Tips on how to Maintain Mental Wellness

Have you owned a car or bike or anything that needs maintenance for it to function longer and utilise it to its maximum usage. That may be an easy thing to do guaranteed you own whatever that thing that you have that needs maintenance, how about you don’t?

I’m asking as you might be reading this article without even knowing the how your Mental Health is. This isn’t shocking as we mostly want to be ahead of things that we sometimes forget the basic things that needed to be acknowledged first. Read more about Why Mental Health is Important here.

Having your Mental Wellness well taken care of is especially in this trying times is essential. It is needed so you can be more productive in your work which mainly is your bread and butter to have the basic needs to live. Without you being able to function well at work, you won’t be able to earn and buy the things you need.

Unfortunately, living a good life isn’t only about having material things you need at hand. Life can be full of trials no matter how rich or broke you are and no matter what circumstance in life you are in. It is important to know that being able to cope with these challenges that you need to face is part of your mental wellness as well.

But how do you make sure your mind is in good disposition? Here are some tips to help you maintain your Mental Wellness:

It pays to Plan your day well

All of us are given 24 hours in a day to do the things we need as well as rest. Your productivity always rely on how you plan your day. It doesn’t matter whether you are a SAHM, working mom, single mom–everyone of us have responsibilities and its up to us how we use our time wisely to be able to cope and deliver with them all.

It’s important to have a plan listed down whether in a planner, normal paper or on your phone’s notes. It keeps you organised and keeps you from forgetting things to do.

Another is to be mindful of your actions. If you really want to finish a lot in a day, and tick as much as you can from your phone, the maiana habit won’t be helpful. Acting head-on on your plans is the way to go.

Lastly, comparing to others your progress. Not only does it not help you in any way to do what you need to do, it also lowers your self-confidnece instead of being grateful for the small achievements you’ve done.

Have a break

As much as you want to maximise your time to be able to do more, know that you’re human and you need rest. Believe it or not, this won’t hurt your time table but instead give you the boost you need to finish more than you anticipate.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

No matter what type of job you’ll need an able body to function. By eating healthy and doing exercise, you’ll be assured to have a body that’s strong enough to withstand any type of job you do.

Positive Mindset

Life may be full of challenges but it’s how we react to every circumstances in life that differs. Having a positive disposition in life not only helps you lessen the stress but also gives you the advantage to be more of who you really are. Procrastinating over something you don’t have any control with is just a waste of time.

This proven study is true that even Mental Institutions like this one in Singapore concur on it.

I hope you find these tips helpful in maintaining your Mental Wellness. Remember that you are important and you must make time for you. It’s only when your cup is full that you can give more to your love ones.

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Stay Safe!

15 responses to “Tips on how to Maintain Mental Wellness”

  1. Wow love the topic you chose for this blog is really interesting,mental health is indeed,very needful,so planning up to look after mental health is important.

  2. Mental wellness is all about learning to keep our calm. A positive mindset can only help us to keep this calm. Very thoughtfully penned.

  3. Giving importance to mental health should be made priority. Especially at a time during pandemic when we are prone to a lot of stress we must make sure mental health doesn’t go for a toss

  4. I think taking breaks and travelling help a lot to maintain a balanced mental health. Planning helps a lot too as often too much on our plate all at a time can disturb our mental peace.

  5. Planning is the most important in life to stay organized. I always prefer to plan my week ahead and it helps me a lot on stay on track.

  6. Planning is the most important tool to stay sane and on top of things when you are wearing multiple hats and chasing deadlines. A positive mindset combined with a healthy lifestyle works wonders in maintaining mental wellness.

  7. Mental Health is now the topic of discussion everywhere we go especially after the Corona Lockdown. We all got mentally disturbed during this period and so the tips you share are real valuable for us.

  8. I agree planning is one of the most important aspect of life that helps in stay organize and keep us calm with hectic schedule. I always prefer to plan my week ahead and it helps me a lot on stay on track.

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