information like when you’re younger, then better start having that good sleeping habit.

It’s no secret that as one enters adulthood, sleep deprivation is much prevalent. It may due to responsibilities, work schedules, or simply negligence of ones self in order to give way to some unnecessary time consuming “not-so-good” habits like scrolling in social media on the phone for hours in bed or binge watching on the TV.

I’m not here to do some lecture as I myself fall victim to those same excuses as well. Nobody’s perfect but our actions to make our intention to develop a better sleeping habit counts. And that’s what matters.

If having the intention to change still haven’t dawned on you, perhaps having more knowledge about how sleep can impact your mood, energy, memory, ability to focus and productivity can help you more to be motivated to helping yourself be a better you.

Recommended: 8 hours of Sleep

Important to know: Quality sleep is more important.

Having great quality of sleep of course wouldn’t be possible if not accompanied by your best sleep companion. Not your partner/ hubby, your sheets, I mean! Yes! Isn’t that one of the selling points why we love going in hotels?!? Their soft, super white and comfy bed and luxurious sheets! Why spend too much when you can have that luxury every sleeping night at home.

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What do most customers say about their sheets?

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Did I just read discount?!? You did so!

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Now that you’ve had your perfect companion in having a better sleep, you might be asking, how to do it? This may sound silly as sleep is something so common for people to do but a lot of people not know how to do (or so need a bit of help). Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

How to do it?

Make sleep a priority. Do not make other plans when it’s time to sleep. Aren’t we all guilty with this?? We all roll-up the sheets and prep for bed but reach out to our phones or the remote control. C’mon!

Create a sleep routine. Wake-up, wind-down, and certain bedtime you’ll rigorously follow. Moms would know that this is very important especially for babies, but what we shouldn’t forget that this applies for adults as well. It may be for a later time during the night, but still, maintaining that certain time of the day for your body to know that it’s sleeping time already helps you overall well being (you might not just notice it).

Practice good sleep hygiene. It’s been a norm already in this generation to have a TV in bedrooms. If you have the option to put the TV else where, then, do it. Use your bed for sleep only. It’s time to start breaking the habit of watching TV on the bed.

Exercise. Physical can make you feel tired. While we all know exercise as a form of body work to build up muscles and make our heartbeat go fast, exercise can also help make you relax. Go for a walk after dinner, relax, and stretch your body as if you’ve just woke-up. I personally have been stretching for months now once I’ve set myself in bed to sleep and indeed, it makes a difference. It felt like I instantly become relaxed and my body was put into a mood to sleep.

Eat a balanced diet. You are what you eat! What you eat throughout the day doesn’t matter as you’ve got the time to burn those calories you’ve accumulated as you go along your day. As the sun goes down though and it’s towards bedtime, you would want to avoid sugary snacks and drinks including alcohol or anything with caffeine.

Avoiding high carb intake is also helpful. Though you may feel heave and sleepy after having a hefty meal, carbs actually reduce the amount of time your body spends in deep sleep cycle cause it needs to do its duty to grind those carbs for you. Remember, the number of hours of sleep is only recommended but the quality is much more needed.

Still not sold that better sleep can help you enormously?! Read the benefits yourself!

Benefits of having great sleep:

It boost your immune system. With Covid-19 still lurking around, it’s best to have our immune system on tip-top! Having ample sleep every night helps fight off infections like cold or flu.

Sleep also prevents you from gaining weight. You read that right! If you don’t sleep enough, your body produces a hormone called ghrelin, which boosts your appetite. Could you believe that!? Why not try it, this might be your missing link into getting your body to its best shape.

Sleeping also increases your heart function. Not having enough sleep can lead to production of cortisol which can contribute to high blood pressure.

It also improves your mood. Don’t you just feel grumpy the moment your alarm rings in the morning when you didn’t have enough sleep? Indeed, having a good night’s rest will help you find yourself energised and excited to take on your day. You’ll also improve your productivity and be able to focus more.

Improve your memory. We’ve been adapting this habit of blaming memory loss or simply being forgetful to our age. The older we get, it’s not unusual to get forgetful. Well, maybe it isn’t. Maybe we just need more sleep to regain our memory.

As mentioned earlier, our brain still works even at sleep. Not having enough sleep makes your mind not function properly. So stop blaming “mom’s brain” or memory loss to old age, just get enough sleep and you’ll be at your top game!

I hope you find this article informative and useful. If you feel that it still isn’t enough, you might want to watch my interview with Sleep expert, Zoe Chu from SGSuperNanny below.

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  1. Sleep is very important to maintain physical & mental health and healthy lifestyle. All these points you mentioned here are very good to improve the sleep quality.

  2. Very informative post. Sleeping is most important part as our whole day depends on that. Nicely explained.

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  5. Sleep is nature’s way of recharging and re-energizing the body, and the mind. However, modern-day hectic lifestyles have led to sleep deprivation in most of us. It is high time, we took conscious steps to make amends. HyggeB sheet’s Bamboo Lyocell seems to be a good ally in better sleep management.

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  11. Over the past few decades, both sleep quality and quantity has declined. Many people regularly get poor sleep and as you said it is due to scrolling on social media or watching t.v late at night. I was not aware that if we want to lose weight, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do. Very well articulated article. Ok gonna sleep now .

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