Why Mental Health Awareness is so Important

Mental Health is one of the topics people have been avoiding for so long. Why? Well, we may live in the 20th Century already but still most people’s mindset when you say Mental Health still believes that means that we’re talking about a crazy individual or those who really lost their minds and can’t function well in the society.

With that mindset of the most, people who find themselves in hard times dealing with their Mental Health are forced to keep it to themselves or even try to ignore this important aspect in their life that should actually be faced head on and given priority talking about.

This Pandemic have surely shook all of our lives and added much more anxiety and stress to our already busy lives. The struggle to have a steady income and stable job have been increased drastically. With everyone being asked to stay home as part of safety measures to somehow flatten the curve of Covid-19 spread, the opportunities to find jobs have been more challenging. And while working from home can be a blessing, that thin line between work and home life have been pretty non-existent and that can cause more issues.

These challenges needed to be faced no matter what to survive. With this, the importance to pay attention to mental health is essential.

How do we test our Mental Health?

If you’re one of those who still aren’t comfortable talking to someone about your issues, know that there’s tons of free online mental health tests that you can take from the comfort of your home. Here are some of them:

Test your Anxiety – Mental Health America

Test your Depression – Mental Health America

Test your Stress – Be Mindful

For Parents to Test your child’s Mental Health – Mental Health America

And if you still find yourself reluctant to do such online tests, well the easies way to do it is to be totally honest with yourself and ask these series of questions:

Am I well and coping with what is happening in my life today (good and bad)? – YES or NO


If your answer is NO, then answer the next question.


Am I feeling stressed and more anxious nowadays than before? YES or NO


If your answer is YES, then answer the next question


Am I feeling mentally unwell? YES or NO


If you’ve reached this point and your answer is still YES, then hopefully you sum up some courage to reach out to someone who can help you more with your Mental Health

If you find yourself in good Mental Health, that’s great to hear. You might want be interested to learn more How to maintain that Wellbeing for sustainability.

I hope this you find this article informative and helpful especially during this trying times. Know that we are all in the same page when it comes to trying to survive this challenging times and with a positive mindset, I’m sure we can all surpass this difficult times.

With this, let me end this article with motivational quotes.

Hopefully this can lighten up your day.

Stay Safe!

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