Tips to becoming a happy mom

The world has changed drastically.

Not only do we rely more and more in technology nowadays but with the Pandemic paving new ways on how to live our lives has changed. Who could have guessed that working from home would be a possibility?

Nowadays, working remote have been as normal as ever. Not only have people found new passion of living as we’re all forced to make this change over the past year, we have all somehow grown into a different person/thing. Well, aside from how motherhood is done and how most mother’s be.

Let’s change that!

As far as my memory can remember, moms are the most martyr people on earth. With or without pandemic, forced to stay at home with the whole family or not, they have been giving more of themselves than even them doubt they could.

While that’s typical and usual, there should always be a balance to it. I as a mom try to be mindful of that since awakening to the thought that Self-Care should be a must for everyone.

Disclaimer: This article does not impose or any kind say that you are not happy as a mom neither scare women without child yet that motherhood isn’t a happy thing. My sole purpose is to inspire and give another perspective on how things can be done so you can find more happiness in the process of motherhood.😊

Here are my tips to staying happy as a mom no matter what stage in parenting you’re in:

1.Set aside your ego

Everyone already knows that you’re the sole person who can take care of your baby the most. Aside from they came from you, you’re most of the time the primary person who can feed him/her (no doubt about that) but lady, there’s a lot of people around you who care for your baby as much as you do too.

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a hands-on husband/partner, parents who longed to take care of their grandchildren then, use them! And YES, they are as capable (and lousy) as you can be when changing your child’s nappy. The idea is YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THIS ALONE.

Go drink that coffee while it’s still hot! Add more minutes dozing off in the morning while your baby enjoy grandpa and grandma’s company for a while. Not only do you need a time off but these people is an essential part of your child’s being, and they want to be part of it!

That idiom “Raising a child takes a village” may not be prevalent nowadays but it’s still workable and a need not only for you but for your child to grow up learning from different people.

2.Small things matters

When it comes to self-care, we always think of grand stuff. I’m pretty sure the moment you read about it, one of things that pops in your mind is going for a massage or a spa. I’m not saying that’s impossible to do but let’s keep things real here.

As a mother, you yourself know how much is in your plate and how it weighs. And I’m pretty sure you would love it as well having a cup of coffee, being able to pee when you need to, or even being able to change your smelly sweats into a fresh pair (haha…I know you momma! I wear sweats most of the time too!)

My point is, things doesn’t need to be grand to matter, especially as a mother. This small details could already make your day and increase your moral for all you know. So start small! Eventually, you could go bigger!😉

3.Doing it for yourself

I’ve said it earlier, and I’ll say it again, moms usually act as martyrs (even without them knowing it). From the moment we knew that we’re pregnant, we busy ourselves and automatically switched our focus on what/ how could we be the best mother for our child without realising that you’ve been born with maternal instincts within you. Yes, it’s important to have your hands in every available resource to make you a better parent but let’s not forget that in this whirlwind change in your life, what you really need is for yourself to be always whole.

You’ve been a great person with dreams and ambitions of your own before being a mother. Don’t let yourself lose who you are in the process. If there’s a positive effect motherhood could give you, it should be having more inspiration to go forward with your dreams and not become a hindrance.

Forgetting to fill up your cup before showing care for others won’t give you any good in the long run. With this, I hope you start your day with gratitude for another day to live, compliment in the mirror how great you look that morning, and giving yourself a smile.

Knowing that only you could make yourself happy is very important. The people around you and whatever material things you have can only do as much encouragement as they can to make you feel great, but it is only you who could give that true happiness.

So be happy no matter what circumstance you have in life. Have a great mindset and everything will fall into place.😉

I hope you share your takeaways in this article to inspire more moms! And if you happen to still not join our tribe, make sure to do so! You can also follow me in Instagram @themommywithagoal for daily inspirational message!

17 thoughts on “Tips to becoming a happy mom

  1. Your tips are absolutely endearing and useful…. keep sharing those dear totally enjoyed reading them all..

  2. This is such a beautiful blog,practical yet emotional. Mother’s have some inner strength,where they look after the kids and family so well. Mother’s are Strong woman. Love this blog,it touched my heart.❤

  3. A great blog, the title seems so simple but, the emotion behind it is so thoughtful. Motherhood is such a mixed feeling, we get to explore, learn, have fun each day with our kids. Very well written.

  4. Love how nicely and simple way you articulated the thoughts. Nice keep sharing ❤️❤️

  5. Absolutely correct and I can vouch for what you say after having 3 kids! Self care is important and so it’s involving everyone in child care.

  6. Well writing article and very nice information . I am glad you have mentioned that Tips to becoming a happy mom. I really loved mom. Mom must be keep happy .

  7. Love reading all these useful tips. Will definitely come in handy when I’m a mom in the future.

    Shi hui

  8. Self care and self love are really important. And they are important for each of us. Motherhood is indeed an amazing feeling. Loved the way you expressed this. Keep sharing.

  9. Thank you for this post! I try to live our life in the same way and it is easy to start to question yourself. Am I doing enough? Reading this reminded me to stay true to my natural instincts and be easy on myself and my kids. Being a happy Mom has the power to change everything! Love that disclaimer part ✌

  10. True Motherhood is a great feeling. Becoming a mother makes you feel joyful, elated, empowered, and invincible. But as a mother we should always take care and love ourselves too spent some me time. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy family.

  11. That’s a wonderfully written piece. I felt connected at every point. I have been thinking of getting some pampering sessions for myself for quite sometime now. I will be doing it soon now,.

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