5 Ways to Free your life through decluttering

Have you ever been to Japan or Singapore? I guess most of us would agree that these two countries are leading when it comes to cleanliness. While residents who live there might not agree that much as they’ve also seen the dirty side of town (nothing is perfect), let’s just agree that majority of its places are pleasing to the eyes.

Not only does the air smells fresher but also your mind seems to be at peace. It feels like all your troubles and worries are set aside. No wonder these two countries also top as tourist destinations. Why not?! That’s what you exactly want when you go on vacation right? Relax!

What if I tell you that you don’t need to go on vacation to feel relaxed or even just lessen the stress in your life. You can do that by slowly decluttering your life. By habitually exercising decluttering in this particular points in your life, you’ll be able to live stress-free.

Declutter your Mind

Let’s get real, our brains aren’t as good as we think it is.

As a mom, we often blame our forgetfulness to having a mom-brain. While it has been backed-up with science, its also important to be true to ourselves that at times, we just don’t want to accept that our brain could also use some help pen and paper(or Notes on your smartphone).

By writing down into a list things that we need to remember, we declutter our mind. The lesser things you worry about, the clearer you focus and think of the things you want to do. That’s my mantra to convince myself that I need to sit and write down for 5 minutes or so my to-do list for the day.


Declutter Spiritually

I may be Catholic but know that I’ve got my utmost respect for other religions. Not sure if that’s one of Singapore’s great influence to who I am today but having lived for a decade in one of the most multi-racial countries, it made me realise that there’s no inequality between races or religion, what’s missing our respect for other’s beliefs. I’ll dig more into that next time but for now, what I want to point out is how our religious belief can help declutter our lives.

Most people live their lives with believing that someone up above, greater that the greatest is watching us and the source of everything we have in our lives. With the help of prayer, letting go of our worries, and surrendering our problems to the most high, then we free ourselves from stress and able to enjoy what life has to offer.

Having this belief and not losing hope helps us realise of the good things in life and set a better mindset for us to live in peace.

Declutter your Social life

We all know how the people around us affect us in ways we can’t control. By understanding that you have control over your life, no matter what circumstances you’re in, you’ll have the ability to use your freedom of choice to choose what kind of life / environment you want to live in.

There’s tons of inspirational and famous people you can look up to in the Internet who you wouldn’t believe have been in a different path in life that what we know and see now.

With the help of being mindful of the people you want to surround yourself with and give influence to your life, you’ll have an insight of what path of life you’re leading to.

Declutter your Space

Fun fact: Not all of us have that affinity to being minimalism.

Not to worry though, you’re human and it’s part of being human to like owning material things. There’s no shame being that kind of person as long as you can afford it.

Another Fun fact: You can still buy things, as much as you want, as long as you know how to store them properly.

The effects of owning too much material things can be daunting if you don’t know how to take care of them. Come to think of this — you work so hard to buy things you like/ love then afterwards never take care of if (store it properly) then it’s as if you work for nothing. All your precious stuff would soon look like disorganised junk.

You might just not acknowledge the fact but seeing this mess everyday in your house is affecting your life. Imagine waking up everyday with all your stuff all over your home. Don’t wonder why why people love going to home furnishing retailers like IKEA. They sure design the showrooms as neatly as possible so you’ll feel relaxed imagining living in a place like that. If you’re still a fan of IKEA though, you might want to check-out my blog post about the absolutely important things you can buy from IKEA and not feel guilty adding to your already cluttered home as you really need those items anyway.

Declutter your Finances

This may be one of the reasons why adulting can be stressful. The moment you’ve got financial responsibilities over your shoulder, it’s the real deal. Unbeknownst to many, your financial stress not only affects you financial problems (duh!) but your whole life, so by making sure you keep your finances under cover, you’re partly making your life better as well. Good thing there’s easy ways though to lessen that stress and can be done no matter what financial level you’re in.

Here are simple things you can do to lessen that financial clutter in your mind:

  1. Have a loving relationship paying your bills – this may seem stupid to hear but when you have a great mindset in doing things, doing it makes it easier to do and all things related to it flows naturally. This means, the money you need to pay your bills comes naturally as well. Talk about Law of Attraction! This would cross out one of the things you worry every month!
  2. To make sure do #1 in a smooth manner, making a list of due dates of all your payables (utilities, rent, tuition fees, etc). By making sure you pay them on time, you don’t only give yourself a pat in the back for making sure all your financial responsibilities are kept in good shape but you’ve also made sure not to pay interest. Those small amounts for paying late adds up especially when your pocket is on the tight end.
  3. No matter who’s in charge in your family to do the grocery, make sure to make a grocery list. This would not only help you not to go over-budget but you’ll also eliminate buying food that you don’t actually need and eventually put to waste. Food wasted also means money wasted.

I hope this has helped you in one way or another. If you want to read more of this kind of blogs / articles, make sure to join our tribe so you get to be one of the first ones to read it and be inspired.

Till my next blog,


8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Free your life through decluttering

  1. Wow,what a great post,kinda love your blogs,writing for sure is so meditative and so calming. Giving a break for everything for a while is theraupetic too. Like in your blog ,you mentioned social media decluttering,sometimes that space is needful too.

  2. Well written article and great post. I am glad you shared that 5 Ways to Free your life through decluttering. Life is important. Life should happy and strong. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Getting rid of all that non-essential mental baggage is crucial to stay focused, motivated and productive. We should start with what’s most important and make our way down the list, completing one task at a time. Decluttering spiritually is what I believe is very powerful. Informative article.

  4. Most of the clutter is actually in our minds. It would be so serene and peaceful if we are able to declutter our minds. These are some wonderful ways towards this goal, I particularly like the idea of decluttering spiritually, as it has long term effects.

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