6 Proven Ways to Fight with Stress and Anxiety

Life nowadays has been tougher than ever. Not only are we faced with the usual demand to cope us with our responsibilities. With the Pandemic still affecting more and more each day, all we could do is to learn, and learn fast I mean on how to cope with the Stress and Anxiety this brings.

Not only is our health compromised but most of all our mental being. Thinking how your source of income is stable enough to withstand this critical times that’s been hurting much economy and every industry you could think of but also not being able to have that rest you need for yourself despite being most of the time at home.

Despite everything that’s happening around us, it’s important to focus on the good things. Appreciating the small things you have can help you get through this gruelling times. Self-Care is at most needed and by that, I don’t mean going for a mani/pedi or having a facial at a spa. What I mean is taking care of what matters the most within you which is your mental well-being and health. When both of that are in a good place, everything follows.

Here are 6 Ways that could help you cope with Stress and Anxiety:

Acknowledge you feelings and take good care of your mental and emotional health. As adults with kids under our wing to take responsibility with, we often forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. Concentrating on having the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter doesn’t seem enough nowadays as our mental and emotional health is deeply being tested.

Taking time for yourself has never been needed. Learn more about Tips on how to Maintain Mental Wellness here. If you are a mom, then read this too!

Taking breaks from social media. There’s always been two ways social media can affect us. It’s either you get inspired to do something about yourself but most often, admit it or not, we feel he opposite every time we look at our social media feed.

Know that there’s also two ways to correct that mindset: It’s by either not looking at them so you save yourself from feeling bad and instead settle looking at inspiring posts that motivate you, OR change your outlook and actually feel happy for other people’s success and for them looking great. You’ll be surprise how the this two simple change in mindset can affect your life.

Limit watching stressful news. Yes, I know. Watching or listening to news especially nowadays is very important. With government rules constantly changing as rapidly as how the virus mutate, we all need to be up-to-date with what is happening to our community. Despite this, it’s also important to know that you really don’t need to hear all this news all day long.

The more we hear/ read/watch depressing news, the more we unknowingly accept that negative energy to our lives. Who do you think would feel motivated with their day ahead when all you hear are how many new cases there have been and how many deaths has there been in the last 24 hours. NOBODY!

So, keep well-informed but not so much that your emotional and mental health is affected as well. Save yourself from that stress. We may be in a Pandemic but life is still a beautiful thing to live with. Don’t waste your time stressing on things beyond your control.

Take care of your body. The time has come where you really have no excuse but your own laziness to take care of yourself. With most still recommended to stay at home, use that time wisely.

  • Living on microwavable food as you don’t have time to cook? Here’s the time you can actually use your nice kitchen and make some healthy food.
  • Use those precious time you’ve been usually stuck in traffic or commuting to office to catch-up on more sleep or exercise.
  • Chasing always to reach home before bedtime just so you can put your kids to sleep? Fret no more, read a book with them and have some giggling time!

Take care of your body by eating healthy, doing some exercise to stretch those muscles you’ve barely know is there, and have a good laugh!

Unwind. Of course it’s always great to be able to fly somewhere to stay away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine. It is important though to understand that that isn’t the only way to unwind. You don’t always need to run away from your life to get some peace. Why not live your life peacefully so everyday so you’ll always have that unwinding time.

Give time for you to reflect on the good things you have. Writing affirmations, journalling, meditating, doing yoga, or as simple as doing deep breathes can help you relax from the comfort of your own home sitting in your favourite couch.

Stay connected with others. No man is an island. Catching up with family and friends and knowing they are doing okay as well is very comforting. You don’t only make other people feel loved but you yourself feel great for reaching out and giving time for your loved ones.

Having great company and being around people that actually makes you feel happy is so comforting that it makes your heart at bliss.

Last but not the least is something we should be very vigilant about especially this days. As much as we don’t want to be in this situation, it’s important to know about it and be prepared in case it happens.

Know what to do if you are sick and how to get treatment. Nothing is more helpful to keep that mind in peace than knowing what to do in case the worst scenario happens. With Covid-19 lurking around, having the right information needed like who’s the healthcare provider or Medical Team to contact. Learning and understanding the benefits and risks of doing self care treatment is also a must.

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6 thoughts on “6 Proven Ways to Fight with Stress and Anxiety

  1. Great tips for dealing with stress and anxiety and I follow most of these in my day to day life. I agree it is very important to acknowledge our feeling and emotions first. this is the first step that create a path for next step. also, there is no harm in taking professional care, if things feel out of control.

  2. Your post is surely a guide to make person happy and destress. Disconnecting with social media and connecting with loved ones is perfect way to unwind too that works perfectly for me.

  3. Life is full of stress and anxiety and that acts as a silent killer for all of us. The tips what you shared here in the post will surely help many in overcoming the same.

  4. I have cut down majorly on social media. And just writing for my own happiness. That has helped a lot. Also, quality over quantity–few good and encouraging people are better than many toxic opinions.

  5. Managing stress and anxiety is one of the important concerns for all. But I feel that situation is not bad until we let it slip out of our hands So it is better to know the root of the problem and start taking steps towards making improvements.

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