Great Benefits you can get from drinking water

We all know the importance of water in our life and body. The fact that earth is covered with 71 percent of water, this must be a great indication on its importance.

I myself have had this issue with my water intake that it even resulted to complications during my first pregnancy. Luckily, my OB and great timing saved both my daughter and I from risk.

Aside from the usual benefit you can get from drinking water, which is to avoid dehydration, there’s much more this habit can do to our body.

Benefits of Drinking Water:

  • Gives your immune system a boost
  • Prevents headaches
  • Keeps digestion healthy – helps major organs function properly
  • Helps skin stay healthy
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Helps your kidneys to better flush toxins
  • Help prevent bad breath

As many as those benefits can give you from simply drinking water, the drawbacks can give a negative effect on your body and state of mind. It can give leave you thirsty, tired, and sluggish which can result to a negative impact on your mood.

The good news is, if you’re like me who really find it hard to drink that recommended 8-10 glass of water a day is we can forget about that.

The real fact is, water intake should depend on your activity level, health, as well as your weight. An active person are the ones who should intake 8-10 glasses of water. If you’re not an active person and is not keen on drinking that much water, then you’d like to check on the exact water intake you really need.

You can use this Hydration Calculator and maybe find out that you only need a lesser amount but still have a well-hydrated body.

Drinking water can be overwhelming. Do not stress yourself on being a pro-water drinker! Make small changes on your routine instead and see significant changes overtime.

How to start this habit:

Start lessening your intake of sugary drinks such as soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks. You may notice how I said it as lessening instead of quitting immediately on it. One tip in building a habit is doing it slowly or really go through a step by step transition in doing so.

You may still have experience some detox symptoms like irritability, fatigue, and cravings from your changing of lifestyle but at least you aren’t feeling that much stressed and deprived which can make you feel like wanting to quit sooner than you want to from your new found goal.

Know that the more you drink water, your cravings will start to decrease. This detox phase is just normal and soon, you won’t be going back on your old ways of being sugar dependent. You are more powerful than your cravings.

Drink infused water. Transitioning from some flavoured drink to plain water isn’t enticing for anyone. Being plain may even be one of the main reasons why we have this urge to choose those sugary drinks after all. Deceiving your brain can sometimes do the work by drinking infused water instead.

All you need to do is to add fruits to water, and that’s it! The longer the fruit is infused, the tastier the water. I like mine infused overnight. There’s also tons of fruits you can use to do it other than the well known, lemon water. Here are some infused water ideas you can follow.

Eat your water. There’s much more food can give us and that includes contributing to our water intake. Here are some vegetable and fruits that can be a great source of water. See below and be amazed on how much water these variety of food have:


Strawberries – 92%

Watermelon – 92%

Grapefruit – 91%

Cantaloupe – 90%

Peach – 88%


Cucumber – 96%

Lettuce – 96%

Celery – 95%

Radish – 95%

Zucchini – 95%

Drink Carbonated water. This may also help make the trick as others just got used to that “spirit” feeling whenever they drink and can forgo the sugar from their drink instead.

Slowly lessen buying unhealthy drinks for your home. This would make a big difference as even though you may say that you aren’t home that much, you still live there. Having those hours at home without any sugary drinks beyond your reach is a great start to your transition to a good habit.

Set water goals. Having a water tracker can be helpful or even those big water bottles which have timings that keeps you motivated to drink per hour. Aside from seeing how much you’ve drink and how much more you need to, those short encouraging words such as “You’ve got this”, “Don’t quit”, or “Think healthy” can help a lot.

Make small changes. Progress always beats perfection when it comes to building a new habit/lifestyle. You’d like to make sure that what you’re starting would last forever. Building your foundation really strong makes you defy you from looking back to your old ways.

Make a commitment to Self-Care. It would also help that you incorporate other Self-Care habits when you do this transition. If you’d like to see major changes within you, it would be advisable to adopt some healthy eating habits or exercising as well.

These Self-Care habits complement well with Drinking water and goes hand-in-hand with it that you won’t even notice you doing them.

You may want to ask your hubby or partner to join you in this new journey. You can always bring along your kids without a doubt and this would be a great opportunity for them to bring good habits along with their adulthood. Having a companion in doing something new always helps you keep motivated to doing it.

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6 thoughts on “Great Benefits you can get from drinking water

  1. Yes agree hydration is one of the main aspect of keeping our body healthy. infused water is a great idea to make hydration process interesting. I did not heard about hydration calculator before. will explore more about it from side. thanks for sharing.

  2. when I have headache I actually start taking more water and to some extent it really helps. Thanks for sharing the benefits… which most of us know but in reality dont follow. This post is a reminder for all of us

  3. I try to drink as much water as I can. I normally infuse with ginger. Never infused with strawberries, I think I will try that and more fruits to make it more tasty.

  4. Cant agree more. Drinking water has tons of benefits. Infused water is a good options id someone doesnt like the plain water. I stopped consuming carbonated drinks when I was expecting my first child. And then I never felt to start again. Water with lemon is my favorite drink.

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