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All you need to know about Self-Care

I’ve asked through IG stories this week what do moms struggle the most. A lot of you have responded (thanks!) and though you said it in different ways, most of it is addressed towards the thought of lacking enough time(both for yourself and the people you love).

As a mother of two, I totally understand how hard it is to squeeze all your responsibilities in 24 hours and have time for yourself. Believe me, I get it. But what’s mind-boggling is, asking why do most of us feel that way? Do we really need more time or there’s a deeper reason why we think this way, perhaps comparing to others? Why do we struggling with time when there’s tons of ways and things we can use, especially nowadays with the help of technology, to give us a helping hand?

We all know that time is constant and if we want change in our life, that change needs to come from us. Here’s how it can be done:

First and for most, I think it is important to rationalise if this feeling is really ours. You see, most of who we are and what we do/think is affected by the society we live in or the people around us. So I want you to ask yourself this questions:

  1. Why do I feel I don’t have enough time in a day? Is it because you see your friend’s photo on a beach with her family having fun when you’re stuck at home, tired doing chores, hubby so busy watching his fave TV show and frustrated kids having tantrums every minute longing for your attention?
  2. Do I really need to work that long? Or you try to multitask the wrong way by mixing leisure while doing work? You think that you can accomplish more by doing that but end up feeling frustrated not being able to give time for yourself and have a half-hearted task accomplished.
  3. Do I neglect taking care of myself first before I think of taking care of others/ doing other things for other people? Have you been living a martyr life even if you barely live any quality a real saint would have? When was the last time you felt genuinely happy and not because others are happy?

No life is easy. Everyone has their own struggles in life. The only reason why others carry their problems more lightly than others is because they make sure to fill their cup first before diving into whatever life has to offer them. When you know you’re complete and you as you, you can do whatever it is that’s needed to be accomplished.

Secondly, understanding that Self-Care means much more than a day in a spa. Self-Care actually affects every aspect of your life and if you aren’t that mindful about it, then that becomes a problem.

Self-Care affects doesn’t only affects how you look physically but mentally as well. If affects your emotions, how you personally, and how you interact socially. Not only that, your spiritual relationship is affected as well. And let’s not forget how it affects you financially and the effects of it on how you perform any job (as a SAHM or working-mom).

Most of the time we live our lives like a living zombie just letting days flow as it is without much thought when in reality, you should do every aspect of your living with purpose.

The moment you live your life mindfully, everything that you say, do, and interact with would be done the way you want it to be even without much thinking about it. The Law of Attraction kicks in, the universe would align and nothing could/ would stop your success. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit) We know that this barely happens. You’ll sooner/later face hiccups but because you’re in such good spirits, you’ll surely find a way to solve the problem.

You might be asking now, how does Self-Care helps in solving my problem with time?

Well, you actually won’t be having that problem at all because all aspect of your being have been taken care of. You’ll be living your life with contentment and live life without regrets.

Still finding it hard to grasp what I meant? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call and let’s make that clear once and for all. That’s what this tribe is for, right?!

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