Benefits you can get from Mindfully Using Water

On this Blog series, Mindful use of the Basics in Life, we talk about Water. One of human’s basic necessities which was supposedly free for all yet nowadays, we pay a hefty amount because of negligence. Come to think of it, water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, then why on earth can’t we have it for free?

I’m sure there’s more complexity and reasons behind those which I sure am not in a place to discuss here. As they say, to lessen the stresses in life, only deal with things you have control over. And that’s what I’m here for and want to remind you of. How you can you maximise the water to your advantage as a consumer.

What is water and its importance?

Water is something very important for a human body. Every cell, organ, and tissue in your body uses water for it to regulate temperature, keep it hydrated, and make it function. Water helps carry nutrients to our body cells and oxygen to reach our brain.

It also allows our body to absorb the minerals, vitamins, amino acid, glucose, and other substances. Of course, if it helps things go in our body, water is also the one that helps flush out the toxins and waste from our body.

Too much info is it?! Let’s just simply say, water is THAT IMPORTANT, shall we?

Mindful usage of water


One basic thing we do almost everyday is taking a bath. Does it even occur to you that there’s more benefits you can get from bathing mindfully? Bathing is well known as washing of ones body using water and soap. It’s even safe that those who live in a tropical country like me in Singapore, you’re most likely to do half-baths in the evening before going to bed.

But what does mindful bathing means? It basically means using the right water temperature such as cold and hot water, depending on the time you take a bath. By doing so, you maximise the benefits you get instead of just having a clean body.

Interesting, right? Read here to know the benefits you can get from Cold baths, if this would fit your lifestyle, and if possible, challenge yourself to do it to grab for yourself the benefits of it.

If cold baths have its benefits, so as hot baths. Water heater in bathrooms have been so popular that even in tropical countries, it’s a common sight to see. I, myself, won’t lie to be one of those who fancy hot baths. There isn’t any wrong loving warm water to save you from those agonising mornings where you seem to not stop counting to yourself to get in that cold water. haha.

I remember my happiness when water heater was installed at our home when I was in HighSchool. We usually would resort to boiling water and try to bathe with just a bucket of water to use (finish bathing or not). No wonder I would skip using conditioner when I was younger. With my thick hair, a bucket or water surely won’t be sufficient for me to do a good bath.

Anyways, feel free to read more on the benefits you can get from Hot baths here.

Drinking water

Drinking water may be the most important use of water for our body. According to study, an adult human’s body consists of 60% water in total and even parts of our body individually is composed of water such as the brain and heart being 73% water, the lungs which is about 83% water, the skin which contains about 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and believe it or not, even the bones are 31% watery.

No wonder drinking water is always in everyone’s list if you want a healthy body. Though drinking water is a common thing to do, most still debate whether drinking cold or warm water is better for ones body.

In which side are you in? I won’t lie that I’m one of those who love cold water. We always have cold water in the fridge. Here are my thoughts about them though:

If we aim to drink 8 glasses or more of water everyday, then it shouldn’t matter whether it’s cold or warm. As long as you’re able to hydrate yourself throughout the day, then that’s the key.

I read somewhere that cold water makes you look bloated. Well, I’d rather look bloated than force myself to drink warm water and even hate it that much that I won’t be able to get the hydration my body needs just to look good.

After I exercise though, I’d rather drink warm water/ water that doesn’t come from the fridge. I feel this burning feeling in my chest whenever I drink cold water. It’s like when fire and ice meets and creates friction.

Another time when you need to be mindful when drinking water is the time you drink. Most adults stay awake for around 16-17 hours. That’s an ample time to slowly consume the recommended 8 glasses of water you need to drink in a day.

With that, trying to finish off most of the of those glasses of water before you hit the bed. Not only will you feel like drowning with a belly full of liquid and not to mention a restless night due to frequent trips to the loo throughout the night. So, my piece of advice, drink from the time you wake up to about 1 hour or 30 minutes till bedtime.

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Stay Safe!

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  1. I just love the whole idea of this series. mindfulness in one of the best thing that helps in enjoying and staying in present moment. indeed using water mindfully is great way to avoid water wastage and include a mindfulness activity in our daily routine.

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