8 Concealed Health facts you would love to know

When it comes to self-care, health is one thing that we all want to improve if not be at its best. That’s why most even get too used to resort to taking pills/ medication just to have their health improved. What if there’s other ways you can do or use to improve your health and boost your immune system?

Here are 8 informative and interesting concealed health facts you’d love to know:

  1. Eating grapefruit everyday lowers your blood pressure that you won’t need any meds at all.
  2. Herbs and Herbal teas can support immune and digestive functions. Different herbs help different organs do their jobs properly and keep the body healthy. Herbs and certain foods can also heal.
  3. Taking probiotics daily can boost immune function, help balance bowel, and keep colds and allergies at bay.
  4. Taking supplements/ Herbs/ Tinctures can boost your immune system and support your organs to make sure they function as natural as possible. You don’t need to wait to become ill before taking one.
  5. Take Magnesium to dehydrate bowel instead of stool softeners.
  6. Activated charcoal can help eliminate headaches, bloating/gas, skin issues, colds and even food poisoning. It bonds with waste/toxins and help have it removed from the body.
  7. Get rid or lower toxic chemicals such as fragrance & chemicals in your home that causes toxic buildup in your cells. This is what causes you to have constant headaches and allergies.
  8. Change your diet when you have heart burn and indigestion instead of taking Prilosec (this causes more heartburn, colon cancer & osteoporosis and leaves food fermenting in your body)

It is said that 90% causes of all illness is caused by wrong Diet & Lifestyle choices. If only we could make wise food choices every time we eat, we sure all could lessen our medication intake if not say goodbye to pills, completely.

Do you know your emotions also play a significant role in your health. Knowing how to navigate this emotions can help lead you not only to be physically healthy but mentally as well.

Not that I’m saying I’m anti-medication but if there’s any natural alternative that we know can help us heal, why not resort to that first? It’s always good to have those medicines at bay in case your health really needs it rather than have a drug tolerant body that can’t take the medication you need when you need it the most.

How we take care of our health always depends our choices in life. It’s not only the food that we eat but how we live our life and what kind of people we let ourselves be surrounded with. As long as we do wise decisions such as eating a healthy balanced diet, include on our daily schedule time for our body to do some physical activity as well as ample time to rest and find ways to live happy, then surely a healthy body would follow.

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  1. Lovely inputs … I agree with you that natural way is the best way to heal yourself . A healthy lifestyle leads to better frame of mind hence better immunity which is much needed these days . Great read .

  2. Waooo almost all I apply in my holistic lifestyle and can swear by many tips Great informative read ❤️Thanks dear

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