Tips on how to setting the right mood at home

We all have our good days and bad days. We all start our days with anticipation and looking forward accomplishing our plans and ticking off our to-do list. Then comes some tantrum from one of your kids, then escalates to the other getting frustrated. In a blink, here you are screaming your eyeballs off as you just want some peace. Sounds familiar? Nothing to be ashamed admitting though as most families experience this daily (especially nowadays when most of us stay at home all together).

Being the so called “light of the house” though, we as moms are the ones who generally set the tone for our household no matter how good or bad our moods can be. And knowing the Law of Attraction, we all know that when negative vibes begin to evade our lives, domino effect happens and your whole day starts to become all gloomy.

With that in mind and the fact that we know that everyday can’t be a happy day, here are some tricks you can do to somehow break that ice and start your day fresh again despite it being mid-day or any time of the day for that matter.


Ever wonder why fast food restaurants and cafes play different genre of music? In cafes, you’ll mostly hear jazz and relaxing music that makes you…what else, feel relax and chill. In comparison to that are fast food restaurants which plays pop songs which makes you feel like you want to eat all day. Well, that’s what they call subconsciously setting your mood.

Now why not apply that to your home? When you start to feel the tension, play some relaxing music and let things settle down. I’ve tried this with my household and it does wonders!

Game time

Nothing beats having a great time playing like a child. Don’t you just agree? No matter what game you play, when you play, you tend to forget your problems even just for a few moments and have a good laugh. So go ahead and do just that when things get fuzzy at your home.

What’s a few minutes of enjoyment and pause from your hectic schedule rather than having the whole day with enraged with anger looming around waiting to burst? That would be a great break from you too to unwind.

Tidy up

I don’t know with you but cleaning for me is somehow therapeutic. It not only clears up my mind but also a room or so. It’s somehow like going to another room to take a breather when you feel you’re about to explode but this time with an intention in mind and something to do productively while clearing up your mind. Hitting two birds with one stone can’t get any better!

Go for a breather

Of course, by all means, if you really needed that space and time, just go and get a breather and do nothing but breathe and relax. Never think that doing nothing is a waste of time as that is a time you spent for Self-Care. You still have the whole day to get through so 5 minutes of alone time won’t hurt.

Forgive yourself

Moms may be called heroes but they’re all humans. Humans who can commit mistakes so don’t be afraid to accept it. It’s only when you fully understand what/where you get wrong that you’ll be able to improve.

Your takeaways:

Know that setting the mood of your home is part of Self-Care. You won’t be able to function the way you want to if other players aren’t cooperative and in the mood to do so. So whenever things go weary, feel free to use any of the tips above to make your home peaceful and happy.